Pregnant women under the epidemic: Some people are infected in infection, and some people are anxious caused by contractions and premature birth

"During the process of pregnancy, pregnant women will feel helpless, and someone can help her. She will have a better mentality. Especially in the epidemic, pregnant women dare not go to the hospital, and they may be more anxious. Some doctors are guided by doctors.Some."

On the evening of May 7, 2022, the nurse held a newborn.Beijing News reporter Zheng Xinqiang

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On December 16, 2022, two days before the production, Guo Wenjun felt that he was "recruited".In low fever and pain, she gave birth to her second child and fever with her was the obstetrician doctor who gave birth to her for her.

Under the shock of the epidemic, the maternal maternal like Guo Wenjun is more concerned about how to protect the children in the belly.Li Mei, an obstetrician and gynecologist at a second -level specialist hospital in Beijing, often face the confusion and concerns of maternal mothers: "Will the fetus in the abdomen be infected? Can I breastfeed it?"

On December 9, 2022, the State Council responded to the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic and control mechanism for control and control mechanism.Follow -up, do a good job of medical resources, etc. to meet the needs of medical services such as maternal and children and children.

Xin Dimei, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Center of Beijing Chuangliu Hospital, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News that there is no data at home and abroad that there is a susceptible factor in the respiratory system of the mother’s respiratory virus during pregnancy, which shows that pregnant women are not susceptible people.Essence

In Xin Damen, pregnant women do not have to panic after fever, so as not to cause unnecessary contractions and abortion.

Infected pregnant woman

When it was about to get off work on December 16, 2022, Guo Wenjun began to dizzy.She stuffed herself into a thick quilt, but it was useless. The pain began to spread from the knee joint until the back of the back, shoulders and neck, the temperature meter showed that the body temperature was 37.5 degrees Celsius.The value of the normal fetal heart monitor is generally around 110, but the value measured by Guo Wenjun in the heat is nearly 160, which is almost beyond the normal range.

The pain seal Guo Wenjun on the bed. She couldn’t move. Her husband fed her to eat acetylphenol tablet -their experience learned from social platforms and pregnant women, hoping to alleviate Guo Wenjun’s pain and low fever.The drug has a temporary antipyretic function. In the following days, she has a low fever and repeated situation.

Guo Wenjun’s eldest son was born in September 2020. She still remembers that when she opened a group of pregnant women, everyone was most concerned about determining the due date and selection of hospitals.

On December 20, 2022, in the pregnant women’s group where Guo Wenjun was located, the expectant mothers who were pregnant asked the doctors.Interviewee confession

However, in December 2022, the new crown was infected with the most discussion on pregnant women.More and more people in the pregnant women’s groups where Guo Wenjun is located has fever. Everyone is talking about how to use medicine, how to fever, and whether it will have influence on children.

One week before the infection, Guo Wenjun went to the hospital for a regular production check. As a 39 -week pregnancy pregnant woman, what should I do if I am infected?Can you still breastfeed?These are the issues she cares about.

As early as December 4, 2022, Guo Wenjun noticed that the Shandong Provincial Health and Health Commission optimized and adjusted the prevention and control policies and measures.Residents entered public places such as parks, scenic spots, and service areas, and took public transportation such as subway, bus, taxi and other public transportation, and no longer checked health code and nucleic acid detection negative proof.

Since then, Guo Wenjun has been worried about the arrival of the peak infection.But what she could not expect was that she would give birth to her second child on the third day of the new crown.

On December 7, 2022, the State Council’s comprehensive group of the joint control mechanism of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia was released.

Under the impact of the epidemic, more and more pregnant women are infected.Since mid -December 2022, Liu Shao, a obstetrician of a three -hospital hospital in Shanxi Province, began to experience this round of infection.She and her colleagues wanted to see 60 or seventy patients a day. In the past, "there was no fever during the whole pregnancy", and now "almost no one will not burn in the clinic."

On December 12, 2022, Guo Tong’s pregnancy test and antigen displayed two bars at the same time. The day before, she had fever symptoms and was already in preparation. She did not dare to take antipyretics at will.On your forehead, physical cooling is performed.

On December 12, 2022, Guo Tong’s pregnancy test and antigen displayed two bars at the same time.Interviewee confession

On December 15, 2022, Liu Nanxing, who was 5 weeks pregnant, continued to have a high fever of more than 39.5 ° C after infection. She was worried that the continuous high fever would adversely affect the fetus.Norin.When her husband took the effort to buy the medicine, Liu Nanxing had almost taken back.

