Pregnancy is normal, don’t care?

"Doctor, my wife is pregnant, vomiting is awesome, I have spit for a month, and I have lost 20 pounds."

The elderly in the family often say this: "This is normal. Which pregnant woman is infertile, the month is big."

I believe that many pregnant mothers have gestational vomiting during pregnancy, and some have only appetite, nausea and vomiting in the morning; some of the sour water in the mouth when they are hungry;Essence

So how should pregnant mothers deal with it correctly when pregnancy vomiting?Let’s first understand what is pregnant?

Pregnancy vomiting is a type of early pregnancy reaction. It is particularly obvious in the morning and evening. Due to the occurrence and disappearance process of early pregnancy reactions, it is consistent with the lifting time of the pregnant woman’s blood HCG.The rate is also high.In addition, pregnant women who are afraid of pregnancy, mental tension, emotional instability, and poor economic conditions are susceptible to pregnancy.Most pregnant mothers start pregnancy vomiting around 6 weeks of pregnancy, and will reach its peak in the 8-10 week. After three months of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy will be relieved to disappear.

First of all, pregnant mothers should self -regulate from "eating", try to choose foods that promote appetite, rich nutrition, and easy to digest and cook.You can also eat some acidic foods, such as plums, grapefruit, etc. to promote gastrointestinal digestion.You can also eat some sugar -containing foods to prevent frequent vomiting from causing hypoglycemia.Secondly, pay attention to eating and eating less. Eating too much may make the pregnancy spit, let alone because the appetite is not good.

状 Desert symptoms, such as severe thirst, deep urine yellow, unable to intake liquid, etc.;

跳 Dizziness, acceleration of heartbeat, weakness, weakness, and rapid weight loss in the short term (more than 1 kg);

于 Vomiting (more than 4 times) or vomiting blood after severe vomiting;

烧 Abdominal pain, fever and other discomforts.

Because of long -term vomiting, you ca n’t eat or drink water, causing dehydration caused serious electrolyte disorders, acid poisoning, liver and kidney function damage, and severe hypokalemia even causes cardiac arrest.Therefore, if the pregnant mother appears very severe pregnancy, it must be treated in a regular hospital in time.

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