Pregnant mothers must watch!These 3 tricks help you to relieve pregnancy vomiting

After pregnancy, I can’t eat it often?I want to vomit before the food swallow?Jaundice water spit out?This is not an exaggeration, and even when the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it even has blood.Many pregnant mothers often ask me how to quickly and effectively relieve pregnancy?Will pregnant vomiting affect the baby’s absorption of nutrition?Today we will talk about early pregnancy reactions -pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting is a normal pregnancy reaction.The occurrence of pregnancy vomiting is related to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The higher the HCG level in the body, the more severe the pregnancy.

Most pregnant mothers have early pregnancy symptoms such as lack of appetite, mild nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and tiredness in about 6 weeks of pregnancy.Data show that more than 75%of pregnant mothers will have different degrees of nausea, of which 50%will have symptoms of pregnancy, and 0.3%-1%of pregnant mothers will have pregnancy spitting.Generally, it will be reduced or even disappeared until about 14 weeks of pregnancy. It will only slowly diminish at 18 weeks of pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers even have vomiting during the entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting makes people vomiting to doubt life, and even want to terminate pregnancy.How to do it?

How to make pregnant mothers effectively relieve pregnancy?

1. Soothing emotions

Pregnant mothers should relax during pregnancy and maintain a good attitude. If you have heavy minds and concerns, you can make the pregnancy response more serious. We can try righteous thoughts, meditation, pay attention to breathing, practice breathing rhythm, and make ourselves from worrying and anxiety.And this is a subject. If you can’t get rid of your own worry, you must seek a professional life, and they will have many ways.Instead of just taking medicine, or hard to endure.

2. Appropriate exercise

Can relieve pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers vomit because they eat, and vomiting is not good at physical strength. She always lying on the bed does not remember.This will only aggravate early pregnancy reactions. You must get up and walk and do slow exercise, such as outdoor walking, health exercises for pregnant mothers, etc. There are many misunderstandings during pregnancy.For you, formulate exercise prescriptions, determine exercise methods, exercise time, exercise frequency and exercise strength.

3. Check nutrients

The lack of pregnancy and nutrients has a lot to do. If it is not replenished in time, and then vomiting, it is really "worshiping the snow", "the leakage of the house is suffering from night rain", which has aggravated nutritional deficiencies.If pregnant mothers do not have special foods that they want to eat, they may wish to choose foods that can ease pregnancy and nutritious, such as steamed buns, soda biscuits, eggs, apples, etc.In addition, the "Step Stomach" -Chisa can also relieve pregnancy to a certain extent, and you can try the method of ginger slices and ginger sugar in the lower mouth.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

Some people think that traditional Chinese medicine seems to be very small. It is really the biggest misunderstanding. Starting from everyone’s physique, Chinese medicine discovers the weaknesses of each person’s organs, such as qi deficiency.Gastrointestinal cold or qi stagnation and blood stasis. Adjusting your constitution will solve many symptoms. This has a great advantage in pregnancy and vomiting. If you can discriminate dialectics, you can even have a good effect.Be sure to look at traditional Chinese medicine.

Malphic Mind Map: Determine the processing strategy according to the degree

1. Mild pregnancy vomiting

There are less vomiting every day, such as less than 3 times, and the amount of vomiting is small. Generally speaking, it will not affect normal pregnancy, and it can also be relieved by the above methods.Pregnancy vomiting is definitely not a single factor, which is caused by the overlap of multiple composite factors.Pregnant mothers must have a clear mind map, not limited to one point.

2. Pregnancy drama vomiting

The early pregnancy reaction occurred around 40 days, and gradually aggravated until frequent vomiting and could not eat. The weight decreased ≥5%compared to before pregnancy.If a day of vomiting is more than 5-6 times, and it is difficult to eat, you must check the electrolytes and nutrients to see if it is lacking.Supplement if necessary.

3. Wernicke syndrome

Wernicke syndrome is the worst pregnancy drama, which leads to the lack of vitamin B1 in pregnant mothers. It is gradually dull and lethargic. No timely treatment will cause death, and the mortality rate will reach 50%.In addition, pregnancy drama vitamin K will also lead to the deficiency of vitamin K, and the tendency of bleeding of pregnant mothers will increase, and rhinopathy, subconductive bleeding, and even retinal bleeding can occur.

Baby’s nutrition

Mildness does not affect the baby’s absorption of nutrition. This problem does not need to worry.The heat required for pregnant mothers after pregnancy has increased, and early pregnancy reactions such as pregnancy vomiting and lack of appetite will affect pregnant mothers’ intake of food. Although the pregnant mother’s diet has not changed during this periodMom’s body will still provide nutrition for the baby.

If the food calories taken by pregnant mothers are consumed by the baby’s baby, they will use their own fat to provide the required nutrition. This is why the pregnant mother has a decline in the weight of the early pregnancy, but the mother may have malnutrition.Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check nutrients in time.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Yang Yi for their guidance and contribution to this article.

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