Pregnant women are too angry. Do you dare to provoke pregnant women after reading it?

Being pregnant, it was originally exciting.But the "abominable" progesterone is always about the mood of pregnant mothers, sometimes sensitive and suspicious, and sometimes crying and tears.At this time, if the prospective dad does not play a positive soothing effect, it is likely that the pregnant mother’s emotions will be out of control.

Do you know what harm will pregnant women often get angry?

1. Impact on the character of the fetus:

The mood of the mother and the emotions of the fetus are actually connected.If the expectant mothers often get angry, lose their temper, or cry, they will become emotional, negative, and lack of security after birth, and even cause personality defects in adulthood.

The best prenatal education is to maintain a relaxed and happy mood for pregnant mothers. They often touch the belly, soothe the baby, so that the baby has a safe and comfortable growth environment.

2. Impact on fetal intelligence:

The fetus starts to develop at about 90 days. At this time, the mother needs sufficient oxygen and nutrition to the baby.When pregnant women suffer from fierce negative emotional fluctuations, the blood pressure will increase instantly, and the blood circulation will accelerate. At this time, the demand for oxygen will become larger.

At this time, the baby will have temporary hypoxia. If the hypoxia is too long, it will hinder the development of the brain and even cause brain atrophy.

3. Impact on fetal growth and development:

Negative emotions such as excessive pressure, long -term anxiety, and sadness of pregnant mothers will reduce the amount of rice in pregnant women and insufficient nutritional intake, which hinders the normal growth and development of the fetus.It is found in the clinical discovery that the baby born with depressed women is even more important than the baby’s baby born by normal women.

In addition, the probability of congenital defects in the fetus will also greatly increase, such as cleft palate, rabbit lips, hearing defects.

4. The impact on the fetal premature birth:

A large number of studies have found that women who have been in negative emotions for a long time have a higher chance of premature birth.If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, learn to control your emotions.It is inevitable that there will be uncomfortable things in life, which requires pregnant mothers to adjust their mentality in a timely manner.

The prospective dads also need to enlighten pregnant mothers in time, instead of blindly losing their temper, complaining, etc., to give pregnant mothers in special periods more tolerance and understanding.

During the expectant mothers, during pregnancy, the mood is the most important. Are there any other doubts during pregnancy?Make a message in the comment area below and tell us

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