Pregnant women often suffer from insomnia, the reason is nothing more than four points. Do 3 things well, maybe you can have a good sleep

Pregnant women have reduced physical quality due to changes in physiological hormones and other reasons during pregnancy, and problems are prone to occur. Among them, sleep quality will be affected.Some pregnant women find that they have been sleeping well, and suddenly have insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night and waiting for sleep problems.Make them very distressed and worry that insufficient sleep will affect the fetus. In fact, pregnant women should pay attention to it, suddenly insomnia or poor sleep quality. There may be these four situations. You can understand it correctly.

1. Lack of nutritional elements

Nutritional lack is one of the reasons that cause sleep quality. If you often cramp often when you sleep at night, you can’t fall asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. Most of them are caused by calcium deficiency.With the continuous development of the fetus, the demand for calcium will continue to increase, but insufficient calcium absorption of pregnant women’s body will not only meet the fetal needs, but also cause pregnant women to cramp due to calcium deficiency, especially in the middle of the night to affect sleep.

Second, frequent urination worsen

Frequent urination in the second trimester is common, but the frequent urination is aggravated due to expanding uterine compression of the bladder in the third trimester. Especially when you are often woke up by urine at night, you want to go to the toilet.Continue to fall asleep.

Third, physical load heavy

By the third trimester, the uterus continues to swell, the fetus gradually increases, the body of the pregnant woman will become slow, the burden will increase, often feel chest tightness and poor breathing when sleeping., Let sleep quality.

Fourth, the pressure is relatively large

By the time of the third trimester, it is getting closer to the production time, which will make the pregnant woman over -nervous and anxious. Many fear of childbirth will affect sleep for a period of time.

1. Find the reason

There are many causes of insomnia during pregnancy. You must first find the cause and take measures from the source to improve.

2. Drink less water

Drink as little water as possible before going to bed to avoid the filling of the bladder. Coupled with uterine compression, you can go to the toilet frequently at night.

Third, maintain a comfortable environment

The environment has an important impact on sleep, maintaining the environment ventilation and breathability, comfortable and quiet can not be affected, and have good sleep quality.

In general, insomnia during pregnancy is relatively common, but continuous insomnia will affect the fetus and pregnant women’s body. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cause of insomnia.Fetal healthy development.In addition, it is necessary to know that many pregnant women during pregnancy will make a lot of supplement to the fetus in order to allow the fetus to absorb nutrients, especially before going to bed, which will cause a burden on the stomach and stomach, causing the stomach and intestines to affect sleep during sleep.

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