Pregnant mothers refused to shoot 3 times, and lung cancer moved throughout the body!Every family has … Doctors sigh

Transfer from Hangzhou First People’s Hospital

Two months ago, Xiaoxin (pseudonym), who was 31 weeks of pregnancy, began to cough. At first, he thought it was just a cold. He did not dare to take medicine for the fetus in the abdomen, so he kept endured.She once rejected her breasts three times.

Until the truth gradually surfaced, the result was heartbroken: lung cancer.What is even more booing is that Xiaoxin has a family history of tumor: his father died of lung cancer, his mother suffered from breast cancer, and he had bowel cancer.

Pulmonary cancer in pregnant women is a low probability event, but young mothers have just given birth to children. They can not even see it. The later survival time is limited. Such cases are too sad …………


Pregnant women have coughing repeatedly and can not sleep all night

In order to protect the fetus, I rejected a doctor’s chest three times

Everyone felt that the situation of pregnant women was very urgent and needed to immediately improve various inspections, but Xiaoxin refused the radiation examination for the third time.


6 Division of the Department of Department unanimously judged: malignant tumors

The CT results are shocking, and the liver is full of nodules

Shen Ling, chief physician of the Division of Discerity and Critical Medicine, immediately stepped forward and found that there was a clear mass on the chest wall of the pregnant woman. The surface had become red. After touching it, it was found that the texture was very hard.

Hurry up and listen to the condition of the lungs. The right lung breathing sound is significantly lower than the left lung, and the breathing sound of the right lower lung disappears. Is there a thoracic effusion?

The patient’s liver volume increases, densely distributed with different sizes of nodules, and the right diaphragm muscle is significantly increased, which makes the volume of the right lungs a significantly reduced; there is a mass at the junction of the right pulmonary and pulmonary arteries (as shown below):


Father lung cancer, mother breast, intestinal cancer

"Late Survival Time"

The probability of lung cancer in pregnant women is extremely low, but it is too sad

Doctor’s reminder:

Be alert to the family history of the tumor!

For patients with a family history of tumor, keep in mind that the risk of the tumor is higher than that of ordinary people, so related examinations should be performed on a regular basis.For example, many people in the family of the patient’s parents suffer from cancer. Although she is still young, she still has to be alert to the risk of malignant tumors, especially when there are some clinical manifestations of malignant tumors (such as irritating dry cough and difficulty breathing), they are moreRemove in time.

Do not save the examination. For patients with stubborn dry cough, even if a pregnant woman, if a pregnant woman is eliminated, if the cough, the back of the nose, and the cough mutant asthma, for their own health, the imaging examination must be done.

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