Princess Kate was exposed and pregnant with four babies?Forced to operate the skin color wax yellow, the baby was out of the mirror

The topic of the Cambridge couple has always been very high. It is a pair of frugal and low -key royal nobles.Kate also gave birth to three cute cute baby for William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. However, the media recently revealed the news of Kate’s pregnancy. Is Prince William be a father again?Although there is no formal official announcement, is the news that is very heavy when it comes out!

A few days ago, Princess Kate and Prince William appeared in the video. In the past, Kate appeared in front of the camera. It must be full of energy. This time, the difference was that Princess Kate appeared in the photo. The state did not look so good.Is there a fourth child?Kate’s dressing has always attracted the attention of everyone. Kate Cool loves to wear popular clothes, including contracted a summer floral skirt, and some of them are just hundreds of yuan.Essence

This time, Kate wore a lemon Huanglian skirt that did not have much advantage in him. The color saturation of the lemon yellow was too strong, testing the skin color and temperament, and it was very easy to line on the skin color. This time, Kate also stepped on the mine.As soon as the lemon yellow slim skirt, the temperament is elegant and fresh, and it looks embarrassed. Caitter looks even more beautiful against the lemon yellow, and wearing yellow clothes is more suitable for makeup.

The same dress Kate also worn it in 18 years. Wearing old clothes is also a highlight and characteristic of Kate, and wearing different feelings two years ago.Kate was gentle and fresh with the temperament of the lemon yellow chinensis skirt.Turn on a faint makeup, wearing exquisite pendant necklaces, fashionable and generous.Two years ago and two years later, the same skirt was still different.

The design style of almost the same lemon Huanglian skirt has also been worn by Meghan, and Meghan likes to learn the style of Xunzi.Meghan’s complexion is more darker than Kate, and the skeleton is wider. She has a slim sleeveless skirt. She has no cuffs. The shoulders look wide and strong, and their arms are so strong.

On October 3rd, local time, Kate’s Mo Mengwa collectively appeared as a small animal, and all said that their favorite small animals were said. The three children were very loving and cute little guys.I have to say that George is more and more similar to Prince Louis, and hairstyles are almost exactly the same.Charlotte faded off his tenderness on his face, and his baby fat looked a lot.

George’s little prince looks like his brother, and the handsome face should not be too cute. Wearing a red POLO shirt, weakened the satin blue, weakened the big red rigidity, exquisite and handsome, and more and more like Prince William.It’s right.

I have to say that the little princess Little Princess likes spiders. It is really surprised. This is too their own personality!It seems that Charlotte likes to challenge, a female man.Charlotte wears a small white shirt, a dark green dress, fresh and cute, and there are some shy in the face of the camera. Unlike their own character,

The little prince of Louis was cute and cute. He wore a blue striped needle knit sweater and a small blue shirt inside. The heroic face was too attractive, and the fleshy baby’s fat face was cute.Maybe these little guys really want to be my brother and sister, wait for the royal official to declare!

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