Pregnant female colleagues are afraid that cold will not turn on the air conditioner. Many people can bear sweating and blowing fans.

During this period, the weather is really hot. Many people rely on the air conditioner to continue their lives. Even in the office, they will still have air conditioners.The office that does not open the air conditioner is to feel the hot and unable to work with the hot.

Some time ago, the female colleague Li Sister Li who was pregnant in our company did not let us turn on the air conditioner. The reason was that he was afraid that the air conditioner would affect the fetus too much.I can’t open the air conditioner.The room temperature of the air conditioner does not turn on the air conditioner directly to 32 degrees. Staying in the office is just sweating, and the kung fu can all sweat all over.

In order to accommodate pregnant women, more than 30 people in the company took the small fan to the office to blow, but the small fan could not solve the actual problem of the office. The heat was still very hot.

Some female colleagues said to the female colleague who was pregnant: "Everyone can’t stand it now, let’s blow a little air conditioner, otherwise everyone can’t work."

The female colleague who was pregnant was a little unhappy: "My child has a problem, can you be responsible, let you bear it, is it very comfortable to blow the air conditioner?I didn’t blow it, and I didn’t call me hot. There was a word that said well, and the heart was quiet and cold, but you were too hot. "

No way, female colleagues also felt speechless, and could only bear it.Seeing this situation, some people reported to the leader, saying that Sister Li occupied the company’s air conditioner and not let everyone open it, which greatly affected everyone’s work efficiency.

When the leader walked into the office in the afternoon, he felt very hot. He could sweat all over for a while. The leader said to the subordinates while wiping sweat, "What ghosts do you do, the office was made of purgatory on earth, and the hot it was.Can’t stand it, if the customer comes, we think we miss the electricity fee, you will turn on the air conditioner immediately "

Sister Li told her situation to the leader, and the leader felt that the company should also take care of pregnant women, but also considered the actual situation, so the leader decided to let Sister Li move to the company’s warehouse office.In a small office, there were not many people in the office in the office, so I asked Sister Li to work in the warehouse office.

This made Sister Li a little depressed. The factory library was downstairs in our company. There was no air conditioner inside, but the temperature was very hot.Sister Li lost his wife and folded his soldiers.

Sister Li is relatively selfish. He wants to sacrifice the rights and interests of more than 30 people in the company for his personal interests, and accompany her not to blow the air conditioner, which is not unfair.

The leader asked Sister Li to go to the warehouse is also a bit punishment. If you do n’t blow the air conditioner, you have to let everyone accompany you. Then you are isolated and depends on whether you dare to violate everyone ’s rights.

First, the leader killed the chickens to the monkeys, and let colleagues see the end of the old selling old.Leaders do not like old employees to suppress people with qualifications. Qualifications are just an experience for the company. It is not a big deal, but some people just rely on their old veterans to oppress the newcomers. This is not kind.If the company is phenomenon that over time, the company will lack vitality.

The company that lost vitality is as unpleasant as the old institution, and it will generally block the company’s normal development. Therefore, even if you are an old employee of the company, you have to be punished if you make side.

Second, the behavior of colleagues is too horizontal, and the leadership only teach him.It is necessary to have capital in the workplace. It is not enough to justify the qualifications.Some employees just do n’t know how many pounds and two are began to use their qualifications to suppress newcomers. This will only make colleagues in the department dissatisfied. The purpose of the leader is to press down this office atmosphere.

The company’s colleagues ‘harmony is a very important factor. It can determine the efficiency of the enterprise and the positiveness of employees. The colleagues in the company can be harmonious, natural work efficiency will improve, and employees’ positiveness of work will also improve.

Third, the company needs to speak with ability, rather than qualifications to discuss the power of the company.The right to speak is how many colleagues are convinced what colleagues say, so that other colleagues can be willing to obey.The company’s ranking is greatly destroying the company’s discourse rights, so that capable people cannot speak in the company. They can only obey colleagues who write the mediocrity. Obviously, this is unfair to do this.

The main reasons for leaders to punish pregnant women: Waking up the old employees in the company should not rely on old -fashioned and bully new colleagues. At the same time, the leaders also hope that everyone will put their minds on work. Do not always care about some trivial matters, but will affect work progress.

First, report directly to the leader and tell the leader about the bad impact of colleagues.

For a small report, most people are not willing to do it. After all, this is a difficult thing that is difficult to please, and it is easy to suffer from the exclusion of others. If you stand on the majority of interests to report to the leaders, you willWell -welcomed by colleagues, I feel that you are right.We need to distinguish what is a small report and what is called report.

The small report is to tell the leader where his colleagues do wrong from the personal interests, so that the leader hates this person.Compared with the report, it is to tell the company’s current situation, so that leaders can grasp the real -time situation and better make decisions.

Second, do things with colleagues who are not right, tell him that this incident brings a balance of pros and cons of pros and cons.

In the face of some colleagues who care about interests, their interests are the most important, so you have to persuade them to listen to your prerequisites from the perspective of the other party. You have to stand on his perspective to talk about the benefits he wants.In order to make him feel that you say it is reasonable.

The interests in the company generally have collective interests and personal interests. When you want to persuade each other, the easiest to convince is that the collective interests are successful, the personal interests can be realized, and the collective interests are successful.Influence.

Third, don’t just compromise with colleagues, so that colleagues will only feel that you are so bullying

Many colleagues like it, which is a big thing, and I hope that their compromises can make their colleagues concession. Often at this time, colleagues will only bully your head.It’s right.Don’t bully you, who can you bully, you are a soft persimmon.

You need principles in the workplace. People who do not talk about principles will not like you, because you do n’t have any rules and principles in doing things, and the leader will naturally not see you, but you just feel that you are a wall grass, and you will gradually alienate and gradually alienateyou.There are no so -called "old good people" in the workplace.

If you change it, how do you deal with this problem?Will you be modestly let pregnant women?Or is it theory with her?

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