Pregnancy is a big deal, don’t just look at the pregnancy stick ~ go to a professional hospital for examination

When it comes to pregnancy test, the first reaction of many people is the pregnancy test stick.Indeed, the emergence of the pregnancy test stick is convenient for many pregnant families, but although the pregnancy test stick is good, I advise you to run to the hospital again.

What to check in the hospital?

1. Blood check blood HCG.

2. Early pregnancy B -ultrasound examination.

Let’s talk about checked blood HCG.

HCG is a specific hormone secreted by embryo nourishing cells during pregnancy. It can find out whether pregnancy can be found through HCG.The pregnancy test and pregnancy test and blood HCG pregnancy test are all related to HCG.

However, the pregnancy test stick detects HCG in the urine, and the blood HCG detects HCG in the blood, so there is still a difference in accuracy.

Blood HCG pregnancy test, accuracy of about: 99%

The pregnancy test stick and pregnancy, the accuracy is about: 65%

The reason why there is such a difference is that most of the HCG in the blood exists in a complete form, and the test results are more sensitive and more accurate.

The metabolites of HCG work in urine are detected only when the number reaches a certain level.Therefore, there will be a situation where you are pregnant.

Two bars are not necessarily pregnant.

In addition to pregnancy, pregnancy nourishing cell diseases, reproductive cell tumors, or puberty will also make the pregnancy test stick display two bars.

Therefore, after no contraceptive measures are taken in the same room, there are symptoms similar to pregnancy. Whether two bars are measured or not, it is more guaranteed to check the blood and check HCG.And the blood HCG not only tests the pregnancy, but also helps the abnormal pregnancy situation in part, such as ectopic pregnancy.

Let’s talk about why do B -ultrasound checks.

The pregnancy test determines whether it is pregnant, but it cannot determine whether the pregnancy is normal.

▶ Determine the location, size, and form of pregnancy, whether there are fetal sacs and fetal hearts;

▶ Determine the number of fetuses;

▶ Determine whether you are in intrauterine pregnancy and eliminate ectopic pregnancy;

▶ Check whether there are other gynecological complications, such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, etc.

Therefore, whether you consider continuing to continue pregnancy, it is best not to skip the blood HCG and B -ultrasound. It can give you full information to make judgments and choices.

Finally, please remember:

Pregnancy is a big deal

Don’t just look at the pregnancy stick

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