pregnant?Share these 11 different symptoms!

Although the B -ultrasound is the most convenient and effective tool for checking the gender of the fetus, it is basically not telling you the gender of the fetus in the hospital now, which needs to be judged based on the "experience" during pregnancy.Share the symptoms of these male treasures below to see you, see if you are not sure?

1. Pregnancy vomiting is very mild, or there is basically no pregnancy vomiting.There are two cousins at home. They vomit the darkness during pregnancy, and even the late pregnancy vomiting, and finally gave birth to a daughter. On the contrary, the relatives of several male treasures were very mild during pregnancy.

2. The stomach in the second trimester is relatively lower, that is, "lower".Under normal circumstances, the stomach of her son is a bit pointed, the waist is not flesh, and the back will not even clearly see pregnancy.The belly of her daughter is generally more upper.

3. The double -top diameter and femoral long data on the B -ultrasound single, or the baby’s legs are relatively long.

4. The skin becomes poor during pregnancy. The love of long spots or acne may be a daughter. If you are pregnant, the skin may not have long spots or acne, and the skin is good.

5. The fetal movement is early, and the fetal movement can be blurred in three months. When it is four months, it obviously feels that the baby is playing with his feet. The fetal movement is left and right.

6. I like to eat salty flavors during pregnancy, like fruits, can eat, drink, and sleep.

7. The fetal heart rate has always been around 140 to 145.If it is higher than 150, it means that the possibility of female treasure is more likely.

8. Pregnant women are not bulky and brisk.I can’t even see pregnancy from behind.Walking is still like before pregnancy; if you look bulky from behind, it may be your daughter.

9. Dreaming during pregnancy and dreaming of snakes.It is said that he dreamed of a snake with a boy.

10. The pregnancy line is very shallow and straight. The navel eyes are basically not upward. It is only a shallow and thin piece under the navel. The entire line is straight and not misplaced.

11. Born in the days of the due date or just due to the due date; if you push it, it is likely to be a female treasure.

In short, this is also the "experience" of the people who came over. It is not necessarily all accurate, and there will be a difference.However, whether it is a boy or a girl, it is our favorite!

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