Private photos before and after beauty are exposed …


A beauty broke out her comparison photos before and after pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, the body is good, the seeds of melon seeds are white and beautiful.

The image temperament is good. I thought it would be a hot mom after having a baby, but …

After pregnancy … the face is doubled, and even double chin comes out!

Can’t believe this is the same person …

This amazing contrast scared some single girls and did not dare to get married and gave birth to children.

But at the same time, the actions of beautiful women have resonated with many pregnant mothers, and they have also exposed their [comparison photos after pregnancy].

After pregnancy, the body is completely twice as large as before pregnancy. The previous small skirts and small sets could not be worn, and they could only wear various hypertrophy and comfortable but not good -looking clothes.

Mom is a beauty, and she has a delicate makeup, but since she has a baby, everything has been focused on the baby.

On the right is before pregnancy, a pair of big eyes is the most aura; on the left is after pregnancy, just get fat, how can these big eyes disappear …

After surviving the ugliest days, welcome the most beautiful children.

In the same place, the same dress, but the one below is a thick version.

Although you know that your body will go away, you still have to choose a child.

Who is not a little fairy before pregnancy, and after pregnancy … dare to go out and dare to take selfies, it really takes courage.@ @王

In October, I hope that my mothers will enjoy their children’s blessings from then on.

During the period of pregnancy, my face value was really low, I dare not remember, I hope the baby should not dislike his mother.@Lightning is a cat

In the eyes of children, the mother is always the most beautiful, how can she dislike it?

As soon as you conceive your baby, you can grow crazy at 4 pounds per week. This is only one month. The latter dare not put the map. Everyone thinks …@一 一 一

Mom is a beauty, please treat her well in years, and the child should love her.

This is really the same person, but he is different. Since pregnancy, he has missed his small waist and thin arms.@Gladys Hongyan

Why are pregnant mothers fat?Because there are individuals in my belly, I am not thin.

I never thought that one day I would change from people to bears … I became fatter after pregnancy, and the meat on my back was strangled into a section by clothes.@Ms-king and Wooden Shengsen

Although understanding the hard work of pregnant mothers, she still laughed unkindly.

On the 240th day of pregnancy, watching this comparison is going to collapse.@

The girls before pregnancy are the same beauty, but the mother after pregnancy has its own fat.

Even the stars can’t escape the curse of pregnancy, and they are just ten years old after giving birth.

At the moment when the well -known celebrities are pregnant, they are just ordinary mothers, simple and great.

There are small waist before pregnancy, and the vest line can be seen vaguely; after pregnancy, the chest and waist are several times larger, and they will not be recognized by fans when they go out.

Who doesn’t like glory, but for the sake of children, it is worth sacrificing how much beauty and figure.

Who would have thought that Huo Siyan, who was as thin as chopsticks at first, would become fat after pregnancy?

It is said that pregnancy is comparable to cosmetic surgery. If you do n’t have a child, you do n’t know what you can be ugly.

After reading these comparisons, I learned that it was not easy for being a mother.

But mothers are not easy, far more than body.


Someone used comics to show the true daily life of pregnant mothers.

Early in the morning, the baby in the stomach began to toss, and sometimes the mother rolled lightly and caused a baby to protest.

When you lie on the side, you will worry about pressing the baby.

This is the illustration of pregnant mothers to sleep at night.

Summer is even more painful. It will be hot without turning on the air conditioner, and you will be afraid of catching a cold when you turn on the air conditioner.

Pregnant mothers did not have high quality sleep. Maybe they just fell asleep in the first second, and they were awakened in the next second.

Picture from@小 图 _ 小 图

Of course, compared with having children, the uncomfortableness of these pregnancy is nothing.

The medical community divides the pain in the 11 levels of 0-10. The pain is increasing first and one level. The level 0 is not painful. The 10th level is severe pain, and the pain that children will bear will even exceed 10 levels.

The birth of a child really makes women unforgettable. The feeling of pain and happiness, you will not experience it in other things in this life.

Netizen@网 网 网 网 to lose weight, I have shared her experience of giving birth:

The due date was almost here, and she saw red when she was at home, so she went directly to the hospital.

After the internal examination, the child had no signs of life, and she wanted to do the bone sewing faster by climbing the stairs, but this method was not desirable.

Finally, the amniotic fluid was broken, and she conducted a second internal inspection, but the result was still the bones.

After that, she began to pain, and she could endure it at first. When she couldn’t help it, she had a third and fourth internal inspection. The fourth internal inspection results had four fingers.

When it drove to the eight fingers, the pain had no gap, so she didn’t have a chance to rest.

In the end, the doctor had to teach her: people kneeled on the ground and put their heads on the bed.Come to relieve a little pain.

After driving until nine fingers, after another half an hour, the doctor asked her to go to the bed and began to give birth.

pain!Great!She thought of giving up and wanted to turn to a cesarean section.

Just as she wanted to give up, her doctor’s examination doctor came, and the doctor’s comfort and encouragement relieved her emotions slightly.The warm painting on the wall of the delivery room also relieved her confidence.

