Pregnancy is really guilty!Many mothers are all of you, see a few of you

Due to the difference in personal physical fitness, some pregnant mothers have a small response during pregnancy. The whole pregnancy is easy to come over. Some pregnant mothers are not so happy. The reaction during pregnancy is particularly large.I have not stopped, and pregnancy is too guilty!Many of these "pregnancy crimes" are almost all of the mothers, and see how lucky you are.

1. Swallowing, pregnant vomiting, and pregnancy, always vomiting

Pregnancy vomiting is the most normal reaction of pregnancy. When you eat it, you will spit out what you eat. When you eat it, you want to vomit, you want to vomit without eating.Swallow the stomach cramps, vomit until dizziness, and spit until the stomach sour can’t vomit … The key is very hungry and seeing things without appetite.

2. Stomach acid and stomachs, under the stomach

I think that the stomach will not be uncomfortable after three months of the first three months, and I won’t want to vomit. Who knows that there is stomach acid and flatulence in addition to nausea and nausea.The engravings are under your feed, you ca n’t eat anything, you do n’t digest a little bit, and the accumulation of food is uncomfortable.

3. Lumbar pain, pubic pain, sediment pain

As the stomach becomes larger day, backache, back pain, pubic pain, and sediment pain have begun to appear. You can’t stand for a long time and lie down for a long time, especially in the late pregnancy.They were grinning teeth and became disabled people who were inconvenient.

4. Frequent urination, constipation

The stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and the troubles of frequent urination and constipation have begun to appear. When I sleep at night, I finally fall asleep and wake up by the urine. On average, it will get up once an hour.I have been constipated, sitting in the first half of the toilet, I ca n’t pull it out, so that I feel that I want to give birth to the child, and hemorrhoids are stunned during pregnancy.

5. Edema, shortness of breath, stretch marks

After 6 months of pregnancy, edema began to appear, swollen hands, legs, and foot swelling. No pair of shoes can be worn. Every day, walking like a duck that has been bulky.If you accidentally, you can’t breathe your chest tightness. The stretch marks growing on your thighs and belly are really uncomfortable. The longer you grow a little more every day, what can you do after giving birth to a child in the future.

6. Can’t sleep, can’t sleep well, difficult to sleep

The most painful thing is that I ca n’t sleep well. I lie down and sleep tightness, sleep on pelvic bone sideways. I feel that I need to sleep for half a century.It ’s not listless all day long, and it’ s really like the night, so I have no exaggeration.

7. Always be upset, you have to be depressed before giving birth

Various examinations and sugar sieve all kinds of inspections are waiting to be done. I always worry about the baby in the stomach. Even if a test is passed smoothly, the treasures in the stomach are worried about the fetal movement.When you are tired, you are worried, you are worried about sleeping well, and you are worried about eating well. The pressure of the elderly about men and women also suppress you. The whole pregnancy has been reminded to hang daring, and prenatal depression is exaggerated.

You think that pregnancy is just inconvenient. You think that pregnancy is ten months old and then went to the hospital to give birth to so simple. The crime to be pregnant is invisible.If you are guilty, you are afraid of reaction, and you can only suffer themselves.

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