Pregnant mothers often feel back pain?Pay attention to these things

Back pain during pregnancy

Come to consult a mother who will ask a question, "Teacher, I am now pregnant*week, why do the teacher feel back pain?"

In fact, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have a variety of discomfort, and back pain and back pain are the most common problems.

The main points of back pain during pregnancy are mainly the following points:

1. Pregnant women do not supplement vitamin D and calcium in time, causing osteoporosis.

2. During pregnancy, due to the effects of relaxation, pelvic and intervertebral joints are relaxed, and the combination of sacrals, sacrum and pubic bone combination to increase joint activity, ligament relaxation, etc.

3. After pregnancy, as the uterus increases, the center of gravity moves forward, and the spine is raised forward. In order to maintain the balance of the body, pregnant women move their heads and shoulders backwards, resulting in an increase in waist curvature.

By integration, these factors will cause pregnant women to occur during pregnancy and back pain.

So, the point is how our pregnant mothers need to do to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

Teacher Kitty summarizes the following 8 tips, including daily precautions and improvement of exercise. Pregnant mothers can usually choose to practice. They are all daily simple and easy to learn, and easily achieve the effect of relieving soreness.

Daily precautions

1. Keep good standing and walking posture

The correct standing posture of a pregnant woman should be: lift your head, do not pour on your neck, front, back, left and right sides, the knee joint should not be bent, the waist pole should be straight, and your feet tend to be parallel. Try to point to the same direction.same.

2. Hot compress

For local massage, the hot water bottle is also effective in pain.

3. Prepare the waist support pillow

You can put a pillow in the office and car.The height of the foot stool may also help relieve back pressure.

4. Sleep on the side, support the abdomen and legs with a few pillows

Pillows should be placed in an appropriate position to help relieve pain.You can also put a pillow in the middle and abdomen in the middle and abdomen to reduce the pressure on the pelvic cavity and back.At the same time, be careful that the pregnant mother should be careful when lying down or getting up from the bed, so as not to stretch the spine.


5. Frequent exercise

During pregnancy, walking and swimming are particularly safe exercise methods.Scientifically proves that appropriate exercise during pregnancy can reduce the risk of pelvic pain in pregnancy.

6. Practice in swimming or prenatal water

Movement in water reduces the pressure on your back and joints.Water will support your weight, and even walking or floating in water will help relieve stress.

7. Stretch your waist and back

Inhale and lengthen the spine

Exiles to tighten the abdomen and bow your back high

8. Sign up to participate in a prenatal sports class

In addition to relieving back pain, prenatal exercise can also improve sleep, reduce stress, and relieve other symptoms such as nausea and headaches.

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