Pregnant vomiting is normal for pregnant women, but if this happens, you need to seek medical treatment in time!

Many expectant mothers will experience pregnancy in early pregnancy.Generally, pregnancy vomiting will start from 2 weeks of pregnancy, and the 8-9 weeks are more serious, and the 13-14 weeks will gradually alleviate, and severe cases will continue the entire pregnancy.Pregnant vomiting affects the mother’s appetite, and then affects nutritional intake; affects the mood of expectant mothers sometimes even doubt life.

The specific cause of pregnancy is not clear, but it is often considered to be caused by changes in hormones during pregnancy.However, severe or persistent vomiting may have nothing to do with pregnancy, but is caused by thyroid disease or liver disease.

Pregnant women should stay away from special smell

Studies have shown that about 75%of pregnant women have experienced pregnancy vomiting, most of these groups meet at least at least one condition: first maternal; taking contraceptives will be disgusting; motion sickness; pregnant with many twins; mothers have experience in pregnancy; they have experienced in her experience; they have had her own experienced;Pregnancy experience.Pregnant women with the above characteristics are more likely to occur.

Is there a way to relieve pregnancy?First of all, stay away from the source of vomiting and stay away from special odors, such as shallots, fried oil fume, car tail gas, and even grilled, spicy incense pots that are loved before pregnancy, etc. Second, drink a small amount of water between the two meals; third, disgustingShi Wen Wen’s fragrant foods, such as orange, lemon, mint, etc.; Fourth, prepare for digestive bread or biscuits, beware of hypoglycemia and producing ketone bodies;Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion. Pregnant women can choose B -family composite vitamins. Finally, do not let yourself be too hungry and eat digestive food.

When do you need to seek medical treatment

Severe pregnancy vomiting may cause keto acid poisoning of pregnant women. It is recommended to add more energy.For example, drinking a cup of yogurt when you ca n’t eat meals, eat a fruit, eat some boiled vegetables, boiled eggs, steamed buns and other light and high -acceptable food. Even if you eat it, you should insist on eating more.

If nausea or vomiting is severe; the urine is rare or the color is very darker; the liquid cannot be taken normally; it feels dizziness or weak when standing up; the heartbeat accelerates; vomiting blood, etc., you need to seek medical treatment in time, and you cannot rely on your own hard resistance.

Text/Li Chun, a national senior public nutritionist

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