Xin Demi said that the new coronal virus spreads through the respiratory tract. Therefore, after infection with the new coronary virus, most pregnant women who do not have complications are the same as ordinary people. They are mainly mild or asymptomatic.Symptoms.Five to seven days after infection can be normal.

"Nothing without burn in the clinic"

Liutian was 19 weeks of pregnancy, and her fever started in the early morning of December 9, 2022.Heating causes abdominal pain. Even if there are commonly used drugs in the family, she dare not take medicine as a pregnant woman.On the same day, Liutian and her husband tried to register with their mobile phones to see the doctor. The two tried all morning and ended in failure.

After the fever lasted throughout the day, at 5 pm on December 9th, Liu Tian and her husband came to the Night emergency department of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.According to the requirements at the time, Liutian first performed antigen detection at the emergency door, and the antigen detection was performed at the same time. There were two couples.

Liu Tian said that Beijing Obstetrics Hospital implemented a yin and yang dependency system at that time.After the nucleic acid detection is negative, she can enter the hospital through the B entrance, and the other two positive pregnant women enter from the A entrance.

According to Liutian, there are only one room for the entire waiting floor for consultation, only one doctor, one intern, and a nurse.When each examination returned to the clinic, the doctor’s seat was empty.When Liu Tian was waiting, a pregnant woman at 30 weeks was lying on a wheelchair in the corridor.

After checking, take medicine and wait. After waiting for several and a half hours to an hour, Liutian received two boxes of medicine prescribed by the doctor. One of the boxes was a hypertinophenol for reducing acetaminol.During the waiting process, she heard the nurses’ shouts, "The positive patients on the second floor are already full!"

Liu Shao suggested that low -fever people physical cooling. If he has a high fever to 38.5 ° C, it is recommended to eat a little to acetaminol.But even her hospital had nearly a week, she couldn’t take medicine.Liu Shao discovered that in addition to the conventional birth checkup, in addition to the pregnant women who went to the obstetrics clinic, they were more "fever and cough, not come to the hospital to see people who don’t worry."

Li Mei, an obstetrician and gynecologist at a second -level specialist hospital in Beijing, also experienced a comprehensive pressure of obstetrics and gynecology.According to her, more than 30 doctors and nurses in her departments were infected, and the whole army was wiped out within two weeks of the whole subject. In principle, she rest for three days.But lack of manpower, burning on it, you need to take birth every day.

Li Mei and colleagues got on the secondary protection, wearing protective clothes and masks.Li Mei is responsible for doing outpatient examinations, as well as the delivery and management of the ward, and postpartum follow -up.She was a late infection in the hospital, but only took three days of rest and went to work.In order to cope with this dilemma and reduce the risk of pregnant women infection, Li Mei suggested that pregnant women check for a late production inspection and delay the original date of about one week.

2 On the morning of December 22, 2022, Li Mei’s colleagues made case discussions in the office.Interviewee confession

Xin Demi believes that after a giving birth, the family members can try to help them cool down and rinse the nasal cavity and mouthwash with warm saline.When the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, you can take heating drugs, such as acetaminol.If the cough is serious, it is recommended to take a chest CT in the hospital, and the obstetrician and gynecologists assist internal medicines to diagnose and treat the lungs.

In Xin Damen’s view, what really needs to attract attention is some pregnant women with complications. For these people, the new crown may cause complications.For example, pregnant women with platelet reduction, hypertension during pregnancy, and hypertension, and gestational diabetes may be different from risk, symptoms, and length of disease in the new crown.It should be noted that pregnant women with hypertension during pregnancy have increased blood pressure and even eclampsia; whether pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes will have ketoia and acidosis.Pregnant women should closely monitor blood pressure and blood sugar. After monitoring abnormalities, they should actively go to the hospital for treatment.

Liu Shao, who opened the clinic every week, was eventually infected.Under normal circumstances, her obstetrics have three outpatient clinics every day, and 5 doctors take turns to work. However, from mid -December 2022, the number of outpatient clinics has been reduced to one, and only one doctor is on duty every day.The maternal who had been born in the past had the opportunity to take painless delivery. Now the doctors of the anesthesiology department are also crowded in emergency and severe ward, and have no time to take care of obstetrics.

