Pregnancy is quiet, how did mom find it?Netizen: The urine was too smelly that month.

I always felt that pregnancy was very mysterious. A seed quietly took root in my mother’s womb. It was not discovered until there were some signs.

In the past, when watching TV, the people in the play found that the most classic scene before pregnancy was: a group of people was eating, and the pregnant mother had a bowl of soup.Are you pregnant?So when I checked, I was pregnant.

However, in real life, some pregnant mothers find that the process of pregnancy is really not so classic, and some people’s experience is quite funny. Let’s take a look.

1. The first thing my dog knows!

@我: Because my physiological period is never allowed, I didn’t take it seriously. Later, I found that my golden retriever always likes to put my head on my stomach. My golden retriever is a baby and a baby.In the small life, the test is really!My son is 22 months old, bullied my dog every day!

Therefore, dogs are good pets. If you look at it with your baby, you can still get pregnant as a B -ultrasound!

2. My child saved my marriage

@: I was pregnant for three years and did not conceive. Later, I simply did not want it. As a result, I fought with my husband that day and divorced. I thought that no child was divorced and I was not afraid.It was the time to come to my aunt that day, but I did n’t come. The next day I went to the toilet and habitually tested it. As a result, the two bars were dragged on my husband to divorce, and the goods could not live.

Dad: Child, you are really my blessing!

Baby: I won’t come again, my mother will leave, even my mother can’t keep it. What is the use?

3. I accidentally touched it

@Maybe the end: Can I say that when I was pregnant with my second child, did I accidentally touch my belly?When I touched the middle, there was a rigidity. At that time, I thought I had something in my stomach. Then I went to the hospital. The doctor gave me a B -ultrasound that I was pregnant …

This child can touch it. I guess there is no meat on the stomach!I ca n’t do my belly. It ’s all the meat, do n’t mention any hard pieces, it’ s soft when I feel it.

4. The child brought a wake in advance

@: I have been dreaming in those days, dreaming of my pregnancy, and then I joked with my mother that I was pregnant, but it was in a dream. As a result, my mother asked me to test it, and it was true.

@:: I am a cow. Before the wedding, I was not pregnant for almost two years. On the day of the wedding, there was a chicken with a red veil beside the wardrobe.At that time, I was very happy to pull his mother and say that I have it, and then my mother said that I did n’t eat random these days. After going back to the door for three days, I checked it. I went home to buy a pregnancy test for three days.Amazing.

So magical?Even if you dream, the chicken is opened?Have you eaten the egg?

5. I have been stinky by my own urine

@: The diarrhea of that month was different in the past two decades. I felt wrong. I went to the hospital to check and found that I was pregnant.

I seem to smell that taste, dare to ask what you are pregnant?

After watching the experience of these pregnant mothers, I just want to say that the TV series dare not perform like this!

However, since I am pregnant, I hope that pregnant mothers can pay more attention, take a good rest, balance diet, and strive to give birth to a cute baby as soon as possible!

In other words, how do you all find that you are pregnant?Is there anything interesting happened?Welcome to share ~

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