Private detective: Xiaosan is pregnant, what should I do?

Ten years of special occupation has made me contact many interesting marriage emotional cases. Today I published his first article -Xiao San and his husband had children. What should I do?

Lin Li (pseudonym) is 38 years old. Cantonese has been married for 15 years with her husband and has two girls. They have worked together for many years.The family is harmonious, and He Meimei. She and her husband have a small factory with an annual income of about 2 million. Because of taking care of the two children, she was a full -time wife in Guangzhou.Life is very happy.

Husband’s factory is in Foshan. There is a drive of about 40 minutes from home. Because of work, I often do not go home for a long time. Lin Li also understands her husband very much.When he went home, Lin Li didn’t find any abnormalities, and felt that her life was quite complete.

But suddenly, a strange mobile phone message broke their original tranquility. This text message told her that her husband had a junior outside and had a child.Lin Li thinks that this is a joke. Who gave her a prank? She didn’t take it too much. When her husband went home on weekends, she asked her husband whether the young three was true. Her husband did not admit it, but the change of her face made her get up.Suspicious.

The question is who will send her this text message?She called the SMS, and the phone did not answer the phone at all, and later sold it directly.

As a last resort, Lin Li found me -ten years of private detectives.The pumping of cocoons finally found all the truth of the facts.

This young three is a divorced woman and a three child.

When she was a child, her parents were given to their adoptive parents. Later, her adoptive father and mother had their own children. They wanted to return Xiaosan to her biological parents. As a result, the biological parents did not take over, and they were abused by the adoptive father and adoptive home.Later, I became a primary three for her ex -husband. After turning, the ex -husband just gave birth to a daughter but died unexpectedly. Xiao San dragged his daughter to work in Foshan. He met Lin Li’s husband, Lin Li’s husband, Lin Li’s husband.Her husband also moved his heart and lived together.

Xiao San followed Lin Li’s husband but became pregnant. Lin Li’s husband was afraid of exposing things. After all, he had a good wife who asked Xiao San to do it. As a result, they went to the hospital to get a fetus. In the hospitalBabies are innocent.Then he went to the toilet to secretly run from the hospital.

This was so confused to give birth to the child, but Lin Li’s husband’s confidential work has been doing well until the child is more than one year old. This anonymous text message happened, and Lin Li knew that there was a family outside her husband’s house.The honest husband, a husband who never cheats people will do such a thing.

Lin Li collapsed and did not eat or drink for several days. In the end, her husband forcibly sent her to the hospital for a bit to slow, but her world began to collapse and began to be depressed.

She thought of divorce, but her husband begged her not to divorce, and was guilty. He said that he found a way to let Xiao San leave him. He asked Xiao San to marry someone, etc. At this time, Lin Li couldn’t hear it. She couldn’t believe her husband.Washing your face with tears all day, divorce, the two children have no father, do not divorce, and you ca n’t live in your heart.Divorce, I do n’t have a job now; let ’s not divorce, let my husband come outside, not punished at all …

In response to this case, we made the following analysis for Lin Li:


Lin Li’s husband is also a responsible husband. Although he made a mistake, he did not affect his essence. From the information in Lin Li’s mouth, we judged that Lin Li’s husband is also righteous. He is responsible for the young mother and son.The permanentness is also the responsibility he must bear.

If Lin Li asked for divorce, he agreed to go out of the house and support his children on time as before, indicating that he has guilty emotions and responsible attitudes.

For his derailment, Lin Li also had pain. Lin Li usually sparsed care during her husband’s work and entrepreneurship. People inevitably were lonely and lonely during a person’s hard work. Lin Li was put on two children at this time.Lin Li has suffering, and in the two years, Lin Li has not found problems. The children are more than one year old. What a careless wife, even a little clues can not be found. Lin Li has been sparse in the past two years.Yu’s care for her husband has led to derailment of her husband. This problem is also a common problem for many derailed families: with children, they forget the husband.


For this anonymous call, I analyzed that Xiao San was deliberately exposed, because Xiao San couldn’t hold it.On any holiday, Lin Li’s husband went home, so Xiao San was very injured. She wanted to take the initiative to expose herself, and then let Lin Li’s chicken flying a dog jumping. In this way, Lin Li, who could not bear it, would let go of her.The idea.

So what this Primary Three herself said was that her ex -wife’s ex -wife retaliated her, because how could the ex -wife’s ex -wife know Lin Li’s contact information, this is very weird.Lin Li’s husband is a kind of kind person, this is a typical self -exposure method.


In addition, before we investigated the incident, only Lin Li’s family did not know the existence of Xiao San and his children.

Lin Li’s mother -in -law also got along with Primary Three to help take care of her children.Speaking of Lin Li’s mother -in -law, she is also a pretty interesting woman. Her mother -in -law is more than sixty years old. She used to live in rural areas and had a bad living habits. The mother -in -law had lived with Lin Li two years ago.Hygiene habits are not very good, but Lin Li loves cleanliness, so cleaning up the house is clean. Although Lin Li has never criticized her mother -in -law and has not asked her mother -in -law to clean up the house, her mother -in -law may have some of this clean environment.Not suitable, so she often complained to Lin Li’s husband that the family was too clean, and she was not adapted.

