Pregnant women always urinate frequently, is it normal?

Pregnant woman Xiaojia has always wanted to urinate recently, and the toilet has not been long after going.Is it normal for pregnant women?

Answer: Normal adults urinate 4 to 6 times during the day and 0 to 2 times at night.For pregnant women, due to the large uterine swelling, the reduction of the bladder capacity will increase the number of urinating times.

When 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus gradually increased in the pelvic cavity, and the bladder became more obvious due to the limitation of the pelvic wall; after 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus rose to the abdominal cavity.Decreased frequent urination; after more than 6 months of pregnancy, frequent urination will be more frequent. This is because the fetus starts to exceed 1500 grams at this stage, and the pressure of the uterus is getting greater and increasing.Caused the decrease in the amount of urine in the bladder and compressed the bladder, which causes frequent urination.This is a physiological phenomenon that does not need tension or treatment.

Answer: Although frequent urination belongs to the normal physiological phenomenon of pregnant women, do not ignore the signs of other pathological signs.Such as inflammation, foreign matter, mental factors, pelvic floor drooping, kidney deficiency, etc.

Multi -urine frequency: increased the number of urination times and the amount of urine each time was a lot, and the total urine volume of the day increased.Seen in the multi -urine period of diabetes, urine, orgasm, psychological drinking and acute renal failure.

Inflammation of frequent urination: Right rotation of the factor in pregnancy, which is easy to compress the right ureter, cause poor urine excretion and cause inflammation of the urinary system.This is called "Zi Cai" in Chinese medicine. Taking fever as the main cause, most of them are hyperactivity of heart fire, damp heat betting or yin deficiency internal heat.

Frequent neurouria: frequent urination and small urine per urine, no urgency urine and pain, urine mirror testing non -inflammatory cells.Seen in the central and peripheral neuropathy Rulox, neurological bladder.

Reduction of bladder capacity: It is manifested as persistent frequent urination, drug treatment is difficult to alleviate, and the amount of urine per urine is small.It is found in bladder occupying lesions, ovarian cysts and other compressive bladder and bladder tuberculosis caused by dysfunction.

Surgery of the urethral mouth: Polymerism, hymen umbrella, and urethral gland cysts such as urethral mouth stimulus to cause frequent urination.

Therefore, if there is frequent urination during pregnancy, it depends on whether there are other symptoms such as urgency, dysuria, burning, inexhaustible urination, low back pain, etc. during the urination process.If there are abnormal conditions, they must go to the hospital for the cause investigation and actively treat the cause.

Answer: Keep your mood happily, clean the vulva, avoid urination, and control houses.Diet should be light, avoid spicy food, usually supplement the water in an appropriate amount, do not excess, do not drink water within 1 to 2 hours before you go to bed, eat less diuretic food at night, such as watermelon, Poria, winter melon, kelp, front of cars, plants in front of you,Corn beard and so on.During the rest, we take side positions to prevent the renal pelvis and ureter infection due to the accumulation of urine.You can also start anal shrinkage during early pregnancy. This can train the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, help control urination, and prevent sexual dysfunction caused by postpartum pelvic foundation.The phenomenon of leakage.

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