After experiencing the pain in the previous long time, she has been numb to now, and she doesn’t feel anything.Finally, under the guidance of a doctor, he made his best to give birth to the child.It took 25 hours from the pain to the end.

According to statistics, about 1,000 women in the world die of complications related to pregnancy or childbirth every day.

Every pregnant woman can say that the ghost door is closed when the ghost door is closed. You say danger. The mother and child must be more safe and healthy than the accident; you say it is safe, but no one can guarantee 100%.

So the greatness of the mother is here: clearly knowing the risk, and choose to give birth.

Except for love, I can’t think of other reasons.


In fact, the pain on the body is still second. If a woman endured such a severe pain, she also gave birth to a child for her, and her husband did not understand her efforts. This is the most heartbroken and unbearable.

From a woman’s pregnancy to giving birth to a child, she can see if she marries the right person. The birth of a child is comparable to the demon mirror, and she can take out the whole family’s cattle ghost snake god.

@别: I saw a pregnant woman today, who had planned to produce cesarean section, but suddenly there were signs of giving birth in the morning.She still wanted to cesters, but her mother -in -law wanted to go smoothly, so her mother -in -law asked the doctor to secretly push her to the delivery.The doctor was speechless and said that he still had to respect the patient’s opinion.

@: A former colleague gave birth to a baby, and the husband’s family told the doctor to protect the child.The pregnant woman’s brother took out the knife holder and said on the brother’s neck and said, "If my sister is gone today, I will stab you to death." Then her husband was forced to change his mouth to say that he was Bao.

Girls remember: Don’t give your life to those who have no blood relationship with you to decide.

@VV Xia Zhi: When my sister gave birth to a baby, her mother -in -law had gone away with her grandson, and her mother shed tears because she distressed her sister’s suffering.

@HANA-10: There is a episode of the tongue 2 tells the story of the maternal story. The mother-in-law boiled the fish soup and must drink more, in order to let her milk.Only her own parents consider making dishes that are favorable for the knife mouth.

Pregnant women themselves are sensitive, and they will become more fragile after experiencing their physical and mental torture.At this time, her husband and mother -in -law all went around the baby, leaving the most uncomfortable and helpless pregnant woman who should be taken care of.

This is how postpartum depression comes.

I have seen such a story (transferred from@看 餮 TIE):

My friend daughter is four years old and goes to kindergarten.Yesterday she was going to help her daughter take a bath. The daughter said no, because "Mom’s belly is scary." When a friend gave birth to a child, she had a cesarean section. When the wound was not raised, the wound was more conspicuous. What her daughter said was the scar on the belly.

This incident was nothing, and Tongyan had nothing to do.The problem is that her husband holds the child and said casually with a joke: "Did you hear it, even your daughter thinks you ugly." The friend immediately got angry and asked her husband loudly: "What do you mean?" The husband said innocently and said: "I don’t mean it?"

Friend: "Do you think the scars on my stomach are ugly?"

Husband: "I didn’t say what your daughter said, just make a joke, what are you angry?"

Friends were even more angry. They said that the husband’s attitude was problematic, and the friend’s excitement was louder, and his daughter was scared.

The husband said, "Are you sick? Seeing that you scared your children crying!" Friends were distressed when I saw the daughter crying, so I was ready to wait for the child to sleep and talk to my husband. I didn’t expect her daughter to cryWhile saying, "Mom is scary, mother is a madman …"

If a friend was split by a thunder and asked the child who learned from whom.The husband protects her daughter, saying that she scares her daughter.In the end, the daughter said that it was what Dad said to grandma, "XXX is simply a madman.

My friend immediately cried …

Anyone who is a normal husband should educate her daughter: "Mom suffered a lot to give birth to you. That unknown belly is the best proof, so you should love your mother better."Her husband’s attitude is really chilling.

If a woman, gets married, survives the suffering of her conception in October, endured the pain of production, but in the end is the indifference and dislike of her husband and children.Then she might as well be single forever.

Therefore, marrying the wrong person is more terrible than a single life.


Remember the "post -90s daddy’s pregnancy diary" who burst into the circle of friends at the time?

The post -90s dad Xiaoxin is a man who loves his wife.Since his wife is pregnant, he has begun to record every bit of his wife’s pregnancy.

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, his wife’s belly gradually became bigger, and people were a little fatter than before, but in the eyes of Xiaoxin’s father, his wife was beautiful.


In the end, his wife gave birth to her baby smoothly.

In fact, these things that Xiaoxin Dad did, just the trivial things that each husband should do, but just these trivial things are enough to move most girls.

So, there are never many women who want women. It is nothing more than that her husband can see his dedication, understand and love herself with heart; it is nothing more than a husband understanding that he occasionally will be willful and tolerate his little temper; it is nothing more than when he is fragile.Give yourself a hug; nothing more than a family full of love.

October conceived, and once childbirth, this is a fight about life. Love is the key to victory.Men, really should be better for their wife.

Finally, I hope that all pregnant mothers are healthy and peaceful, and they are gently loved by her husband.I also said to all mothers: you have worked hard.

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