Pregnant women with "h" need to know how to prevent transmitted to the baby

There are many ways to prevent maternal and infants from spreading HIV.Prevention intervention is very important to prevent early testing HIV infection.

Preventing HIV Maternal and Baby Communication before pregnancy

Prevent maternal and baby HIV spread

Pre -pregnancy

For women who are newly diagnosed with HIV during pregnancy, the results of HIV testing are more or less psychological.Therefore, physical and mental care and intervention measures must be accepted to help prevent the spread of mother and baby HIV.

Mothers who have not been infected with HIV should actively go to the health institution for HIV consultation and testing. Whether it is 3 months before pregnancy or during the first prenatal examination, if positive, ART should be accepted as soon as possible.Consultate experts before planning to be pregnant.

Specific fungal vaginitis caused by the treatment and prevention of errors

Endometrial abnormalities and early identification signs

Mothers who need to be treated early and need to consider the infection with HIV in the early pregnancy time, that is, their HIV load is low, it is best to be lower than the detection thresholdchild.

It is recommended to give birth at hospitals above the district level to prevent drugs for sufficient after delivery.

Follow the doctor’s advice to the treatment of maternal and infants insisting on anti -reverse virus; proper nutrition to support the health of mothers and children.

Pregnant women’s HIV screening test.

pregnancy period

Provide sufficient consultation before and after HIV testing.Consultation of nutrition and postpartum nutrition during pregnancy; risk and unfavorable factors that may occur during pregnancy and childbirth, including future support and care for children.

Consultation and spiritual support, implementing security behaviors, and avoiding people and people around them from infection with HIV.At the same time, the training of anti -inversion virus preparation and anti -inverter virus compliance practice.

At birth

Ensure the principles of gynecology.Limitation procedures: amniotic stomach, cesarean section, electrode placement, early amniotic cutting.Baby takes a bath immediately after birth.

After giving birth

If the mother and child are discharged early, they will distribute a full -dose anti -inversion virus drug to the mother.The record was reposted to adult AIDS care and treatment institutions so that the mother could receive long -term care and treatment.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of HIV maternal and baby transmission, early HIV testing and early ARV (anti -inverted virus drugs) treatment are the key factor.

Early ART will reduce the number of HIV viruses (virus loads) in the mother’s blood, thereby reducing the speed of HIV transmission to babies.Most obstetrics and gynecology facilities have drugs to prevent the spread of AIDS virus in maternal and infants. Doctors have received training to prevent the spread of AIDS virus.

Nursery women infected with HIV and pregnant women infected with HIV are being treated with anti -inversion virus.The community and ward sanitation station conducts HIV screening tests on pregnant women, hoping that pregnant women can get HIV test consulting services as early as possible.If the pregnant mother is infected with HIV, she should be brought into early treatment to avoid infection.If the mother is negative, the maternity consultation can help them maintain negative life.

A variety of access services, free consultation

The health department takes the motto to prevent the spread of AIDS maternal and baby transmission as the motto, and expands from the province to the grassroots level to obtain, consult and early AIDS testing services, and intervene in a timely and appropriate manner.

Free AIDS testing and consulting are included in the pregnancy management of pre -delivery health care and pregnancy mothers, especially high -risk women who infect HIV in health service institutions, and provide women with early service opportunities for women.

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