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Some common problems about the "new crown" of pregnant women and children

Pregnant woman infection Q & A series

01 Is a maternal infection with the new coronal virus, will it be more serious?

Basically not.

The symptoms, infection ratio, and symptoms of pregnant women infection are close to ordinary people.

Therefore, overall, pregnant women infection will not increase more effects than ordinary people.02 Will pregnant women infect the new crown, will it be infected with the fetus?

Studies have shown that the probability of fetal infection is extremely low through the placenta, and the new crown of pregnant women infection is generally not transmitted to the fetus through childbirth.03 What is the impact of a new crown in maternal infection?

There is no impact on the fetus on the fetus on the fetus.

However, in special circumstances, if the maternal maternal is a new crown, or the baby is a premature child, some newborn complications may occur, such as respiratory diseases.

Most of the newly -positive positive for Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal is asymptomatic or mild, so there is no need to worry too much.04 Breastfeeding Mom infected with a new crown, can you still breastfeed?


At present, studies have shown that the new crown virus is found in the breast milk of the new crown or suspected new crown.

However, the mother is infected with the new crown. When breastfeeding, it should be well protected to prevent the virus from being transmitted to the baby through speaking, cough, and sneezing. Pregnant mothers can also choose to squeeze into the bottle and feed the baby with a bottle.05 Maternal disease, how to care at home?

Mild sickness pregnant women can observe and monitor symptoms at home, measure the body temperature once in half an hour, ensure the regular work, and accelerate the metabolism of more water. If necessary, take physical cooling.Use medicine.06 In what circumstances, need to seek medical treatment in time?

Respiratory symptoms

If there is severe symptoms such as severe pain, nasal congestion, and cough, it has seriously affected normal breathing and eating. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid hypoxia, shortness of breath or malnutrition, and is not conducive to fetal development.

Systemic symptom

If fever continues to be relieved, or significantly high fever, as well as symptoms such as severe chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and other symptoms, it may also occur in respiratory difficulties in severe cases.

Other symptoms

If the fetal movement is abnormal or the signs before childbirth, you should seek medical treatment in time.07 Precautions for Maternal Maternal and Breastfeeding Medicine

Symptoms such as high fever and cough during pregnancy can take antipyretics and cough drugs. Pay attention to the pregnancy weeks and selection of right drugs.

Antipidine is available for acetaminol and ibuprofen, which is relatively safe for acetaminol in early pregnancy.Both ibuprofen or acetaminols can not be used for long course, and it cannot be taken at the same time as compound cold medicine containing acetaminol or ibuprofen.

If you encounter any medication problems before, during pregnancy, and breastfeeding, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.Do not listen to the biased prescriptions and the secret recipe and abuse drugs.If you have medication, you should develop recording habits so that you can clearly provide the name of the medication when needed to evaluate the degree of impact and impact on the fetus and breastfeeding.08 Which pregnant women should pay special attention to prevent?

There are basic diseases, such as pregnant women with hypertension, diabetes, etc., should pay special attention to prevention, need to strengthen protection, and seek medical treatment in time.09 How to protect women in pregnant women?

1. Perform vaccines before pregnancy to increase immunity. It is not recommended to vaccine during pregnancy;

2. It is best to adjust your basic disease before starting to prepare for pregnancy;

3. Keep your home or office often ventilate and wash your hands frequently;

4. Go out and wear a mask in public places; wear a N95 mask when you go to the medical institution;

5. When going to the hospital for examination, try to shorten the time of consultation to avoid staying in a large place for a long time;

6. Under normal circumstances, try to obtain health consultation and prevention guidance from medical institutions through online methods.

Children’s infection Q & A Collection

01 What are the symptoms of children infected with new crowns?

On the first day of onset

Simple high heat.

Infants and young children can reach 39 ° C -40 ° C, and they are alert to thermal convulsions. Children over 6 years of age are heavier, and most of them are 38.5 ° C-39.5 ° C.Frequent fever, it may be burned at 4 hours.

The second day of the disease

The main fever is still high, but the heat interval is prolonged.

It may be burned at 5-6 hours.Infants may have a slight rapid breathing.Children over 6 years old can cause dry cough at the beginning of the disease, without sputum or less sputum.

On the third day of the onset

The heat gradually decreases.

Compared with the maximum body temperature of the previous two days, it will decrease 0.5 ° C -1 ° C, and the heating interval will be extended to 7-8 hours.Easy to heat time: 22:00 to 4:00 am the next day.Starting from nasal congestion, runny nose, decreased appetite, and dry cough into dampness (sputum).

