Preparation of pregnancy: Pay attention to 7 matters to take the ring

Since the release of the "separate two -child" policy, many couples have begun to prepare for the second child, but before the second child is pregnant, it is necessary to take out the loop of the baby after giving birth to the baby.After removing the ring, the husband and wife can start preparing for pregnancy.So when should I take the ring?What do you need to pay attention to?Now I will introduce it to you.

1. Take the ring in advance and raise your body-let your body buffer

Many families take the ring -pressing method as the main means, so after opening the second child, if you want to get pregnant, you naturally have to take out the contraceptive ring. No matter how long the contraceptive ring is put, at least 3 months in advance should be taken.

After taking the ring, let your body have a time to recover. The time of buffer is like suddenly standing for a long time and suddenly standing dizzy. You need to stand up slowly. The same is true after taking the ring.Time to raise your body!

2. Take the ring for at least 3 months in advance-or even half a year

Because no matter how long the ring is placed in the body, it will be more or less damaged and impact on endometrial tissue.For eugenics, it is best to get pregnant in half a year or even a year after taking the ring! This will play a vital role in the recovery of the body and the baby -child baby!

If you are more anxious, you have to wait at least 2-3 times after the normal physiological period. If you have a serious bleeding after taking the ring, it is recommended to wait a few more physiological cycles before conceived!

Third, it is best not to use X -ray perspective

An X -ray perspective or B -ultrasound will be performed before the ring is taken to confirm that the confession ring can take the ring in the uterine cavity.Generally speaking, the impact of B -ultrasound on the body is weaker than X -ray perspective.Some pregnant women’s babies use X -ray perspectives because they use X -ray perspectives when checking and treating their teeth, causing babies to abortion! Therefore, it is best to use a B -ultrasound to check the position of the confession ring!

4. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene after taking the ring

Generally speaking, most women will adapt quickly after the loop, but the problem of physical differences. Some people’s body has a great rejection of the contraceptive ring. The leucorrhea during the loop period has not been normal.

On the day of the ring, there may be slight lower abdomen discomfort, low back pain, or a small amount of vaginal bleeding. These are normal phenomena, but it may cause damage to the inner wall and cervix of the uterus, so that the cervix or inner wall tissue of the uterine is inflamed, so pay attention to cleaning and hygiene after taking the ring.Use iodophor to eliminate inflammation, or use an external medicine given by a doctor!

If you continue to bleed 3 days later, go to the hospital for examination!

Fifth, the same room is forbidden within 2 weeks after taking the ring

Not only is it to prohibit the same room, but also a bath to prevent infection.Although the ring is not a big deal, it is more harmful to women’s health.

Because it is damaged to the cervix when taking the ring, if forcibly the same room, it will cause the cervix to be injured again, which will not help to get pregnant.They suffer less! Hold back!

If bleeding or fever, go to the hospital immediately!

6. After taking the ring, rest and eat healthy and reasonable diet

Pay attention to the light rest and diet, not too spicy and too dry! This will not be good for the recovery of cervical endometrial tissue!

To eat vegetables and fruits, and nutritious foods, if you want to start preparing for pregnancy, you must start taking folic acid in advance (preventing baby deformities).

Seven, regular hospitals take the ring

Needless to say, those women who have aborted in an irregular hospital have suffered less "losses" because of hygiene, disinfection, and operation? So can you and your family can?I pregnant with the second cute baby as soon as possible.Although the ring is a small surgery, it has very strict requirements for disinfection, sanitary conditions, and technical operations, so everyone can go to a regular hospital for the health of the baby!

The above is the precautions for taking the ring before preparing the second child.Everyone must go to a regular hospital for ringing surgery. After taking the ring, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and take a good rest and eat a reasonable matching diet.It should be noted that do not have the same room within two weeks after taking the ring to avoid secondary damage.Source: Find Medical Network

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