pregnant?After Jennie made a large -scale movie in the United States, he stepped down in the concert and vomited

pregnant?After Jennie made a large -scale movie in the United States, he stepped down in the concert and vomited

The Korean women’s group "Blackpink" has always been very popular since its debut. Many domestic stars are their fans and often appear in concert support.

However, in Blackpink, the reputation of Jin Zhixiu, Park Caiying, and LISA has always been very good. Only Jennie frequently caused controversy. Especially a few days ago, she went to Hollywood in the United States to shoot large -scale movies.Essence

On June 13, Jennie appeared on the hot search again. The reason was not that she filmed large -scale movies, but Jennie’s "stroke" in the concert and suddenly stepped down from the stage.Respect the audience.

It is not difficult to see from the scene screen that all the members of Blackpink danced on the stage that day, everyone was very serious and moved in place.Only Jennie’s beat was slow, and he couldn’t keep up with the movement, and it looked very scattered.

After Jennie stepped down from the C -bit according to the dance action, he didn’t even say hello, and turned his head and stepped down the stage. The other three members danced on the stage and never came to power again.

Because of this, Jennie was considered unsuccessful, the concert was padded, and the audiences were spit with many live audiences with netizens. Everyone hoped that Jennie could withdraw the group, not to affect the other three.It’s right.

Seeing that the incident was getting bigger and bigger, Blackpink’s company quickly explained, saying that Jennie suddenly left the stage that day because of physical discomfort and wanted to vomit, and revealed that Jennie was vomiting all day.Suddenly left the company and said sorry.

In addition, fans also took photos of Jennie’s arm injection, revealing that her body was indeed a bit weak, not intentionally planned.

However, netizens were vomiting all day because of Jennie, and wondered if she was pregnant?Because she had taken the initiative to go to Hollywood in the United States to shoot large -scale movies, she danced with several foreign actors, and it was inevitable that it was fascinating.

At the same time, some netizens have exposed the evidence of Jennie’s drooping every concert. It turned out that she was not the first time she left the scene. The previous 4 concerts Jennie always greeted and went down.The meaning of big name.

If Jennie is really weak as the fans say, in fact, there is no need to participate in group activities at all, but she has to go late and leave early at the concert at each time.What is the pain of dragging three players?

pregnant?After Jennie made large -scale movies in the United States, he went down to vomit.In short, Jennie’s premature leave to the audience will bring a bad look at each time, hoping that she can wait for her body to completely recover before going on stage.

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