Pregnancy is a big deal. With these signs, it indicates that you want to be a mother

Today, a friend chatted with me that her menstrual period has been postponed for almost two weeks this month, and people are even more lethargic. Is it sick?As a result, I went to the hospital with her to check: she was pregnant.For the first time of pregnancy, friends are indeed unswerving, but regarding the early pregnancy signs, doctors also clearly pointed out that if there are these 5 signs, be ready to be a mother ~


Some mothers who are preparing for pregnancy may usually have menstruation, so they do not pay special attention to menopause for one week or half a month.However, under normal circumstances, menopause is the most obvious signal of pregnancy. Healthy women usually come to a January, and there are a few women. Even if they are pregnant, they will still come when they should have menstruation.Normally, there are fewer and the date is shorter.If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must pay attention if you discontinue menstruation ~


Fatigue, this is also the earliest feeling of mothers during pregnancy.I feel that my body and mind are weak, I can’t afford to do anything about everything, and even go shopping with my friends during the holidays. After walking, I will doze off, heavy heads, dizziness and so on.If you have this situation, you must pay attention. Don’t stick to shopping after you feel tired. You may be pregnant with your baby.

Breast sensitivity

After a woman succeeds in pregnancy, breast acid swelling and larger will occur in the first or two weeks.This sensitivity is different from the breast bloating pain one week before the menstrual period, but the breast becomes softer, and at the same time, it will be accompanied by the increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy.In addition, if you are pregnant, mothers should try to choose a loose and comfortable bra, and don’t restrain the chest too much, so as not to cause excessive squeezing.

feel sick and vomit

Moms who often watch TV series also know that nausea is also a sign of the early pregnancy.If you see big fish, big meat, cake and egg tarts, especially after smelling greasy, fishy, and sweet smells, the first reaction is to vomit the wall, or you may be pregnant.However, according to different personal constitution, some mothers responded strongly, and some responded flat.

The frequency of going to the bathroom increases

After the successful pregnancy, the expansion of the uterus will put pressure on the bladder. Therefore, in the early days of pregnancy, the frequency of mothers to go to the bathroom is also a sign of pregnancy.However, don’t worry too much. This is a natural phenomenon. As the pregnancy is pushed, this situation will also change with the adjustment of Bao Ma’s physical adjustment.

Breeding a baby is a very beautiful thing. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must always pay attention to your physical changes so that you can detect the baby’s coming as soon as possible.In addition, if the above situation occurs, it cannot be determined by the pregnancy test stick to determine whether it is pregnant. You can go to the hospital for a formal examination.

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