On the fourth day of the onset-Day 5

Low fever or no longer fever.

The cough is significantly worse.The nose is flowing, and the nose becomes yellow or pus.Note: The increase in airway secretions is mostly a manifestation of the improvement of the condition.

Day 6-Day 7

After symptomatic treatment, basically the symptoms will gradually improve.

I cough while running, and it is relatively stable everyday.Some children may start gastrointestinal dysfunction, such as vomiting and diarrhea.02 Which children are more likely to develop into severe illnesses?

1. Those who have severe new coronal virus pneumonians in contact;

2. Those with basic diseases, such as congenital heart, lung, airway disease, chronic heart, kidney disease, nervous disease, severe malnutrition, tumor, obesity, diabetes, immune function defects or low, genetic metabolic diseases, etc.;

3. Those with long -term use of immunosurators;

4. Babies below March.03 What should I do if my child appears at home?

Keep a flat position

Unlock the collar and keep the house ventilated (not to let the cold wind blow the child in winter), try to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, so that the child is in a state of relaxation, and there will be no hypoxia;

Turn your head to the side

Avoid the secretions from entering the respiratory tract and cause suffocation. The phenomenon of spitting whipping during convulsions, parents should clean up the secretions in time;

Physical cooling

Wipe your forehead, neck, palm, feet, etc. with warm water towels, and the symptoms can be controlled as the body temperature decreases;

Seek medical treatment in time

After doing simple treatment at home, you must call 120 in time or send it to the hospital for further treatment.04 How should children infection with the new crown?

From the current clinical observation, the new crown virus likes to anchor the upper respiratory tract of children, not the lower respiratory tract, so there are few pneumonia, and parents do not have to worry too much.In terms of treatment, the first three days cooled, and the goal was exhausted in the later period.

Fever for children

It is recommended to prepare alternately two types of heating drugs for acetaminol and ibuprofen.Each antipyretic medicine is generally not recommended for more than 4 times within 24 hours.If you do n’t support it for 4 hours, you can replace it.Children with the history of thermal convulsions are recommended to take medicine at 38 ° C.Children without the history of thermal convulsions are recommended to start taking medicine at 38.5 ° C.The body temperature drops below 37.5 ° C, it is not recommended to take antipyretics.

Drug cooling can also assist physical cooling.It is recommended to wipe the child’s neck, armpit, thigh roots, etc. with warm water.

For children early dry cough

It is recommended to prepare a compound Ferr’s oral solution or lung cough oral solution. You can use children’s cough or white stamens with only children.Children over the age of 2 can take Meng Luton sodium chewing tablets to reduce the inflammation response.

For children’s later wet cough (sputum)

When the dry cough becomes wet cough, replace the "compound Fercore’s fixed oral solution" can be replaced with "wound glycerin ether syrup" or "amprolytello oral solution (easy to be quiet)", which can promote phlegm and promote airwayRestore of mucosal function.

Streaming for children

If the snot is particularly recommended to take Olongma.If your child sleeps at night, you can wash your nose with saline.

Anti -virus for children

It is recommended to prepare Chinese medicines such as clearing heat particles, even flowers clearing granules, and Pu Di blue oral solution.When children are fever, they can be used in two types. It is recommended to be reduced to one or stopped drugs when it is no longer fever.

Aimed at children’s immunity

It is recommended to prepare probiotics and other probiotics such as Bisidi Trigerlasia and Bacillus Bacteria.Reduce intestinal dysfunction in the later period of fever and decreased appetite.

For children with good mental conditions, mild symptoms, no obvious discomfort, and not high body temperature, they can temporarily observe at home.05 In what circumstances, children need to be admitted to the hospital in time?

Babies within 3 months, especially newborns, if fever occurs, especially when continuous high fever, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment;

2. If a baby of 3 to 6 months, if the baby is high and the body temperature exceeds 39 ° C, the anti -fever effect should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time;

3. If there is a continuous high fever at home for more than 3 days, it has not been relieved, and even other symptoms are getting heavier. There are obvious breath and asthma, especially when you are suffocating after activity, or have drowsiness, convulsions, rejection or difficulty in feeding, etc.Nervous or gastrointestinal manifestations, you should go to the hospital immediately;

4. For children with basic diseases, it is recommended that hospitals for observation and treatment.

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