Pregnant women’s foot swelling cannot be moved normally. What methods can relieve swelling during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers have this problem. After pregnancy, feet swelling occurs. The shoes I bought before can not be worn. I thought it was just a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, but the swollen was getting more and more.Is there a way to relieve foot swelling?Let ’s take a look at Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Edema during pregnancy is generally related to changes in the body’s endocrine. After pregnancy, the placenta secretes a large amount of estrogen, which promotes the effect of water and salt in the human body, so the phenomenon of edema is produced.In addition, by the late pregnancy, as the uterus continues to increase, the increasing uterus compresses the veins of the pelvic cavity and lower limbs, causing the backflow of the lower cavity to be hindered to varying degrees, which leads to edema of the lower limbs.

So what should I do if my foot swelling occurs during pregnancy?

1. When you sit, take a little higher your feet.Pregnant women are also suitable for this approach.In order to make the venous blood accumulated in the legs back to the heart, when sitting on a chair, you can put your feet on the small stage, or sit on the floor, and raise your foot with a cushion.

2. Appropriate walk

Pregnant women must exercise in moderation during pregnancy. Staying is one of the good ways. Walking helps to shrink the calf muscles, promote venous blood backflow, and effectively prevent the swollen feet of pregnant women.

3. Massage calf

Massage calves can also effectively prevent edema. Pregnant women can find family or others to help massage in free time.

4. Diet conditioning

After pregnancy, the function of adjusting salt and moisture decreases after pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should control the amount of salt in daily life. Generally, the daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams.High pickled products, expectant mothers should eat as little or not.

In addition, edema and malnutrition also have a certain relationship. Nutritional hypogonermia, anemia, etc. are also a common cause of mothers’ edema. Therefore, pay attention to intake of high -quality protein (such as meat, eggs, milk and milk during pregnancy during pregnancy.Products, soybean and soy products) and iron -rich foods (such as animal liver, etc.).

5. Take more rest

Pregnant mothers who need long -standing and sedentary work will be more serious.Pregnant mothers are best to work for 1 hour, rest for 10-15 minutes, change their posture, and move their legs.

6. Use the left sleeping position to sleep

Pregnant women should use the left sleep posture to sleep, which can reduce the compression of venous blood vessels and reduce the resistance of venous return.When lying flat, you can raise your legs, accelerate the return of blood, effectively alleviate the swelling of the pregnant woman’s feet, and prevent intravenous veins from.

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