Preventing birth defects and breeding healthy babies

my country is one of the high-incidence countries in birth defects. At present, my country’s birth defect rate is as high as 4%to 6%, and 800,000 to 1.2 million birth defects are born every year. On average, one defect was born every 30 seconds.Each year due to birth defects, the economic burden of more than 20 billion … Experts point out that any kind of defect is a catastrophic blow to a newborn and a family of this newborn.Experts call for pre -pregnancy examinations and prenatal examinations, early intervention, and reduce the avoided birth defects.

With the release of the "full two -child" policy, many women have begun to actively prepare for pregnancy. Among them, the post -70s account for the majority, and the post -80s are eager to try, but they are in the face of old women’s pregnancy, miscarriage, birth defects, giving birth risks.Waiting in front of many "stumbling blocks" was worried.Therefore, the test of eugenics before pregnancy is particularly important, and the TORCH test before pregnancy is the top priority of testing.

Many people may not know about TORCH testing. To help everyone cognize their importance, Pei Bing, director of the inspection department of the hospital, reveals the secrets of TORCH testing for you.

1. What does Torch mean? When is it appropriate to check it?

TORCH is the abbreviation of several viruses. T represents a bowworm infection, R represents a rubella virus infection, C represents the infection of giant cell virus, H represents herpes zosteriopathic virus infection.EssenceTORCH can be infected with the fetus and the birth canal infection, causing infection, abortion, abortion, delayed development of fetal palace, dead tires, congenital deformities, newborn infections, and even adolescent developmental disorders.Therefore, the TORCH detection is particularly important.

After Torch infection, patients with specific antibodies IGM and IgG can rise rapidly. IGM appears early, sustaining for 6-12 weeks, and IGG appears late, but it can last for life.Therefore, we often regard IgG positive as previous infections, while IgM positive is used as a diagnostic indicator for the first infection.TORCH screening is best to check in 2 to 3 months before pregnancy. For example, IgM antibody positive treatment before pregnancy, and re -examination in the early stages of pregnancy.

2. What is Torch screening?

TORCH screening is mainly to check whether the female mothers who prepare for pregnancy have toxoplasma, rubella, giant cell virus, solid herpes virus, and other pathogen infections.The indicator of observation is whether there is an antibody-IgG and IGM presence in the mother serum; IgG represents long-term infection, without treatment, can be pregnant; IGM represents recent infection, and it is advisable to pregnancy after treatment.

3. What is the impact of TORCH on the mother?

Gow -shaped worms are a kind of human and animals, and cats and other animals are the source of infection.Those who are infected with the day after tomorrow are often asymptomatic, but antibodies can be found in serum; severe types can cause various symptoms, such as high fever, muscle or joint pain, lymph nodes, etc.After birth, it can show a series of central nervous system symptoms and congenital damage to the eye and internal organs.

Pregnant women infected with rubella during pregnancy L to 6 weeks. In addition to causing abortion and embryo death, congenital rubella syndrome can also occur, causing fetal congenital cataracts, deafness, small head deformity, and heart malformation risk, LGMAntibody positive suggestions have recent infections, and pregnancy should be terminated if necessary.

Giant cell virus LGM antibody positive indicates that patients have giant cytomegal virus infections in the near future, but specific analysis should be performed in combination with clinical conditions. In severe cases, it can cause dysplasia of the fetal central nervous system and retinal development.

Herpes virus mainly causes herpes stomatitis, eczema herpes, herpes corneal conjunctivitis, neonatal herpes, herpes vulvar vaginitis, etc. The infections other than reproductive organ are mostly caused by the herpespes virus-type Ⅰ, and the reproductive organs of the reproductive organs, and the reproductive organsInfection is mostly caused by the type of simplicity of scarring-II.TORCH screening cannot distinguish the herpespes virus-type Ⅰ or herpes zosperthyll virus-Ⅱ.LGM antibody positive suggestions have recently infected with herpespes virus, and severe cases can cause miscarriage, premature birth or fetal deformity.

4. How to deal with TORCH screening?

Toxoplasma infection is an animal. The infection pathway is to closely contact animals and eat raw meat.It is recommended to stay away from animals and pets in the first half of pregnancy, and be careful not to eat unhealthy meat, and pay attention to the separate use of raw cooking.For high -risk people to screen pre -pregnancy, IgM -positives recommend pregnancy after 3 months.

Pre -pregnancy rubella virus antibody examination is negative, which can inject rubella vaccines, with an effective rate of 98%, and is lifelong immunity.The vaccine cannot be conceived within 3 months after the vaccine is injected, and the related antibody -related antibodies are not necessary to review in the early pregnancy.

The adult infection rate of giant cell virus in my country exceeds 90%. Women who are preparing to get pregnant can perform the IgG antibody testing of giant cytoplasm virus IgG antibodies before pregnancy. Positive people can no longer do related testing, and IGG can exist for life.Primary infections are generally not occurred after pregnancy, but secondary infections that are similar to influenza symptoms after pregnancy are not ruled out. If necessary, you can perform giant cell virus IGG antibody intimate index and IGM antibody detection.

Most adults in my country have already had herpespes virus-type I infected, and most women have also obtained specific antibodies of antid herpes virus. Therefore, in-house infections caused by such viruses rarely occur.Therefore, it is basically not considering detecting simple herpes virus antibodies before pregnancy.If there is a genital aperture infection in infection and confirmation by laboratory testing during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to a cesarean section during childbirth.

The Department of Inspection and School of People’s Hospital of the First Municipal People’s Hospital has conducted four tests of pre -pregnancy infectious disease screening, testing and TORCH before pregnancy.And the Tang family screening in the middle of pregnancy has a healthy baby to have a healthy baby for women with childbearing age.

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