Pregnant women can’t eat it, so can they not eat it?8 diet taboos, still obedient

Many pregnant women dare not eat, and they can’t eat it. They are very uncomfortable in their hearts.But in fact, there are not so many things that pregnant women cannot eat, and there are only 8 dietary taboos during pregnancy.

First, you can’t drink.

If pregnant women drink alcohol, alcohol will also enter the fetus through the body of the pregnant woman, and alcohol will affect the development of the fetus, and the terrible thing is that this impact is still life.Therefore, pregnant women should pay great attention to some dishes that put wine.

Second, you cannot eat sea fish with high mercury content.

Everyone knows that mercury is a kind of heavy metal element. Generally, people who eat and are mercury poisoning. Besides, people who are pregnant cannot be stained. Eating high mercury -containing sea fish may cause fetal malformation.serious.

Third, you can’t eat unsusity foods.

There are many pregnant women who may like to eat raw things when they are not pregnant, such as sugar -hearted eggs, 3 -point steaks, raw fish slices, etc. These people who are pregnant during pregnancy can no longer be eaten.Because there may be bacteria that may not be killed in the unexpected things, food poisoning will be caused after eating.

Fourth, do not drink coffee and caffeine -containing food.

Drink coffee, but you ca n’t drink too much. If you drink too much coffee, there will be a lot of caffeine.Excessive caffeine is not developed well for fetuses.

Fifth, you cannot eat raw seafood.

Many pregnant women like to eat sashimi before pregnancy, but it is recommended not to eat after pregnancy.Just like the unparalleled food above, there are a lot of bacteria raw seafood, which is also not good for the fetus.

Sixth, eat big supplements with caution.

There are many pregnant women who may have heard of what the supplement can make up. What can this supplement can be supplemented. In fact, the supplements are not so effective. Instead, eating too much is not good for pregnant women, which can make the fetus very large. This is not conducive to the production of pregnant women.

Seventh, drink flower and grass tea and herbs with caution.

These herbs or flower tea have an impact on the fetus, but pregnant women do not know that they may not be good for the fetus after drinking too much.

Eighth, carefully replenish diet supplements.

Some nutrients have vitamin A. Eating more vitamin A is also not good for the fetus, which may cause fetal malformation.

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