Pregnant mother Chunmeng is frequent, so don’t be afraid to see how I will give you a reassinual pill

In October of pregnancy, one thing always made it difficult for pregnant mothers to teeth, that is, "spring dreams" during pregnancy.Spring dreams during pregnancy can easily cause strong contractions and increase risk of miscarriage.In order to reduce the threat of "spring dreams", pregnant mothers should first figure out the reasons for frequent spring dreams during pregnancy.Next, [Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital] Director Zhou Xiaofei, that is, the person in charge of [Pregnancy Network], come and talk in detail with you!

In October of pregnancy, spring dreams are frequent!

Ms. Chen has been distressed recently. She said that recently these days have frequently done "spring dreams", and even climaxes in dreams. After waking up every time, I feel that my belly is shaking (frequent contractions).Case.Because it is difficult to open up, I didn’t tell the doctor when I went to see the doctor, I was really worried that I would encounter such a situation in the future!

According to experts from our hospital, 90 % of pregnant mothers will do "spring dreams" during pregnancy, and 20 % of pregnant mothers will frequently do "spring dreams". The occurrence of this situation is mainly affected by estrogen during pregnancy.Look at the reason below:

What is the reason for the spring dream frequency during pregnancy?

Director Zhou said that the dream of spring during pregnancy is mainly related to estrogen hormone during pregnancy.Specifically, there is a huge change in hormone secretion during pregnancy. The amount of secretion of estrogen has increased. When the pregnant mother is in the state of high estrogen, the pregnant mother is easy to have spring dreams under the natural response of the body.In addition, Director Zhou also said that some pregnant mothers lived an abstinence after they were worried about their babies, and their bodies were excessively abstained and their bodies would also promote the dream of spring.

Although it is a natural reaction to make spring dreams, if Chunmeng is too frequent, it is easy to cause strong contractions, which will seriously cause abdominal pain, bleeding, or even abortion. Therefore, the frequent pregnant mothers of spring dreams should take corresponding measures.

Chunmeng frequency during pregnancy, should pregnant mothers neat?

First of all, take it correctly

Chunmeng is a natural reaction of the body. The symptoms of spring dreams should be brave. Don’t always hold it in your heart. Don’t always use it to torture yourself. You need to know that you are not alone.Do you have a dream of spring, what is the relationship between dreaming?

Second, watch less Korean dramas

Although the emergence of spring dreams, although the majority of estrogen accounts for the majority, emotional stimulus can also cause the occurrence of spring dreams. In other words, pregnant mothers who like to watch romance programs (such as Korean dramas) are easier to have spring dreams.In other words, in order to reduce the probability of the emergence of spring dreams, mothers should listen to more music to watch Korean dramas.

Again, divert attention

When you are tortured by spring dreams, you can appropriately transfer your attention, you can listen to cheerful music, you can look at your favorite books, or chat with friends or people who come over. In shortIt’s time to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Finally, appropriate sex life

Excessive abstinence is one of the causes of spring dreams during pregnancy. After the middle of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is relatively stable. At this time, the pregnant mother can appropriately accept the lover’s caress.However, in sexual life, you should master certain skills and postures to prevent the health of the fetus due to excessive stimuli.

I am [Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital] Director Zhou Xiaofei. Pay attention to my WeChat public account: huaiyunzhijia (good pregnant home), leave a message to your question.Give you free answers, what should be done next to targeted analysis!

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