According to the public account of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, in order to cope with the changes in the situation in Beijing, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has opened a popular nesting clinic in the two people’s districts.Patients, etc.With the adjustment of prevention and control policies, the hospital’s delivery room adopts partition for treatment. In order to cope with emergency delivery, the hospital also opened an independent small delivery room to ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

Since this round of epidemic, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has used the first, second -floor and new square cabin clinic for treatment of the first, second -floor and new squares for treatment.Start the 24 -hour consultation mechanism to ensure the medical needs of the intra -hospital consultation of fever pregnant women and patients in all aspects. In the past month, the average number of admission to the hospital has an average number of daily visits of 120 people.

In order to facilitate the diagnosis, medication and consultation of pregnant women, and avoid cross -infection during the period of the hospital, in December 2022, Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital opened Internet diagnosis and treatment services, allowing mothers and patients to directly consult with doctors online with doctors.Published medicine.

He Fang, the founder of the Reproductive Center of Beijing Union Hospital, has run a studio after retirement. Since December 2022, she has also used Internet consultation and sending medicines to hope to minimize the number of patients’ face -to -face diagnosis."If you have to come, don’t wait after the inspection, and we will tell you the video to tell you."

大学 On May 7th, the obstetric ward of Shougang Hospital of Peking University, the nurse conducted regular temperature measurement for the mother and family, twice a day.Beijing News reporter Zheng Xinqiang

Production in infection

Zhao Wan’an lived in the transition ward of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital on December 5, 2022. She needs to stay in this ward for 48 hours before she can be transferred to the general ward for cesarean section.

Zhao Wanan said that between the transitional ward, the mothers did not allow them to move around at will.The medical staff walked through the white protective clothing, and the staff kept coming to disinfect.

The operation is scheduled to be on December 8, 2022.Zhao Wanan told the Beijing News reporter that at that time, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital was not allowed to accompany their families, and the caregiver was also affected by the epidemic.In order to ensure recovery after surgery, Zhao Wan’an put everything she needed on the table on both sides of the bed one night in advance.

On the evening of December 7, 2022, Zhao Wanan was prepared to place the items required for the next day.Interviewee confession

On December 8th, Zhao Wanan’s son was born smoothly, but was asked to be hospitalized to observe for respiratory distress. Later, he could only transfer to Huaxin Hospital due to the full pediatric bed of the maternity and gynecology hospital.

On the first night of postpartum, because of the lack of escort, Zhao Wan’an could only drink prepared mineral water, and then resisted the pain of the wound. In the absence of no one to help, the doctor’s requirements were turned over 90 degrees every half an hour., Prevent wound adhesion.The lochia sticks to the care pad. No one can help replace the mat. Zhao Wan’an can only clean up by himself, "cool, like pork liver."

But Zhao Wan’an soon ushered in the turn.In the early morning of the next day, she found that the first caregiver had returned to the hospital, and she was also fortunate to be assigned a nursing sister.At the same time, there was news that the transitional ward was canceled. A mother who had been in the transitional ward had cough while running nose and lived in the next bed next door.

On the third day after giving birth, Zhao Wanan learned that he was positive for nucleic acid detection at 7 pm.At that time, the hospital was still required to be positive. Zhao Wanan sat on a wheelchair, pushed a suitcase on each hand, and the nurse pushed it into the isolation ward.

That night, Zhao Wan’an was hung with an anti -inflammatory needle. The next day, she had a fever.

In the early morning of December 18, 2022, Guo Wenjun, who was still infected, began to have regular contractions.At 6 in the morning, she and her husband came to the hospital for admission procedures. At 11 o’clock, her child was born.Even if the production process has been smooth, but recalling the process of fertility, she only remembers that "under the influence of fever, she only hurts her."Guo Wenjun, who was pushed into the three -earth ward after the production, found that her neighbor was just as long as she had just been produced, and there were more or less symptoms of fever, pain and cough.

On December 20, 2022, two days after the birth, Guo Wenjun retreated and was discharged with the child.

But not all pregnant women are so smooth.

Zhao Wanan’s friend Liu Chuan entered the screening clinic at the Beijing Maternity Hospital because of fever at the same time. Anxiety caused contractions. At 33 weeks of pregnancy, Liu Chuan had a baby boy. However, during the production process, the placenta wasShe could undergo a second Qing Palace surgery from her body.

