Pregnant before marriage, my boyfriend advised me to abandon. After I insisted on giving birth to the child, we broke up after giving birth

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Reader letter:

Muzi Li:

My boyfriend and I met with my friends. His family is good. I look good. In the face of his pursuit, we are together.With less than a week of love, he lives together quickly.

During this time, my boyfriend was most satisfied with me: willing to spend money for me.Originally thought that this was what love should be.

Later, I became pregnant and told my boyfriend the first time.I thought he would be very happy and began to prepare for our marriage.Unexpectedly, he said to me, I don’t plan to get married yet, you should deal with the child.

Perhaps I love my boyfriend, or I think that as long as I marry him, I can live a life of no clothes and food, so I refuse to deal with my child and think of my mother.

Of course, my attitude was completely angry with my boyfriend, and then he ignored me.

Even so, I still insisted on giving birth to the child.

In this case, my boyfriend was a little angry and scolded me: You are a crazy woman.

In the end, he gave me a house and two million cash.

Now our children have become non -marriage and children; and I have become a single mother.

Thinking about this is actually not worthless.

My personal conditions are not bad, and my career is relatively stable, why do I have to live so embarrassed.

Several times, I want to give the children a gift, but I don’t want to.

Muzi Li Biao’s post -language:

At the moment, there are more people who have lived in unmarried together, and cases that have not been exchanged for marriage after living together are also a big grabbing.

Regarding the pre -marital cohabitation, there is no in exchange for the result of marriage. My understanding is: one is willing to fight and one.Even if you break up, you ca n’t talk about who suffers, who is cheap, after all, it is something you love.

In fact, pregnancy before marriage, most of the time, can get the result of the marriage of Fengzi.

If the other party finds that you are pregnant, not only do you plan to speed up your marriage with you, but persuade you to deal with your child, then, please follow the advice of the other party.The opponent’s attitude shows two messages: 1) there is no plan to marry you at all; 2) For the time being, there is no condition for being a father (this situation is usually because of the poor homeland).

If he insists on giving birth to the child, the deductive mother is only a small probability event, and it will not be able to leave this man beside him because of having a child; even if he can’t hold the pressure of public opinion, he barely accepts you and andChildren, then, it is only famous.

In fact, when women are preferred to get married, most people are willing to find a man with a good family. The key is that the other party is still willing to be responsible for you. Otherwise, the other party’s money has nothing to do with you.

Now, you have regretted it, but what can you do?

If you choose the way yourself, just kneel and walk.

In fact, you are not so miserable: work is still there, with a house and two million deposits.

However, such a life may not make much sense for you.

After a few years, when I looked back to evaluate this encounter, only regrets were left.

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