Preparation of pregnancy: How do women feel during ovulation?How to judge whether it is ovulation?

Guide: I heard that it is easy to conceive during ovulation. Do women feel at the time of ovulation?How to judge whether it is ovulation?

During the menstrual cycle of female friends, the opportunity to really conceive eggs is on the day of ovulation and the entire ovulation period.When the mature ovarian reaches the ovary, if there is a sperm to enter, fertilized eggs will be formed, which will be pregnant.

It should be noted that the medical standard ovulation period is the 14th day before the menstrual period of the next menstrual period, that is to say, ovulation and then menstruation first. If the ovulation period is successful, then the next menstruation will not come.Therefore, when we calculate the due date, it is calculated by the last menstruation.

1. In the past few days of ovulation, women will increase vaginal secretions. This leucorrhea can be pulled very long and feels similar to egg white, but it is transparent and without odor.

2. Individual sensitive women will have symptoms such as faint pain and RF pain in the abdomen during ovulation, which can be relieved after ovulation.

3. The basic body temperature on the day of ovulation will be particularly low, but the body temperature will increase slightly after ovulation. Many women rely on this basic body temperature to determine whether ovulation during pregnancy.

Basic body temperature is static body temperature, which refers to the temperature measured by the body temperature after a long sleep, the body temperature has not been measured by exercise, emotion, and diet.Basic body temperature is preferably under the temperature of the mouth tongue, with a normal value of 36.2-37.2 °.

Therefore, it is important to grasp the time period of the ovulation period.Of course, the prospective dad and expectant mothers who want their children must do sufficient effort during pregnancy, such as balanced nutrition, positive and optimistic attitude, sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise, etc., to lay the foundation for successful pregnancy.Blessings!

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