In fact, Lin Li is very good to her mother -in -law, and of course there are contradictions, but her mother -in -law has never quarreled.But every time Lin Li’s husband go home, her mother -in -law will complain to her husband Lin Li’s daughter -in -law. She snot and tears. Her husband is a very filial child, so she often shed tears with his mother, and then faced Lin Li.A few times, saying that Lin Li was not good for her mother, and Lin Li was also very annoyed, but she also forced it. She did not understand that when her husband was not at home, why did her mother -in -law never tell her where she did not do well.Each time he complains with your husband.

Later, Lin Li’s husband had a primary three, and Primary Three might be pregnant and needed to take care of. Lin Li’s husband got her mother -in -law to Foshan, saying that she asked her mother to take care of herself, and then her mother -in -law went to take care of Lin Li’s husband.Foshan never returned.Later, Lin Li learned from her husband that he was derailed because Lin Li was not filial enough, but Lin Li felt wronged. In any case, Lin Li was not enough to handle the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law. This is also one of her lessons.

In the survey, we also learned a detail. Lin Li’s husband had six years old and had a deep relationship. To solve this crisis, mother -in -law is also a key factor!


In addition, Xiaosan’s children are born, and they are still boys. For Lin Li, the mother -in -law of Lin Li, who have the concept of passers, this is a great gift, so she takes care of her grandson with her heart, and the mother -in -law of Xiao San and Lin Li’s mother -in -law isGet along well.

Therefore, when Lin Li called and told her mother -in -law to derail, the old lady said directly that who you want to quit and quit, she doesn’t care.This answer is actually biased towards Primary Three. The filial piety of Lin Li attaches great importance to her mother’s opinions. If her mother -in -law can stand on her side, the problem is simple to solve, but the mother -in -law is biased towards Primary Three, and the problem is very complicated.


Xiao San is very camouflage and wants to turn right, so in front of Lin Li’s husband, he shows a large amount of magnificent, gentle and considerate. Even Xiao San’s identity, she is willing to accept it, which is much stronger than her own wandering streets, so the probability of Xiaosan’s letting go is very low.And she also proudly gave birth to a boy Lin Li’s house.


Given that Lin Li’s husband is not a bad person who is not forgiven, we still recommend that Lin Li insisted not to divorce easily. After all, it is not easy to remarry with two children, and Lin Li’s husband said that he would solve this problem and give him time. He gave him time. He gave him time.It will be dealt with, whether he is really handled, but it still shows that her husband has an attitude, at least he will not throw his wife and child. This always has a chance to recover, and the abandonment will be in disguise.Essence

How did Lin Li fall into trouble?But after we clarified the thinking together, Lin Li finally did the following fast and fierce practices for the sisters’ reference:

Lin Li’s position clearly told her husband that if he could not break, he could divorce, but there was a period of buffer period, and the condition of the divorce was:

1 All real estate belongs to himself. Because he takes care of the family and two children, he has no job for many years and has no ability to survive. If you divorce and employment pressure, you should return to yourself.

The deposits in the two homes are all attributed to themselves. If there are conditions, they can transfer some deposits and pay off the mortgage. If her husband wants to divorce, her husband will promise this condition.

3 The child belongs to her husband, and I told her husband to tell her husband that he was injured because of the problem of this primary three. Once divorced, he was unable to bring a good child. I believe he would treat his children well and let her husband bring the child by himself.A child of the three ex -husband, coupled with the one they later born, a total of four children, how spectacular life will be together, and Lin Li’s children now know the existence of Primary Three and their children.Resentment, so these four children must be frequent in family contradictions together, using the pressure of the child to force Lin Li’s husband to make a choice.Lin Li knew that her husband was not stupid, and she would not dare to cause such a situation.

4 Lin Li told her husband that she would take a while, or adjust herself for 3 months or half a year.Status, then come back to divorce.

In this period of buffer, let her husband bring children, think about the pressure of the four children, the four children let the little stepmother bring, it is estimated that Xiao San will collapse, and now the children will have great prejudice to the little stepmother.The contradiction broke out, and the natural husband would conflict with Xiaosan. The third and the husband had a contradiction with her husband. Naturally, her mother -in -law would naturally have contradictions with Xiaosan.And now Xiao San complains with his husband, but he is very forbearing. In order to be in the top, he can only forbearance. If he lives together in half a year, no matter how good the temper is, it will not be able to withstand it, and Xiao San may escape.


A month later, we investigated that Xiao San really had resentment: his economy was controlled by his mother -in -law, and there was no independent economic ability. Secondly, his husband Lin Li was basically out of the house except the factory.The four children let themselves exhausted. Her husband also complained to her because of this family’s chicken flying dog jump, and Lin Li took the child with a very good academic performance.Note that in comparison, it is still good.

After the cushioning period, Lin Li’s husband clearly stated that she was unwilling to divorce. Lin Li kept her status. More importantly, because of her husband’s guilt, she got all real estate and deposits.

Therefore, I woke up with the original match again. In the face of the sudden invasion of Xiao San, the first thing to do is not necessarily divorce, but to protect property and children.

Of course, everything is because Lin Li’s husband is not a bad guy, but he is greedy for a while and do confused.In life, not all husbands are as kind as Lin Li’s husband. The scum men are all around. Next, we tell another case.Stay tuned!

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