Pregnant mother, gentle and protecting sensitive parts

For pregnant mothers, the changes in the sensitive parts of the body cannot be ignored. How to clean and nursing these sensitive parts often become unspeakable.We summarized professional guidance and shared it with pregnant mothers.

Clean "Below"

As we all know, the level of females and progesterone in pregnant mothers during pregnancy increases, vaginal secretions such as leucorrhea will also increase, and the color will become milky white.The vaginal muscle layer of pregnant women will become thick, the surrounding connective tissue will soften, and the mucous membrane will increase.

These changes are to prepare the vagina fully expansion and stretching during childbirth.In addition, many pregnant mothers are troubled by hemorrhoids. This phenomenon is particularly obvious in the third trimester, so pay attention to care.


Vulvar cleaning is one of the key to cleaning during pregnancy.The vulva site must be cleaned every day. It is best to wash water in this part to use as little obstruction as possible to avoid taking a bath.

Vaginal inflammation occurs, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time and treat according to the doctor’s order. It is not recommended to wash the vagina because it may affect the normal pH balance in the vagina.

In addition, if it is troubled by hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it is best to clean the anus after stool.

After taking a shower, pregnant mothers can first put on a loose gown or skirt, and then wear underwear after the pussy air is dry to prevent itching of vulva during pregnancy.

Do not pull the breast

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers have begun to change at about 5 weeks of pregnancy. For example, the nipple color becomes darker and the blood vessels directly below the breast are getting more and more obvious.About 3 months of pregnancy, most human breasts have begun to increase. In addition to some micro -pain, they occasionally touch the masses. This is the reason for the development of breasts and increased hormonal secretion.In addition, the breast epidermis will continue to appear from the bottom of the breast, and the color of the nipple will become deeper.


Breast care during pregnancy is directly related to the baby’s "rations" in the future.When taking a bath, you can rinse the breast with warm water. You should move gently. Do not pull your breasts and nipples hard. Do not rub it hard. You should gently hold your breasts with one hand, and rub the abdomen of the other finger in the direction of clockwise to avoid causing uterine contraction.

After bathing, you can appropriately apply olive oil to make the breast skin moist and tough, so that the baby can withstand the baby after childbirth, otherwise the nipple cracking is prone to occur.

Moderate cleaning the navel

The small navel has changed a lot during pregnancy.Especially after the middle of pregnancy, the originally sunken navel will become more and more protruding.In this regard, pregnant mothers do not need to be nervous. This is because the fascia of this part is thin and easy to be affected by pressure, and it is easy to protrude by the uterus.

Of course, not all pregnant mothers will protrude, which is also related to the skin’s firming. Generally, the skin of the skin is less likely to be squeezed out.


For the cleaning of the navel, pregnant mothers can dip some baby oil with cotton swabs to soften dirt before each bath, and then wash it.

Of course, because the navel itself is depressed, it is not easy to clean. If it cannot be cleaned at a time, the pregnant mother should not be too reluctant to avoid hurting the skin around the navel because of excessive force.The fetus is more damaged.

Source: China Population News

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