Pregnant mothers have these pains, suggesting that the baby is developing well

In fact, after pregnancy, all expectant mothers have a deep understanding of the various pains in the body.Although it is said that the babies are looking forward to the arrival of the baby, the pain on the expectant mother’s body is painful, which makes the expectant mother very painful. The pregnant mother often feels uncomfortable and feels pain in the body.Pain pain is called pain during pregnancy.In fact, this pain is not all harmful. When the pain in the following 5 parts appears, it means that the fetus is developing healthy!

Back pain and back pain in early pregnancy are mostly because of the role of estrogen progesterone, and the pain is generally mild.By the end of pregnancy and the third trimester, the expectant mother’s waist and abdomen are becoming more and more protruding. In order to maintain their body balance, they have to lean back and back.It will cause excessive fatigue on the back and back, which will cause mothers to have back pain in the middle and late pregnancy.

Relief method: Pregnant mothers should try to straighten their bodies as much as possible, do not pour the spine forward.You can also do some simple stretching exercises in the case of physical tolerance, such as extending your arms upwards.You can also wear pregnant women’s pants with abdominal function to relieve pain.

After entering the middle of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have the problem of pelvic pain. The pelvic area refers to the pelvis and the surrounding nerves and ligaments. The soreness of the back of the pelvis is called "pelvic pain".Once a woman is about 10 weeks of pregnancy, the ovaries secrete a substance called "relaxation". The relaxation of the fibrous cartilage and ligament of the sacroiliac joint and the pubic bone combination becomes loose and soft.A lot of changes, such as gaining weight, large abdominal distension, and protruding forward, which increases the burden of pelvic joints, ligaments and muscles.

Relief method: It is recommended that expectant mothers can effectively avoid and relieve pelvic pain by using the support band. Its main function is to fix the union of the pubic bone, thereby reducing the displacement during activity.

After a woman’s successful conception, due to the changes in various hormones in the body, the breasts increased, resulting in secondary development of the breast. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel that her breasts have a pain and tingling sensation.It usually starts from 4 to 6 weeks, and continues the entire early pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy).The increase in estrogen after pregnancy has stimulated the development of the breast glandular duct. In the early stages of pregnancy, the breast changes, such as the color of the areola deepen, and the expansion of the glandular ducts, which causes minor pain.

Relief method: At this time, expectant mothers should buy bras with a larger size for themselves.Throughout pregnancy, the breasts on both sides will increase weight by about 900 grams, respectively, and the props that are suitable for cups can help you protect your breast health.

From the beginning of pregnancy, in order to enable the mother to adapt to the space required for the growth of the fetus, smooth production, and even a series of changes in postpartum breastfeeding, different hormones are secreted in the body.Among them, as the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the fetal body shape and the amount of amniotic fluid are increasing, which will support the uterus larger. Therefore, the pelvic cavity also requires a larger space to accommodate the uterine that becomes larger during pregnancy.This symptom is to give the fetus a larger growth space, which is conducive to the fetus through the pelvis during childbirth. Therefore, when the pubic bone pain occurs, it means that the fetus is developing healthy.

Relax method: Pregnant mothers should avoid the movements of their legs too much. It is recommended to rest in bed, and use side lie while sleeping, and placing a pillow in the middle of the legs.

Most expectant mothers will have pregnancy in early pregnancy. Don’t think that pregnancy vomiting is a bad thing.In fact, related studies have shown that the probability of premature birth for pregnant women with sickness will be relatively low, and generally the fetus will be born after full moon.However, it is really painful for expectant mothers. During this period, there was no appetite at all, and even when I saw some meals, or when I heard some odors, I would feel nausea and nausea immediately.Natural pregnancy will be spent in pain.However, when you are pregnant for about 4 months, pregnancy vomiting will disappear.

Relief method: expectant mummy should be natural for pregnancy and pregnancy, and treat it differently: light, tolerable, try to maintain optimism, regulate diet, eat less meals, and ensure nutrition.Essence

I don’t know if you have such symptoms during pregnancy?Welcome to comment in the comment area below!

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