Pregnancy, two treasure diary: signs of pregnancy?Physical changes in early pregnancy

I think women have more or less sensitive and intuition about the "pregnancy ‘, that is, I feel that my body has some weird and wonderful … change, and the change is a little subtle with the illness.Different, in short, we just feel … something should happen!Let’s talk about how to discover Erbao this time today!

In fact, pregnancy is the most obvious, and it is also a sign that most people can detect.

1. Menstruation does not come

My two babies were experimented with pregnancy after two weeks of menstruation, and then two lines were verified, and the first child was a little different from the condition of the second child.It is called the sign of ‘bed bleeding’, and there will be a small amount of bleeding or brown secretions, probably in 10-14 days of the fertilized eggs (and it may occur in the time when menstruation should have come), so some people may be some peopleI think that the physiological period is coming, and the possibility of pregnancy is ignored.

This was the case when I was in the first child, because there were a small amount of bleeding that the physiological period was coming, and then I thought it was because the time difference was confused, and I didn’t doubt it at all.It was not until the end of the trip, and I hadn’t come at all for two weeks except for the physiological period, and gradually appeared signs of vomiting, and then I felt that I should come to pregnancy.

But this time I was pregnant without any bleeding, there was no drop of one drop, and the physiological period disappeared completely; however, because of five days late last month, I was full of expectations, but suddenly the blood flowed into the river.If you are too fast, you will be pregnant. I do n’t want to report it after two days of menstruation, so I wait patiently for a few days. I observed that I did n’t come at all.

Second, the current of the breast and breastfeeding are sensitive

From the beginning of pregnancy, there will be a series of obvious changes in the breasts, because it will be breastfeeding after preparing, and this time Huai Erbao is still in the Battlefield of Breastfeeding because I continued to feel the change.

1. Breastfeeding began to be sensitive and painful

I didn’t feel much, but it would suddenly become a bit painful and sensitive after pregnancy; so when the boss wants to eat it, I will take a deep breath hahaha, that is, the first one is uncomfortable; some people say that breastfeeding will feel the uterus will feel uterus.The contraction is uncomfortable, I do n’t know if it ’s because I am still in the early days. I do n’t feel much.

2. From time to time, there are current influenza

This is so difficult to explain, but it is a little like a little milk pain in the early stages of breastfeeding, which is not the same; in short, you will feel that the breasts start to enter a state that is completely different from before; when Dabao was just three months old, I stillThere is no supply and demand balance, and it is very uncomfortable to swelling milk all day. It often has stabbing milk.

Third, pregnancy and vomiting

This should be the most sensible but most troublesome symptom in the early stages of pregnancy; if not wrong, the first child should be a sign of pregnancy.It feels so bad and disappointed in eating. Why is the taste of things so strange? At first, I suddenly wanted to eat something. I was nauseous when I thought of a lot of food.

But this time I feel that I started to spit up late. It was normal and had a good appetite. The next day after the pregnancy, I suddenly started to fall into the pregnancy and vomiting hell. It is not like a bit of a precursor last time.In addition, there are more obvious gastrointestinal discomfort; it may be diarrhea, two days, and constipation, and a little diarrhea for two days (black question mark ???); then the problem of common flatulence I have a serious child. I am also very serious.I feel bloating every day.

Pregnant women who are having Xizhong just want to eat this and do not want to eat it; you should eat things immediately when you are hungry, but you feel that you can never eat it again.Many things do not want to touch today; in short, they are super out of control, so I immediately cancel all the dinner meals as soon as I enter the pregnancy period;I smiled and talked for a few hours in front of the food; when I was in Huai Dabao, I didn’t know that I was pregnant at that time, but I was inexplicable to vomit, tired, and motion sickness.

causal talk:

In fact, I originally wanted to be dragged until I was late for a month to test my pregnancy (I was afraid of not being in the middle), but then my husband and the friends who were close to me persuaded me to check it.It ’s not possible to check the check -up two weeks later. If you do n’t hear the heartbeat too early, it’ s also spending money. As a result, he vomited the next day after the test.Just go to the production inspection.

In fact, the feeling of early pregnancy is really like being sick, so some pregnant women find that they really don’t seem to be very happy or even depressed after they are pregnant, not because they are unhappy and do not want to get pregnant.It will be covered by severe physical discomfort.

To describe the feeling of pregnancy, it is very much like you have been motion sickness anytime, anywhere. I think it ’s like sitting on the small buses that are super swaying and the entire car are used on the car.It will make you always feel disgusting and nausea, and you want to vomit everything.

Therefore, although mothers in the early pregnancy, although they can’t see their stomachs, they really need the consideration and care of the people around me. When I was in my boss, I was still at work. I was dizzy every day.Mask, sometimes because of the subway, I want to vomit, and hurry out of the station and rush out of the car to calm down the stomach.After getting home from get off work, there is no effort to perform any schedule, that is, dying on the sofa.

If you can, if you can, you really have better to yourself, eat more, eat whatever you want, do n’t want to eat or do n’t want to eat; if you have a pregnant woman around you, whether you are a husband, mother -in -law, mother’s mother, aunt or aunt, or ordinary friendsColleagues; Please take more passports to take care of pregnant women, don’t limit her diet and action, as long as she is happy and comfortable, let her go!

I wish you all the best during pregnancy ~ I also wish me the end of pregnancy.

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