Pregnant mothers must watch!Analysis of abdominal pain during each stage of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the greatest career in the world. Every woman who becomes a mother has experienced various difficulties before she gave birth to her cute baby.Among them, most expectant mothers will experience, but regarding the problems of abdominal pain during pregnancy, is the prospective moms be clear?Below, let’s take a look at the symptoms of different abdominal pain at all stages during pregnancy.

1. Early pregnancy:

1. Extraction of the uterus.After pregnancy, women’s bodies will experience some major changes.And some can cause stomach pain, such as increasing the uterus and stimulating bones. This is a normal stomach pain, and expectant moms don’t have to worry too much.You can use the left lying position to sleep to relieve pain.But if the pain is severe, go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

2. Ectopic pregnancy.If you have a bad stomach pain in early pregnancy, and you start faint pain from the side of the stomach, and then spread to the entire abdomen.This is likely to be ectopic pregnancy.This is caused by fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterus. In addition to incorrect development due to the incorrect development, it can also cause the maternal lesions and harm, and it needs to be treated in a timely manner.

3. Early abortion.In the first three months of pregnancy, if stomach pain occurs and is accompanied by bleeding, this is most likely because the embryonic development is caused, and the early abortion is caused.When pregnant moms have pain, it is best to lie down or sit down and raise their feet.Then call 120 first aid.

4. Ovarian tumor or uterine congenital deformity.If the pregnant woman’s original physical condition is not good, and the stomach pain in the early pregnancy, it is likely that the pregnant woman’s body has some lesions.For example, ovarian tumors.This pain is an intermittent side abdominal pain, and it is often accompanied by a disgusting feeling.Congenital malformations of pregnant women’s uterus will also cause acute abdominal pain.Go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis in time.

2. In the middle of pregnancy:

1. Excessive force when love and love.In the middle of pregnancy, the husband and wife were allowed to live a life. Some husbands and wives were too strong when they lived their surnames, and they felt abdominal pain afterwards.Pregnant moms only need to rest in bed, and the symptoms of pain can be relieved.When resting, you should take the left side position.

2. Esophageal hernia or reflux esophagitis.In the second trimester, due to the rapid increase of the uterus, the pressure in the abdomen will rise rapidly, and strong pressure will cause the crack hole to be widened. After the stomach is squeezed into the chest, the upper mouth of the stomach will relax. At this timeFood and gas will flow into the esophagus or cavity. At this time, gastric acid will stimulate the esophagus mucosa of pregnant women. At this time, expectant mothers will easily cause stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy.

3. Modernary.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, accompanied by stomach pain, is called advanced abortion.The late abortion is a process of similar to childbirth. In the early stage, it will feel stomachache (caused by contraction), and then slowly peel and bleed the placenta.Late abortion is much more serious than early abortion, but the probability of such symptoms is low.Stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy may occur in late abortion.

4. The uterus is severely reversed.Some expectant mothers will have acute abdominal pain in the second trimester. Such situations may be that expectant mothers have uterine fibroids during pregnancy. The expectant mothers’ uterine in congenital deformity of the pregnant woman is reversed, and the degree of to reversed exceeds 90 °.If it is caused by this cause of the cause, the stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy will even cause the phenomenon of shock for pregnant women.

Third, the third trimester:

1. Fake contractions cause abdominal pain.By the time of pregnancy, it can cause slight pain caused by fake contractions. It often disappears when the night god is quiet and disappeared. The frequency of contractions is inconsistent.The intensity of the contraction will not gradually increase, not accompanied by the feeling of falling, and the symptoms are relieved during the day.

2. Fetal movement causes abdominal pain.The fetal movement is most significant between 28 and 32.At 20 weeks, the average daily fetal movement is about 200 times, and the increase of 375 times at 32 weeks. The daily fetal movement may be between 100 and 700.Since 32 weeks, the fetus has gradually occupied the space of the uterus, and his or her activity space will become smaller and smaller, but he or she will occasionally kick you hard.When his or her head hit the muscles on your pelvis, you suddenly feel that he is heavy.

3. Dipping at the placenta.The incidence in the late pregnancy is 0.5 to 1%, which is generally better on pregnant women with hypertension, smoking, and polyes.The pain caused by the placental stripping is usually a severe lower abdomen tear pain, which is mostly accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage.The degree of abdominal pain is affected by comprehensive factors such as the size of the early peeling area, the amount of blood, the height of the internal pressure of the uterine, and whether the uterine muscle layer is damaged. In severe cases, the abdominal pain is unbearable, the abdominal hardened, the fetal movement disappears, and even shock.When the placenta is stripped more than 50%, it usually causes the abnormal coagulation mechanism of pregnant women and the death of fetal death.

4. Steak uterine rupture uterine rupture refers to the rupture of the uterine body or lower uterine section during the late pregnancy or during childbirth.The uterine rupture often occurs in patients who have wounds in the uterus. The uterine rupture often occurs in the moment. Previously, the pregnant woman felt the pain in the lower abdomen, extremely disturbing, flushed, and shortness of breath.

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