Before, Liu Nanxing did not dare to go to the hospital to check the fetus.However, after three days of symptoms, Liu Nanxing began to bleed vagina. She had to come to the hospital for examination. The progesterone fell to 0.97, which was abnormal, and the child failed to keep it.

In the low fever, Liu Nanxing heard the doctor told her that she needed to perform a clear palace surgery, but because she was still infected, she could not be anesthetized, and she could only abortion.The fetus in the abdomen was not easy, and Liu Nanxing felt sad and disappointed.

However, from the perspective of the prescription, the causes of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy are complicated, and some may be related to embryo and immune factors. It is impossible to determine whether it is caused by a new crown.

In the delivery room of a second -level specialist hospital in Beijing, when the baby was born, the nurse used instruments to measure weight, body temperature and blood oxygen content.Interviewee confession

Go out of anxiety and wait for spring

Before the infection, Chen Wenting, who was pregnant for 26 weeks, was refreshed over and over on social platforms. Each social platform was opened.After the infection, she restored her schedule again and again. "From a year ago to pregnancy, she did not dare to go to the hospital for a checkup. Why is she Yang?" She thought more than once.

Guo Wenjun, who has a good mentality, is difficult to resist the greetings of the people around me.Good night joined a group of pregnant women with more than 200 people before production. Before production, Zhao Wanan’s worried issues were updated every day.

In the eyes of Li Mei, the week after liberalization is the peak period that the mother and family are worried about. Li Mei received a call from a dozen dozen maternal in the office every day in the office.The problem revolves around the question "Is the child be infected after being Yang?"There are also family members of protection very carefully. Asked, "Will children be infected after holding children from the city?"

From the tone of pregnant women, Li Mei can feel their concerns.Therefore, Li Mei focused on the guidance of the care details of a positive pregnant woman.In response to family members, it is generally recommended to observe that if the infection is in time, if the child has a fever, he must go to the hospital to see a doctor. If an adult has a fever, let him put on the mask, not breastfeed first, and squeeze the milk in the bottle to let others breastfeed.

The maternal women they saw were basically good. Liu Shao also spent more energy on soothe the patient’s emotions and advised them not to be nervous.

The Fang Fang maintains contact with the patient to the greatest extent and comforts them. "During the pregnancy, pregnant women will feel helpless, and someone can help her. She will have a better mentality. Especially in the epidemic, pregnant women dare not go to the hospital, I may be more anxious in my heart. With the guidance of a doctor, they will feel better. "

Sing Dimei also reminded that pregnant women need to calm their mentality after fever to ensure sufficient sleep, moisture and nutrition.Don’t worry too much, so as not to cause unnecessary contractions and abortion.

At the end of December 2022, Liu Shao’s clinic had a few familiar faces, "they were regularly checked, and they were registered here every time." In her opinion, the mother has gradually come out of anxiety."Ten days ago, everyone’s concerns would be more. Now, almost every pregnant woman who came to see the clinic has been infected. Anxiety must have it, because everyone is facing unknown, but now most people areRaise. "

Li Mei’s work was also loose, and fewer people called to consult. Now they pick up the phone, and the pregnant women rarely pour too much emotion to her.

A few days before 2023, Guo Wenjun’s family recovered.She had feed her breast milk to her children, but her child did not have a high fever, not infected, and everything was healthy.

Guo Tong also returned to work after a low fever. After recovery, she went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Hospital for inspection.In the past two years, her wedding was delayed, but the child was faster than she expected. She looked forward to the fetus growing up. When 6 weeks, she would have a fetal heart bud.Main organs.

On December 18, 2022, Zhao Wanan and her husband finally received their children at Huaxin Hospital. On the same day, she posted a circle of friends, which was written by Su Shi.No disaster to the public.

At the end of December 2022, in the confinement center, Zhao Wanan’s husband hugged the child they had just recovered.Interviewee confession

On New Year’s Day in 2023, Zhao Wan’an spent the confinement center with her husband and child. Her son failed to escape the new crown infection. After five days of fever, her body temperature gradually dropped.In this New Year, the child breathe evenly in Zhao Wanan’s arms, and she was comforted.

(In the text, Zhao Ye Yan, Guo Tong, Liu Tian, Liu Nanxing, Guo Wenjun, Chen Wenting, Liu Shao, Li Mei, Liu Chuan are all pseudonyms)

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