Pregnant mothers always eat sweets at night, inducing pregnancy diseases, which foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, in order to develop nutrition through food for the development of their own and fetal baby, the amount of food will also become larger, which is also why many pregnant mothers are easily wake up at night.

However, what needs to be noticed by pregnant mothers is that even if they are hungry at night, some foods cannot be eaten!

There is such a mother in the mother group: When she is pregnant, she always likes to eat sweets, but because she often eats sweets during pregnancy, she will not be good for her body. Therefore, she can’t eat by her family during the day during the day.

So, after waiting for the whole family to sleep every night, she secretly eats it by herself. Every time she eats, she will be very happy when she tastes that sweetness.

Every time she finished eating, in order to prevent people from discovering her stealing food, she threw the sweets into the julk and covered other garbage on it.

It can be said that the evidence is very clean.Just like this day after day, no one of the whole family found out what she was stolen at night.

But when she was inspected, she was found to have diabetes during pregnancy.The husband feels wrong. He obviously controls the diet. How can he blood sugar so high or diabetes?

So after returning home, she "interrogated" her.As a last resort, she could only "confess" the facts of stealing sweets at night.

When he heard the news, the husband was crying and laughing, especially when he heard how his wife was hiding from the crowd to place an online order, and how to collect courier, hiding sweets, stealing sweets, and eliminating evidence, he was angry.

In the end, what else can I do, of course, my wife has to be spoiled, and I can’t scold.But he still insisted on controlling his wife’s diet and supervising her no longer eating sweets at night.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body is consumed relatively large, so I will eat a little more, and I will be hungry faster.Especially at night, gastric juice will cause a certain stimulus to the digestive tract, and it will increase the sense of hunger of the human body.

However, for pregnant mothers, even if you are hungry, don’t eat these foods:

1. Sweet food

Sweets will undoubtedly cause blood sugar to rise.After pregnancy, especially eating sweets at night, it will induce the risk of pregnant mothers to suffer from diabetes during pregnancy, just like the mother mentioned in the above example.

Diabetes during pregnancy can also cause the fetus to be too large, premature, abortion and other dangers to the fetus.

2. Milk

Milk can drink, but be sure to drink warm milk, not cold milk, especially pay attention to the amount.

Because the uterus of the pregnant mother after pregnancy will compress the bladder, which can easily cause frequent urination and urine. If the amount is too large, it will easily cause the pregnant mother to go to the toilet frequently, which will affect the quality of sleep.

3. heavy taste food

Eat heavyweight foods in the evening during pregnancy, otherwise it will cause the ingested sugar to exceed the standard, affect the liver, and thus affect the body of the fetus and pregnant mothers;

Secondly, it will also cause stomach discomfort, which may cause inflammation. In addition, it is not possible to take medicine during pregnancy, which will greatly affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.

Of course, if the pregnant mother is hungry at night, you can eat it like this!

1. Eat less during the day

Pregnant mothers develop the habit of eating less food during the day, which can play a role in controlling the diet, and the second can also alleviate the situation of being hungry at night to a certain extent.

2. Eat digestible foods at night

These digestive foods include porridge, noodle, whole wheat bread.Eating digestive foods when you are hungry at night will not cause too much burden on your body, and the impact on the fetus is small.

[Mother’s message] I hope that the pregnant mother understands what kind of food will be provided with the fetus and herself. What kind of food to eat will play.

For the health of the fetus and themselves, it is recommended that the pregnant mother should eat some foods that will affect health in the evening when they are hungry at night.

[Today’s topic] Do you know what foods that you can’t eat at night after pregnancy?

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