Pregnancy, hepatitis B, new crown pneumonia … Those you must know about the medical examination!

Receiving a satisfactory offer does not mean that the dust is settled.There is also an important procedure before joining-enrollment.Only by adopting the medical examination can you be successfully admitted.Let’s talk about the physical examination today.

There are two more extreme attitudes for the medical examination.

One thinks this is to go through the field, it is not important; the other person, especially those who have a little problem, will be too nervous.Worried about being troubled by the company, the company refused to hire.At this time, we need to understand the meaning of the medical examination, so that we do not have to pay attention to it without having to be too anxious.

The significance of the employment medical examination has two aspects of the company.On the one hand, it is a healthy employee service company.The company considers that a candidate is not suitable. In addition to professionalism and adaptability, it is also an important standard for physical health to not affect normal work.

The significance of the employment physical inspection on the other side is to protect the health of other employees of the company.Take this new crown epidemic, a disease is contagious. If the company has a employee diagnosed, many people around you need to be in isolated and closely contact.No responsibility for other employees.

It should be explained here that the employer’s attitude towards the medical examination report is: Even if the results of the medical examination show that there are some minor problems, as long as it does not affect the normal work and there is no infectious disease, the company generally does not reject you on the grounds of this.Don’t worry at all.

a. Conventional project

Compared with a more formal health checkup, the project is relatively routine.Mainly divided into the following categories:

General examination (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.), surgery examination, internal medicine examination, ophthalmology, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, electrocardiogram, chest perspective (X -ray examination).

b. Some "special" projects

Hepatitis B

The Ministry of Health’s Demonstration banned the hepatitis B virus as a condition for restricting admission and employment.Different units have different requirements for inspecting hepatitis B. If they are engaged in these industries for food processing, hepatitis B will be checked.Except for the industries stipulated in the law, other employers should not discriminate against the carrier of hepatitis B virus.

"Opinions of the Ministry of Labor Security’s Ministry of Health on safeguarding the employment rights of hepatitis B surface antigen carriers"

Except for national laws, administrative regulations, and the regulations of the Ministry of Health, the employer shall not refuse to recruit or dismiss the hepatitis B surface antigen carriers on the grounds that the employer shall not carry the hepatitis B surface antigen on the grounds.

In the process of recruitment and employment, the employer can use liver function examination items as a medical examination standard according to actual needs.EssenceDuring the physical examination of the laborers, various medical institutions at all levels should pay attention to protecting the privacy of the hepatitis B surface antigen carriers.


The general medical examination items do not include examination whether they are pregnant.The state also stipulates that employers are prohibited from asking job seekers’ marriage and childbirth.If the employer is added to the medical examination items, it is clear that this is an illegal behavior.

"Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and other nine departments on further regulating recruitment behaviors to promote employment of women"

In the process of formulating recruitment plans, publishing recruitment information, and recruitment personnel, various types of employers and human resources service agencies shall not limit gender (except for the scope of labor scope of female employees stipulated in the state) or gender priority.Women’s job job employment and refusal to recruit women must not ask women’s marriage and childbirth, not to use pregnancy tests as an entry medical examination items, no restrictions on fertility as hiring conditions, and to differentiate the standards for employment for women.State -owned enterprises, institutions, public employment talent service agencies and human resource service agencies affiliated to various departments must take the lead in observing the law and resolutely prohibit employment gender discrimination.

Precautions before and after physical examination

Before the physical examination:

Do not eat greasy, not digestible foods three days before the physical examination;

Do not drink or drink drugs that are damaged to the liver;

A good and adequate sleep before the medical examination.

On the day of the medical examination:

Try to go to the medical examination in the morning;

Go to the local hospital at least two or more hospitals or the company’s designated hospital for medical examination;

Fast on the morning of the medical examination;

Avoid menstruation during medical examinations;

Don’t wear metal jewelry such as jewelry watches.

After physical examination:

The medical examination report is desirable after three days, and some companies will receive it directly;

The medical examination costs of different levels of hospitals are different. Some companies will reimburse the medical examination costs after their employment, and pay more attention.

What should I do if the impact of the epidemic cannot be physical examination on time?

The epidemic has a comprehensive influence on everyone, and of course it also affects the employment and medical examination of the job seekers.

The status of some job seekers is to get offer or recently get offer through online interviews but cannot conduct a physical examination.Don’t panic in this case.This not only affects you alone, the company will definitely have some corresponding measures to respond to such problems.

Keep contact with HR to understand the corresponding countermeasures.Some companies may ask candidates to join the job first, and wait until the right time will make up for the medical report.Some companies may help candidates to contact the local hospital that can also perform physical examinations for medical examinations.Regardless of the company’s strategy, it is not wrong to follow the pace.

In the previous company, the requirements for employees’ medical examination reports were: the medical examination report within nearly half a year can be issued.According to my HR friend, affected by the epidemic, their company can no longer accept such a medical examination report. It must be submitted to the medical examination report in the last week.

The medical examination is the last level of the employment. Everyone hopes that the job search will not have regrets.Prepare before medical examination, maintain a good mentality during the physical examination.The next step is the good news waiting for success.

About the medical examination,

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