Pregnancy hemp ulcer injury can not afford to treat oral ulcer treatment methods for pregnant women

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is necessary to improve recurrent oral ulcers to be unobstructed and sufficient sleep. Especially the smooth stool is an indispensable treatment method in the treatment of recurrent oral ulcers.You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to clean up the stomach. At the same time, due to oral ulcers may also be caused by lack of vitamin B2, you can eat more vegetables and wheat germ, and supplement vitamin C and zinc.

During pregnancy, due to changes in progesterone and dietary habits in the body, it is more likely to have common oral problems such as gum bleeding, teeth, gingivitis, and ulcers.Studies have found that these problems not only affect the eating of pregnant women, but also increase the possibility of premature fetal birth.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to oral care during pregnancy.Solution: First, through diet conditioning, pay attention to balanced nutrition, and supplement vitamins and calcium; the second is to insist on using toothpaste containing Yari-fluorine ingredients to effectively protect the health of pregnant women and solve the problem of gums from the root cause.

Eat the following foods, which has a good relief effect on oral ulcers during pregnancy.

1. Pear: Pear is rich in water and vitamin B. It is often eaten, especially when oral ulcers, which is greatly beneficial to the human body.

2. Watermelon: Dig out the watermelon cricket, squeeze the juice, and the juice is contained in the mouth. After about 2 to 3 minutes, swallow, and then contain watermelon juice. Repeat several times, which has a great effect on the healing of oral ulcers.However, watermelon is cold, and pregnant women should not eat more, let alone frozen watermelon.

3. Apple: Apple is a very economical fruit -rich fruit, which is very suitable for supplementing vitamins.Take 1 apple (pear) and cut it into the container, add cold water (apple or pear you want to cook), heat it to boiling, wait for it to be a little cold and eat in the mouth for a while before eating.God can be cured.

4. Peach: Peach is rich in vitamin B and other vitamins, and can also delay aging. It is a rare fruit.The key is that it has a good effect on oral ulcers, but from the perspective of the gastrointestinal perspective, it is still not conducive to eating more.

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