Pregnancy diary

It ’s 31 weeks. I felt that although my belly was larger, my legs and feet were still light. When I went downstairs, I could still go downstairs with a fast pace of fast -paced as usual.It is because it is really tired at the beach or almost the month. Lift the legs and legs have a feeling of walking. Every step has the soul of dust, but the choice of each step is a cautious and careful time.s Choice.

I go home and go upstairs and go upstairs, but I have to go for a long time. Sometimes I look up at the upper steps. There will be a feeling of climbing on the thin -air plateau to see the top of the mountain.It is not a mountain, so sometimes you despise yourself. Why is it so useless? Isn’t it just a few small steps?You, it’s time to rest, but even if you have helped me carry a lot of things, I still do n’t want to compromise. What can I do on the 5th floor?But it’s really you.

I have always consciously made a lot of energy, and I was not talking about moving the mineral bucket, but the sudden thirst at the meeting made me explore a bottle of mineral water on the seat.I twisted lightly, didn’t move?I added a little bit, and I still didn’t move. I gritted my teeth and still moved. In order to avoid slipping, I put the hem of the clothes on the bottle cap, increase the friction, or I can’t move.I silently observed my colleagues next to me. I won the mineral water bottle and easily.I was a little embarrassed, and then I tried to fists my own hands, and found that my hand fist couldn’t hold it. It turned out to be edema.

I used to see the information sent by my colleagues and friends, saying that I was anxious because I couldn’t move the way, and I couldn’t feel the same before. I thought that I couldn’t move, so I walked slowly.But when I am in the same situation, I deeply feel her psychological situation. My colleague is a strenuous person. For anyone who is doing things, it is unbearable., Let me turn sex?It is a bit difficult, and it is inevitable that anxiety will go up.

The little guy is now full of limbs in the stomach, and began to try to do stretching exercise. After a while, the belly was supported. After a while, the belly was bulging. Although it looked fun, it was really uncomfortable, butThis kind of uncomfortable you can’t say, you can’t complain, because it is your own little guy, and others may say, who is not like this?Of course, in addition to these, there are even more embarrassing physical reactions such as leakage of urine. Once the child is born, you have given birth to yourself, and your body and mind are facing this huge challenge. And these challenges must overcome it. You must face it.You have nowhere to escape.

If you live a life, such as buying something, we can choose to buy or not buy it, and you can choose to buy or buy it after a few days, and between buying and not buying, after buying, we still have us to haveThe freedom of time and re -selection; for example, doing things are too tired, we can choose to rest, we can choose to give up, or find others to assist, between each choice and selectionChoose and decide.

But this matter is not the same. Once you choose and press the confirmation key, I am ready to welcome him/her, then you must follow his rhythm. After all, the four seasons are sometimes in an orderly manner. You cannot choose to accelerate or slow down.Not to mention pressing the pause key, and wait for the state.No, you have no choice, you are difficult to ride a tiger, and it is your only way out.You want to want him to continue the process below, or you don’t want it at this moment, but next time you want, all the procedures you have walked still have to go again.I think the previous process continues now, and I can only go back to you: delusion.At this moment, only you have no choice. It is the right path to meet your challenge. What face has long spots, long lines on your belly, physical discomfort, blessed body, and then facing a series of examinations.In real time in real time, the physical and mental challenges are in real time according to the physical condition, and there are greater pain and challenges in front of the delivery.

Sometimes, I think that from pregnancy to production should be like a battle with Voldemort. I have each other with each other. I am brave, it is weak, I am weak, and it is powerful.My thoughts and thoughts at all times, I face the courage of physical difficulties, can affect and contain it, and it is also pervasive, ready to destroy my confidence at any time.Care about the love that the one I care about.Under the blessing of love, I believe that I can be able to wear armor, and it is invincible. Then, I will pass through the mountains like every mother, and Liu Dark Huaming is another village!

Friends said: Parents have children, and their children have also given birth to their parents. We are given each other at the moment when our children are born.He/she is the first child. We are the first parents. He hopes to be understood. I hope he can understand me. I hope he will be a happy child. I hope that I will be a relaxed parent.I hope that our relationship is smooth and easy to obstacle. I hope that our future little family is sweet and long.Of course, I hope we all have a bright future.

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