Pregnant women were angry and beating their stomachs, but they were really abortion!

Today, Xiaobian’s mood is not very good!

After listening to a pregnant mother, she talked about her experience, oh no, it was still a pregnant mother some time ago, because she killed her fetus with her own hands, yes, she was killed with her own hands because of herHer husband quarreled, very angry, lost his mind to beat his belly with his hand. At that time, she was four months pregnant. She shouted as I hit her belly: Why do you want to give you a child like this, I want to fight you, I want to beat you, I want to fightHey him!It was as fierce as his husband.

After a while, her stomach hurts, and she was red. At this time, she began to be scared. When she rushed to the hospital, the fetus had no heartbeat.She hated herself, and regretted hitting the wall. Unfortunately, everything was too late, and she could only induce labor.

I saw this situation in the TV series, but I did not expect that there is really in real life.That’s right, the child’s body is the blood of your husband, but the child is just a child, how can you atone for adults.Such extreme behaviors are terrible. Pregnant mothers must lead to precepts. You punish your husband, but you will suffer for a lifetime and feel guilty for a lifetime.

People have seven emotions and six desires, especially during pregnancy. The emotions of pregnant mothers are very sensitive and easy to get angry, but you can’t be too wayward. Manage your own cleaning is more important than eating. If you are angry every day, you can eat mountains and sea.It will be healthy, so the housekeeper has always emphasized that emotions are the core of prenatal education.

In fact, we are not stupid. We know that you are not good at being angry, bad for ourselves, and not good for the fetus, but why do you always want to be angry?The real environment that disappoints us is an objective reason, and during pregnancy, there is a "fairy" called "progesterone" in our body. She plays an important role in our body, that is, to promote the development of the fetus, butOn the other hand, it also seriously affects our emotions. On the contrary, our emotions will also affect endocrine.There is also a special state of mood during pregnancy: eager to be taken care of, desire to be taken care of, plus physical pain, worry about fetal, economic pressure, I go, not angry!

But we can’t just let ourselves go like this. After all, we are mothers, so every time you get angry, you will regret it, crying and crying to the fetus: Baby, sorry, the mother should not be angry, and the mother will not be angry in the future.It’s!But next time you don’t care about yourself …

So, you are tangled by a variety of complex emotions: angry, helpless, regret, guilt …

If you want to be more angry in the future, first of all, you have to understand the serious consequences of angry:

One: Harm to fetus

1: Under bad emotional state, pregnant women’s adrenal corticosteroid secretion increases. This hormone enters the fetus with the blood through the placenta, which has a significant destruction of the development of the embryo.The sensitive stage of some tissue of the embryo, such as hindering the development of the maxillary of the fetus, causing the fetal lip cracks, cleft palate and other deformities.2: When the pregnant woman is angry, a large amount of adrenaline will secrete the adrenaline in the body, causing vascular contraction, rising blood pressure, temporary disorders in the blood circulation of the uterine placenta, causing the fetal hypoxia for a while, which can easily affect the fetal intelligence.Or inadequate phenomenon, intellectual disorders occur.Frequent anger, the fetus develops slowly or in the palace.3: It can be found through the fetus that pregnant women are emotionally excited and angry.The heartbeat of the fetus will be accelerated.If the mood of pregnant women is too nervous for a long time, such as anger, fear, pain, frightening, anxiety, etc., it may cause adverse effects on the fetal hypothalamus, resulting in a greater chance of suffering from mental illness in the future.Even if you can be spared, you may have low weight. After birth, you may have active, emotional, easy to cry, digestive disorders, and low immunity.

Two: Harm to pregnant women itself

1: Activity affects the mood of pregnant women, weaker digestive function, and absorption of eating and nutrition 2: In poor mood affects work efficiency and interpersonal relationships 3: Long -term anger can easily lead to unstable blood pressure, resulting in hypertension or hypotension 4:High mental stress leads to a dream of insomnia 5: Pregnant women in the birth of the birth of the birth of adrenaline, adrenaline secretion increases, stagnation or postpartum hemorrhage may occur, and the difficulty increases.6: Long -term mood is not good for skin 7: It is easy to cause depression during pregnancy and postpartum depression

How does pregnant women adjust their emotions (applied by Baoma):

1: Leaving an unpleasant scene

No matter where you are, who you are, what is the unpleasant reason, the pregnant mother should not try to fight for who is wrong, the result is continuously upgraded, and in the end, there are no results.A good place to walk, and even crying for a moment, it doesn’t matter. Do a deep breath and tell yourself: I do n’t have to know with the fool!Don’t punish yourself with a fool’s mistake, huh!I just have to be happy, let the fool go angry!It’s better to eat something delicious, haha, this is great!

2: Buy and buy

How good the function of buying and buying, I do n’t need to say it … I can at least be happy for three days!

3: Find a girlfriend to talk

What do you want girlfriends?Just take it when you are unhappy, "Come and accompany me, I’m sad to die! You must arrive in ten minutes!" Then you can cry with your girlfriend, and then scold the person you hate.You scold together, and then forget why you are unhappy, go, go shopping?go!

4: Dynamic attention

Some unpleasantness happened, don’t always think about it, it is easy to get rid of the horns. Why did he treat me like this?Why …?Then I wanted to get more upset, and finally walked into the dead end.In fact, there are more questions that people do n’t understand in the world. Since you do n’t understand, you just do n’t want to do anything. Do something fun. Watch your favorite film and television programs, listen to songs, take a walk and go out.alright.

5: Disposal thinking

The contradiction occurred because they all stood at their own positions and considered their own interests. They thought they were correct. The other party was wrong. If both parties could stand on the perspective of each otherThere are more opponents, so there are naturally less contradictions!

6: Quiet practice

Modification practice is a good way to cultivate the body, which is beneficial to the body and mind.You can find a comfortable place at home, sitting or lying down, you can lie down.Then you can accompany meditation with meditation music, or do not want to, and concentrate on listening to your breath. This is called observation of breathing in Buddhism. Long -term practice can make your body and mind be peaceful.(I feel useful to be forwarded)

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