Pregnancy and urination can cause kidney water?These 5 early "signals", I hope you can discover

There are many reasons for the health of the kidneys. After discovering the signal of the disease, it must be paid enough attention. After finding the cause, actively deal with it, so that the body can gradually recover the health. OtherwiseThe impact is unbearable.Some people find that they have accumulated water in the kidney after examination. The accumulation of kidney water is caused by the obstruction of the urinary system and the lesions caused by urine.The risk of infection must understand what it appears.

There are many reasons for accumulating kidney water, which may be related to pregnancy.During pregnancy, the fetus is constantly developing, which will cause compression to the uterus, and the size of the uterus will gradually increase. If the ureter on the right is oppressed and the urine cannot be excreted smoothly, kidney water may appear.Of course, some people have urinating for a long time, and they feel that there is urination but not to go to the toilet in time. It will also allow the kidneys to re -absorb the harmful substances inside, or cause kidney water to affect health, and need to correct the habit of poorness.

What are the symptoms of kidney water?

1. Bloating

After the occurrence of kidney water, there are often symptoms, and there are more signals from the body. For example, the abdomen has a sense of fullness. In this case, the cause should be understood.Some people think that the digestive ability is reduced and caused by poor digestion, but they do not know that the cause of regular abdominal distension is complicated, which may be related to the lesions of the kidney.The local water under the impact of the accumulation of kidney continues to accumulate. After the pressure is increased, the abdomen may appear in the abdomen, and at the same time, it will appear with bloating.

2. Local pain

There are many people who can attack the parts where the kidneys are in the area of the kidneys. At the beginning, there may be no symptoms. As the disease develops more serious, the kidney water is more severe, and the part where the kidney is located due to rotor pressure or kidney sag.Pain, has the characteristics of kidney colic.Discover this situation to distinguish with kidney stones to understand what the cause of local pain is.If it is related to the accumulation of kidney water, actively take treatment measures.

3. Heating

The reason why many people are in fever and abnormal body temperature are also signals issued by the disease.Under normal circumstances, the physiological function of the kidneys can be excreted smoothly. However, it may cause infection after finding that the lesion is not treated in time. After secondary infection, there will be symptoms of whole body poisoning. The more common feature is that the body is fever.If you have this characteristic, you should distinguish from other diseases and take treatment measures at the same time.

4. Disinerous urination

The development of kidney accumulated water will also cause patients with abnormal urination. People who maintain healthy people to urinate smoothly. The smooth discharge of urine can keep the internal environment stable.There are usually less urine excretion.If there is also secondary infection, there will be dysuria. These characteristics represent the damage to the kidneys and be targeted.

5. Nausea and vomiting

Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting should be suspected of health.Nausea and vomiting are symptoms of many types of diseases. Of course, kidney water water is no exception. After the emergence of kidney water, there is no proper treatment. Local lesions continue to develop.It is necessary to distinguish from ordinary digestive system diseases and start treatment as soon as possible.”””””

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