Pregnant women eat 1 catties of lychee in one day, and the child is gone at the due date!This indicator must not be ignored during pregnancy

Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Xia Sheng

Xiaoru, a 29 -year -old mother -in -law from Guizhou, has not stopped since she knew she was pregnant, looking forward to giving birth to a fair -skinned beautiful baby.Apple eats at least 3 a day; seasonal fruits are not refused, litchi often 1 catties a day.I did not expect to eat fruits "eating disaster."

I usually get busy with business, so after pregnancy, Xiao Ru did not regularly check and measure blood pressure according to the requirements. The glucose tolerance test screening at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy did not do it.

Unexpectedly, it was only a week before the due date, but an accident occurred.I woke up that morning, and Xiao Ru noticed strangeness.At the same time, she felt a tightening of her lower abdomen, and the vagina secreted brown discharge.

This scared the couple and rushed to the nearby hospital for examination.What is sad is that the B -ultrasound finds that the baby of Xiaoru has been born in the palace, and the results of the inspection are even more surprising. The random blood glucose is as high as 26mmol/L and the blood pressure is 170/100mmHg.Doctors urgently give hypoglybal blood pressure measures and transferred her to the obstetrics department of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital.

"The condition of this patient belongs to gestational diabetes, and it is popular to have high blood sugar during pregnancy." Han Hui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Internal Dydrome, said that the abnormal blood sugar during pregnancy will endanger the health of the mother and the fetus, leading to abortion, fetal abnormalities, and abnormalities, and fetal abnormalities.Syndrome, fetal death, fetal death, huge child, neonatal hypoglycemia, high bilirubinmia, and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome and other huge risks.

Nowadays, it is the season when litchi is listed in large quantities. Since ancient times, there have been "a litchi and three fires", and if you eat a large number of litchi, especially on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause sudden hypoglycemia. Dizziness, sweating, pale complexion appear, Fine, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms, severe convulsions or coma, this is litchi disease.

The pregnant mother above, because she did not regularly conduct a regular checkup and did not do the candidate test screening for 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. It ignored the needs of different nutritional indicators during different stages of pregnancy, which led to tragedy.

Morning Baojun here reminds,

Different nutritional needs during pregnancy during pregnancy,

Everyone’s physical fitness is also different,

Don’t trust network information and other people’s experience,

Be sure to go to the hospital regularly to do a birth check and measure blood pressure.

Test screening of sugar resistance for 24-28 weeks of pregnancy,

Observe the doctor’s order,

Make living habits and dietary adjustments according to physical needs,

This can avoid unnecessary tragedy.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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