Pregnant women eat in the office and are suspected of being abandoned by colleagues

Today, I saw a question on Zhihu, "How can I tell pregnant women not to eat in the office?" I saw that there were 3,000 answers under this question blame him.

So I want to talk about why pregnant women are easy to be hungry today?What are the consequences if you do n’t have to eat when you are hungry?

Normally, we all say "three meals a day", but for pregnant women, they are "eat less and more meals" and "six meals a day".

Tell me about the true feelings since I was pregnant. In the early pregnancy, that is, the first three months, I was disgusting every day. I saw all kinds of chickens, ducks, fish and fish, and there was no appetite., Fruit, drink some porridge, so it is easy to be hungry, but when you are hungry, you ca n’t eat anything, but you suddenly eat something, because in the early pregnancy, what you want to eat at this moment may not want to eat the next instant.Almost, although I can’t eat anything in the early pregnancy, as the saying goes, people are iron, rice is steel, and pregnant women are not immortals. They still have to eat.The time is not fixed.

By the end of pregnancy, the appetite will become better. At this time, when the baby grows rapidly, more nutrition will be needed, but in order to control weight, avoid pregnancy complications, and ensure the normal development of the baby, pregnant women generally control their own diet.In order to avoid excessive eating, causing unnecessary danger, so that the pregnant mother will be hungry faster. In addition to three meals in the morning, middle and evening, will also be at 10 am, 3 pm, and about 9 pm.To ensure nutritional supply.

During the third trimester, because the baby grows bigger, the high palace height and the abdomen are growing rapidly, causing the diaphragm lifting, causing the pregnant woman’s stomach to be more uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to eat two people on the chair for a while before I can continue to eat to eat.In this way, if you ca n’t eat a meal, you ca n’t eat much, and your stomach is full, but it is not full. After eating, sometimes you still feel hungry, but the stomach is not strong, and you will eat too much.The feeling of nausea and vomiting, severe sweat and diarrhea in severe cases.Therefore, we can only stop each meal in the third trimester. If we eat less, naturally, we will naturally be hungry.

When pregnant women are hungry, they will feel panic and pant. Every time I am hungry, I ca n’t stand it at all. I just let me eat anything, but I do n’t talk about it.It will be irritable when you can bear it for a long time, you can’t settle in your heart, and your body temperature will rise.And if pregnant women are hungry or not, they will cause hypoglycemia, cause abnormal hormone levels in the body, and affect the fetus in the palace. It will cause low blood sugar in the baby, slow development, and even hypoxia.Generally, when pregnant women feel hungry, the fetal movement will be frequent. This is the baby’s urging you to eat. If the hungry time is relatively long, the fetal movement will slowly weaken. At this time, it has been indicated that the baby has given up.Dangerous, so we must not stand hard while we are hungry during pregnancy.

If there are colleagues around you who are pregnant, then please be more considerate of you. It is really not that she is greedy, nor is she deliberately without quality. Do not consider the feelings of people around, but really unable to lift it.Of course, our pregnant women themselves also need to consider for colleagues. We go to the company’s meal snacks as much as possible, and the sound is smaller when eating, reducing the impact on the people around us. After all, the consideration is mutual.At the same time, it will be treated gentle.

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