Pregnant women have a cold. What do you eat well in addition to drinking more water?

Everyone knows that during pregnancy, pregnant women often need to taboo many things, especially drugs. Many mothers do not dare to take medicine casually and worry about affecting the health of the fetus.But what should I do if pregnant women have a cold? What should I eat?

Most of the colds are virus infections. For cold people, including pregnant women, it is recommended to drink plenty of boiling water to increase urine volume, which can increase metabolism and indirectly enhance or accelerate the role of human immune confrontation, which is conducive to disease recovery.In addition to drinking water, what can you eat to relieve cold symptoms?

To supplement protein, you can eat more fresh fish, soybeans, or other protein foods, because the human body’s antibody to the virus depends on protein.Cold and fever.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber required by the human body, and many pregnant women will have constipation during pregnancy.question.

1. You can eat loofah. Loofah is a kind of melon -rich vitamin C, which can enhance the resistance of pregnant women.And there are vitamin B, which is also beneficial to the development of the fetus. Loofah has heat and phlegm, and solve the symptoms of sputum cough caused by a cold.

2. You can eat coriander. Radium is a very nutritious fruit. The substances contained in can effectively promote the metabolism of body cells. It has a good thirst and cough effect on dry cough caused by colds.Generally, fruit can be eaten directly or stewed soup.

3. You can eat Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. It is a comprehensive and nutritious vegetable that can help the human body strengthen antiviral ability. Pregnant women eat more Chinese cabbage, which helps the body’s metabolism, toxins and toxins and toxins andWaste discharge outside the body.

Do not take medicine easily when pregnant women have a cold. Most cold medicines contain histamine. It is not good for pregnant women. Drink as much water as much as possible to take more rest and use the method of diet.If the condition of the cold is serious, especially the cold causes fever and other discomforts, it may affect the growth and development of the fetus. You can take medicine under the guidance of a obstetrician. Generally, doctors will give some Chinese medicines such as Banlangen and Shuanghuang Lian Oral fluid, but must be sureCareful medicine according to the doctor’s order, do not take the medicine casually.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to the relaxation of the mentality.If pregnant women are nervous and love, they can easily cause a cold. This is mainly because the immune function of people with low emotions is reduced, which reduces the ability of the human body to kill pathogenic microorganisms.At this time, the virus will easily invade the human body.

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