Pregnant mothers pay attention!Your skin care products contain these ingredients, don’t use it

After learning that they are pregnant, many Baoma has such troubles: Can my skin care products still use?Can I still make up?What if the baby in the belly is wrong?"If you can use skin care products, you can’t use the idea of skin care products.

【Maternal and Child Health Popularization】

Generally speaking, with the changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, the skin’s defense ability will also be reduced, and skin problems may occur, such as sensitivity, rough, dull, stains, wrinkles, and so on.Some of these problems are sensitive and rough. After the child is born, it can be recovered as the beginning, but some skin problems such as stains and wrinkles, and the possibility of disappearing is very small.There are a lot of changes in appearance.It can be said that if you do not pay attention to skin care during pregnancy, the process of fertility will undoubtedly accelerate the aging of women.

However, will the chemical ingredients in skin care products affect the health of the children in the stomach?Some treasure mothers have checked a lot of information on this issue and learned that some ingredients in skin care products may cause harm to the fetus. For example, although skin care products containing alcohol ingredients can disinfect sterilization and fine pores, they may cause skin allergies; contain containing itSkin care products with many ingredients such as hormones, mineral oils, and preservatives may have different degrees of risk for pregnant women.

So, can skin care products be used during pregnancy?Do I need skin care products during pregnancy?The obstetrician of Shunyi Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Liu Chang, clearly told you that the answer is that most of the regular brands of the commercially available brand. As long as it is used reasonably, it will generally not affect the fetus. At the same time, it can help improve skin problems.During the pregnancy period.

Dr. Liu Chang pointed out that the focus of skin care during pregnancy is hydration, so skin care products that mainly hydrate and moisturize are indeed more suitable for pregnancy.This is because after pregnancy, Baoma needs to provide a lot of water for the growth and development of the fetus, so your metabolic cycle will slow down, and the water replenishment of the skin, the function of water locking, and the water content of the stratum corneum will decline.As a result, the skin is dry and rough than before pregnancy.Therefore, in order to prevent too much water loss and cause skin aging, after cleansing in the morning and evening, we must do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing.She also suggested that skin care during pregnancy avoid skin care products with freckle, wrinkle, anti -aging, whitening, and acne removal. Only those who choose to replenish and moisturizing will be more secure.Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about facial skin care to be harmful to the development of the fetus. As long as you buy a regular brand of products in regular channels, or continue to use skin care products that have been used before pregnancy, it is generally no problem.

Combined with the problems that the sunscreen products often ask clinically, Dr. Liu Chang pointed out that women’s skin during pregnancy is more sensitive and more vulnerable to harm.EssenceMany Baoma treats the sun spots that do not pay attention to the sun during pregnancy as a pregnancy spots. The wrinkles that appear are considered to be caused by hormone levels, but after giving birth, the child finds that the face of others becomes as full and shiny as before pregnancy.There are no changes, but there are a lot of wrinkles. At this time, I regret that it is too late to sunscreen during pregnancy.

So, how to choose sunscreen during pregnancy?

Physical sunscreen: The main ingredient is titanium dioxide by reflecting the sunlight on the surface of the skin surface.

Chemical sunscreen: A protective film is formed on the skin surface and absorbing ultraviolet rays. Through the skin metabolism, it is an oily soluble component, which is easy to enter the capillaries.The main ingredients are dilate, methaxal cinnamonic acid, and are disabled during pregnancy.Therefore, Baoma try to choose a pure physical sunscreen for pregnant women, that is, products with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as sunscreen, which are relatively safer and effective.If you must go out in a strong sunlight, in addition to applying sunscreen, you also need to choose a parasol, wearing a sun hat, wearing sunscreen, etc. to prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin.

In addition to using skin care products, Baoma should also pay attention to internal adjustment.Including drinking plenty of water, 2000ml per day, including milk and drinks; ensure sufficient sleep; nutritional balance, eat more protein and vitamin foods; supplement fruits and vegetables, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Finally, summarize today’s main content.Due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, Baoma’s skin will become more fragile, so skin care during pregnancy is necessary.Generally speaking, as long as a reasonable dose of regular skin care products are used, it will not affect the growth and development of the fetus.Among the many skin care products, the ingredients of hydrating and moisturizing skin care products are safer than wrinkle, anti -aging, whitening, and acne removal products, and it is also more suitable for skin care products for expectant mothers.Doing sun protection during pregnancy can prevent irreversible aging phenomena such as stains and wrinkles to the greatest extent.

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