Pregnancy manifestation

Although pregnancy testing and ultrasonic examination are the only way to determine whether you are pregnant, in the early pregnancy, we can judge whether we are pregnant through some signs.

The first time to get pregnant is usually a time to miss.Maybe girls do not follow their menstrual cycle, or the length of each month is irregular.According to research, the reasons for menstrual delays in girls include excessive exercise, weight gain or decrease, pressure or disease

Two weeks after conception, pregnant women may have a small amount of vaginal bleeding or spots.The color of the blood may be pink to brown, and it may be accompanied by mild spasm, so women may think that they are about to start menstruation.

This is the so -called implanted bleeding.About six to 12 days after egg fertilization will occur.This mild bleeding often occurs within a period of a woman, but it is shorter and lighter than the menstrual bleeding.

In addition to bleeding, leucorrhea may also be found from the vagina.This is related to the thickening of the vaginal wall, and the vaginal wall starts almost after conception.The growth of cells in the vagina leads to secretions.

This excretion can continue to be pregnant, usually harmless and no treatment.However, if there is an unpleasant smell or burning sensation and itching sensation related to the secretion, please tell the doctor so that they can check whether you have yeast or bacterial infection.

This is some signs of implanted bleeding:

Color: Each color may be pink, red or brown.

Bleeding: Bleeding is usually compared with normal menstruation.The definition of spots is that there is blood only when wiping.

Pain: Pain may be mild, moderate or severe.According to a study of a 4,539 woman, 28 % of women associated spots and mild bleeding with pain.

Plot: Plant bleeding may last less than three days and no treatment is required.

Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs, these drugs can cause a lot of bleeding.

Breast changes are another very early signs of pregnancy.The hormone level of women after conception has changed rapidly.Due to these changes, one or two weeks later, her breasts may be swollen, painful or tingling.Otherwise, they may feel heavier or fuller, or feel tingling.The area around the nipple is called areola and may also darkens.

It is also possible for other reasons to cause breast changes.However, if these changes are early symptoms of pregnancy, please remember that it takes several weeks to adapt to the level of new hormone.


· Buy comfortable supporting maternity breasts to relieve breast tenderness.Cotton -free steel rims are usually the most comfortable.

· Choose a lock with different buckles, you can provide you with more "growth" space in the next few months.

· Buy milk pads suitable for you to reduce friction and nipple pain on the nipple.

The first three months of pregnancy and the last few months before childbirth are very common.

One week after pregnancy, women may start to feel extremely tired.

Why?It is usually related to high levels of progesterone, although other factors (such as lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and increased blood generation) can work.

If fatigue is related to pregnancy, it is important to have sufficient rest.Eating foods rich in protein and iron can help offset it.

In the early stage of pregnancy, because the increase in blood volume provides nutrition for the developmental placenta and fetus, heartbeat may be accelerated.

Pregnancy is a famous symptom of pregnancy.But not every pregnant woman will vomit.

The exact cause of pregnancy vomiting is unclear, but pregnancy hormones may be the cause of this symptom.The nausea during pregnancy may occur at any time of the day, but the most common is the morning.

In addition, some women are eager or unbearable during pregnancy.This is also related to changes in hormones.

Nausea, longing for food dislikes may continue to be pregnant.But the symptoms are generally reduced in the 13th or 14th week of pregnancy.

In order to alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended to eat less meals and rest as much as possible. Choose thin skin foods without strong odor and drink ginger tea.Or eat some biscuits before getting up in the morning, eat high -protein snacks such as yogurt, and avoid spicy and high -fat foods.

Similar to the symptoms of menstruation, abdominal distension may occur in the early stages of pregnancy.This may be due to changes in hormones, which will slow down the speed of the digestive system.As a result, you may feel constipation and obstruction.

Constipation will also increase the feeling of abdominal distension.

In the first few months of pregnancy, due to changes in hormonal levels, it will affect the body and mind of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, your estrogen and progesterone levels will be high.This increase will affect your emotions and make you more emotional or dull than usual.Emotional fluctuations are very common during pregnancy, which may cause frustration, irritability, anxiety and joy.

In addition to adapting to changing hormonal levels, women’s moody moody may also be due to some physical changes in the early stages of pregnancy, such as fatigue and morning vomiting.

From about six weeks in the first three months, until the entire pregnancy, a pregnant woman may need to pee more frequently.

During pregnancy, your body increases the blood volume of his pump.This can cause the kidneys to deal with more liquids than usual, resulting in more liquid in the bladder.

As menstruation passes, the fetus grows and develops in women’s uterus, which will cause pressure on the bladder, so it needs to urinate more frequently than usual.

Constipation may be caused by excess progesterone, which will slow down the speed of the digestive system and make more nutrients enter the fetus.Pregnancy hormones can also relax muscle and make waste through the intestine.Keep your body active. Drinking a lot of liquid and increasing dietary fiber can help relieve constipation.

Headache is the common symptom of the first three months.

These may be related to dilation of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and reducing blood sugar.

Some women may dizzy a few months before pregnancy.This symptom may be related to hypoglycemia or dehydration.Dizziness may also be caused by blood metastasis in the body, especially when women change their postures, such as from sitting from sitting to standing, or when she got out of bed.

Trumry and night sweats not only occur before menopause, but also may affect women in the early stages of pregnancy.Studies have shown that more than one -third of women reports hot or night sweats during pregnancy.Doctors believe that the rapid fluctuation of hormones such as estrogen may be the cause of these changes.

Some experts have studied how pregnancy affects sleep, and pregnancy leads to an increase in metabolism. This usually makes women feel hotter, especially when sleeping.Women who track the basic body temperature or when they wake up for the first time in the morning may notice that in the first few weeks of pregnancy, body temperature has remained rising.According to research, this is due to the rise in progesterone levels.

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