Pregnant women feel that the belly is hard, which may be from 3 reasons.

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After women are pregnant, various changes have undergone their bodies.For novice pregnant women, the most worried point is that these changes will affect the baby in the belly.

Among them, the phenomenon of hard belly can be said to be the most disturbed by expectant mothers.In fact, pregnant women knew early, and they might have the bottom.

Xiaomei is a very young post -90s mother.Since she was pregnant, because her body was more sensitive, she resigned from work and was at home to give birth at home.But as the child’s month gradually became larger, she found that her belly gradually appeared abnormal.

Because Xiaomei was relatively thin before pregnancy, and the meat on the belly was relatively firm.So after pregnancy, Xiaomei found that her belly was still hard, and she didn’t care so much.But slowly, she always felt that her stomach was abnormal.

Therefore, Xiaomei went to the hospital for examination and found that her pregnant belly would happen because she had false contractions during pregnancy.And most of this situation starts from about seven months of pregnancy.

This situation where women have hardened after pregnancy may appear due to the different constitutions of women, even the situation of pregnancy.Then someone may ask, women feel that their belly is hard when she is pregnant. What are the reasons?

1. Your own physical problem

Although many women have a soft belly before pregnancy, and their figures are thinner.But after pregnancy, as the fetus gradually grows, the uterus will slowly grow the belly.

At this time, the fat on the woman’s belly is less, so it feels harder when it feels.When women encounter this situation, don’t be too nervous, which is also a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.

2. It is a signal of property

Most women start to stiffen their stomachs when they are close to the due date.At this time, the women should pay attention. If the lower abdomen also has a certain feeling of falling at the same time as the stomach is stiff, then it may be about giving birth.

At this time, the women should not take it lightly. They should go to the hospital for inspection or prepare for delivery in time.

3. False contractions

When women are pregnant for seven months, their stomachs will start from time to time.This situation is caused by pseudo contractions.Most of the pseudo contractions are unreasonable, and they often appear at night.

This situation is also normal.But if a woman finds that her contraction is more than ten times per hour, it is likely to be a sign of premature birth.Women should immediately go to the hospital for examination and eliminate accidents.

In addition, if women are getting bigger and bigger in the month, there is often a pseudo -contraction. Do not do too much exercise or heavy weight in life.Because frequent exercise or cold during pregnancy, it is possible to let you frequently cause pseudo contractions.

During pregnancy, although there will be various changes in their bodies, women should not become too nervous or careless because of this.

Because the women need to be treated calmly and do a reasonable check.This can ensure your health and fetal health.(Com with the figures derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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