Pregnant mothers often play mobile phones during the "pregnancy" and do not listen to the advice of their family members. As a result, they hurt the life of "baby".

The survey shows that young people between 20-30 years old have an average of more than 5 hours per person per day for each person. It is like eating and sleeping. Playing mobile phones has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.Especially when they do not go to work, many people spend most of the day on it, and pregnant women are typical representatives.However, the older generation is very unable to see the behavior of pregnant mothers holding their mobile phones all day. They feel that mobile phone radiation is not good for fetal development. Pregnant women should read books, raise flowers, and stay away from all electronic products.Mobile phone radiation has no effect on the fetus and seems to have become a common sense!

Pregnant mothers often play mobile phones during the "pregnancy", do not listen to the advice of their family, and as a result, they hurt the baby’s life!

Is there really no harm of mobile phone radiation to the fetus?This statement is not accurate. Although there is no direct evidence in the scientific community for the time being, it can be confirmed that mobile phone electromagnetic waves will affect fetal development.However, there are no absolutely correct things in the world. The split of fertilized eggs from single -cell division into embryos, which requires tens of thousands of splits. Such a sensitive and complicated process, who can ensure that mobile phone radiation will not affect this?

When I was pregnant, my mother told Weiwei that playing with my mobile phone every day during pregnancy would hurt my eyes! She retorted: I am an adult, I know the size.Since then, although the mother has begun to let her father and husband take turns to say slightly, unfortunately, their words were rejected.Every day, my mother was helpless when she watched her holding her mobile phone and knew that her daughter would not listen.As a result, the baby’s eyes are easily dry after birth, and the eye drops are usually placed in a slightly pocket.As a result, a small shadow appeared in the left eye of the child. The doctor said it was a natural eye disease.

Can pregnant mothers play mobile phones for a long time?

1. When pregnant women play mobile phones, babies are very excited

Pregnant women who often play mobile phones are prone to multi -motion.Because most pregnant women are in excitement when watching their mobile phones, especially when they are in a state of excitement when they are chasing dramas or playing games, usually babies are prone to multi -motion.It may cause black and white upside down and poor rest. In the long run, it will affect the baby’s sleep and cause the fetus to develop slowly.

2. Incorrect posture of pregnant mothers to play hand opportunities to cause physical fatigue

In Chinese families, most of them are advocated to give pregnant women sufficient rest and little exercise.Therefore, the normal state of many pregnant women is to bed, and it is difficult to move around.So if the posture of a pregnant mother playing with a mobile phone in bed is incorrect, such as if you often lie down to play with your mobile phone, it is likely to compress the baby.After the baby is uncomfortable, the pregnant mother will feel uncomfortable.

3. Scared baby

The baby’s voice is still more sensitive. If the pregnant mother suddenly ringtone when the pregnant mother is playing with a mobile phone, it may scare the baby and make the baby restless. If the baby is often frightened, it may affect the baby’s healthy developmentYo!

4. Harm is physical harm to pregnant mothers

Although the radiation of mobile phones does not cause great harm to the baby, it will affect the vision and fingers of pregnant mothers, which will have a certain impact.It is easy to cause a decrease in vision of pregnant mothers and finger suffering from tendonitis!Not only that, the mobile phone signal also generates low -frequency electromagnetic waves, which will cause pregnant mothers to cause fatigue, and may even have sub -healthy state such as often tears!

Although the radiation of the mobile phone is very low, it will feel uncomfortable after playing for a long time, especially if it hurts the eyes of pregnant women, there will be dry eyes, astringent eyes, and physical fatigue symptoms. Pregnant women will be prone to dizziness after playing mobile phones for a long time.The fetus is also uncomfortable. In addition, if the pregnant woman has a long time playing mobile phone, it will delay pregnant women to exercise. This is not good for pregnant women and fetuses. Because there are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, pregnant women cannot take care of their mobile phones for a long time.sports.

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