Pregnancy says: What should I eat during pregnancy not only supplement nutrition and not gain weight?Moms must do these two points

Guide: A fan who wants to maintain his figure during pregnancy to ask me. What should I eat during pregnancy not only supplement nutrition without gaining weight?

Eat, not only related to things (such as high -calorie fat things), but also related to human constitution. Some women during pregnancy love high -calorie and high -fat things, such as bread, which is easy to be easyFat.Women’s pregnancy is the most happy thing for a family. It is really not necessary to make three meals according to which so -called nutritious recipes in order to keep their bodies not gain weight. In fact, the secrets of all women to lose weight are inseparable from exercise.

If you want to maintain a good figure, the so -called "hold your mouth and open your legs", in fact, it is also adapted to pregnant women.Do these two points, add nutrition, but not long -term companion

1. Keep your mouth.

In the early pregnancy, the fetus is still small, and there is not much nutrition that needs to be transported by the mother. The three meals that pregnant women eat a day are basically the same as before pregnancy. After three months of pregnancy, they enter the middle of pregnancy.Okay, I often feel hungry during the day. I want to eat. In order to deliver enough nutrition to the baby, pregnant mothers can eat whatever they want to eat, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, pork and eggs, which contain various minerals.Eating and balanced nutrition. At least I eat so during my own pregnancy. You should eat less cold or blood -promoting blood stasis. Others do not require many taboos.

2. Open your legs.

In accordance with the standard weight of pregnant women, the weight generally increases by 15 ~ 25 pounds in the second trimester, which is a normal standard. However, the weight gain of some pregnant mothers will exceed this range., I should take more walks after meals, and can also achieve the purpose of controlling weight. For example, my friend, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, will go out for at least 40 minutes every day.On the third day, the weight changed again and again before I was pregnant.

Important tips: I want to eat both nutrition and not gain weight during pregnancy. Eat more fish, vegetables, meat, eggs and fruits, and take a walk for more than half an hour a day.

Topic today: What are you eating nutrition during pregnancy?How many minutes will you take a walk every day?

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