Pro -test 44 super easy to use the mother and baby APP, opening the band baby mode now starts now

Susu has always been very strictly requested by herself. Whether it is before or a mother, my life has always maintained a sense of exquisiteness and high requirements. For example, I have shared my storage with you before., I prefer such a rich and exquisite life than Mo Shoucheng ~

Except for the requirements in life, I have not taken it lightly on the beautiful road. In order to make myself the most beautiful state, there are always a variety of cosmetics and skin care products on my cosmetic table. In order to keep me the bestIn the state, I also slowly developed a set of skin care experiences. I think a delicate woman needs to know how to invest in themselves ~ It is the way to spend the right money in the right place.After being said to be a mother, there is no power to love beauty. Su Su Su will prove to you with action that no matter what stage and age, you can still be beautiful and touching!

And the reason why you can live so well and full of exquisiteness, in fact, all rely on the APP in my mobile phone to help a lot of busy ~ In this intelligent era, the app has become my mobile housekeeper ~ How to follow different circumstances according to different situations ~Choosing the app that suits you is very particular ~ Next, I will share which APP I use in different circumstances ~ See how I use the app to make life so delicate!

1. Pendo

It is said that "one pregnancy is silly for three years", Su Su really feels that after giving birth, the memory has significantly reduced a lot. The increase in things that pay attention to and care will be easy to be very easy, forget the west ~ so my mobile phoneThere will be a software that can always remind me to do things at any time. Its agency function allows you to record your day, even this week’s agency matters!

For example, I usually take a week. This week I have to complete important matters such as buying milk powder for my baby, taking a baby to get vaccine, and so on ~ Every time I finish it, I will hook on the app to delete it so that I can know clearlyUnderstand my schedule ~ I don’t have to worry about my memory decline again ~

2. Mori handbook

"Fans" must record artifacts for the must -have ~ I used to make handbooks for myself when I was in a student, because I like to record bits and pieces in life through words and pictures, and I especially enjoy the decoration process.A blank page is full of my creativity, it is really easy to satisfy you!Compared with the handbook method of previous books, the handbook of mobile phones has also become a trend ~

The operation of the MORI handbook is very convenient. There are a large amount of sticker fonts to choose from, and the production time is relatively short ~ You can spend more time on the overall typesetting.The sheep from the age of 4 and a half years old from birth to the now, recorded through the software!It has been reserved for a long time, and can be taken out anytime, anywhere to record and review ~ It’s super convenient!Mom is necessary!

3. Island reading

I am a person who loves reading. I will definitely put a book in my bags and cars. I will get a book when I work hard for a long time to look at my habit, but after giving birth to a babyWith a lot of babies, there is no space to put books, and I will transform into APP reading. The reason why I choose this app is the island reading this app because its overall page design is very simple, and the simple wind card design guide looks very comfortable!

You can realize a good article daily punch in reading. In this way, every week, every week, a large amount of reading will improve your memory ~ also have the ability to think!Moms really want to persist in reading!

4. Pregnant yoga

It is estimated that the body is the most troublesome issue after giving birth. In fact, in order to achieve exquisite life and appearance, it is also essential to create a healthy and perfect figure!Adhering to a certain amount of exercise is not only very helpful for weight loss and shaping, it is also very effective for maintaining health!The "Pregnant Yoga" APP is specifically for postpartum mothers. The movements inside are more entry -level ~ There are multiple stages of courses to choose from, which is very useful for postpartum recovery!

5. Keep

This is almost a must -have exercise app! Compared with pregnant women yoga, it will be a little lower, but Baoma can still choose a more basic course.Do some local exercises such as thin arm, thin waist circumference, and provide daily punch -in functions. Sometimes you forget to do it for several days. It will also call you on the mobile phone notification bar.

6. Small daily life

Small daily life is a simple habit tracking application. It is really necessary for the mothers who are prone to prone to procrastination!It is recommended that you use this to use some of the more details that you bring your baby, such as washing the bottle, cleaning up dirt such as ear canal, etc.With a little persistence, you can form habits and improve procrastination ~

7. Storage box

After having a baby, there are more and more things at home. When you see the messy home, sometimes you really do n’t know where to start, and sometimes you do n’t know where you are placed.Want to turn the family a bottom!This app can make you plan your space, just add photos of your items into the software, so that you can clearly know what you put in your cabinet!It is convenient to find something ~ I don’t have to worry about the pregnant silly treasure mother anymore!

8. Calenders

Bao moms with poor concept of time can use this app. It is accurate until the hour. You can properly arrange your 24 hours of this day. Get up at 9 o’clock to cook breakfast, feed your baby supplementary food at 12 o’clock, and wash the bottle at 1 point.Wait, such strict time management is really necessary for the novice Baoma. Slowly turning these things into a habit can also grow into a professional Baoma ~

9. Tomo TODO

For Baoma who has procrastination, it is very important to have an app that can control your time. Todo Todo is a multi -functional self -discipline app that integrates statistics, planning, reminders, and analysis."Tomato work method", its working principle is that every 25 minutes of work (that is, a tomato time), it takes 5 minutes to rest. It can only be focused on the same thing in these 25 minutes.It plays a very important role, and this app is combined with this working principle and project management.

1. DeepFashion

If you want to maintain a sense of exquisiteness, the fashion taste must be cultivated at any time. I have always had a guide to see the wearing guidelines of the major fashion bloggers. Now that I have this app, my sense of fashion has also gained a qualitative leap., Official classification 3000 bloggers, let you find the type of blogger you want to see in one click. Moms can choose and find them according to their preferences, and the most important thing!You can follow and find the fashion blogger you want without turning the wall through this software!IntersectionIt’s so convenient!


Do n’t miss the girls who like Haitao. Personally, I think it is a bit like a foreign version of Taobao. There are many choices, and most of them are affordable brands. Salian girls must be necessary!IntersectionIt is more special that it has the function of "recommendation to you" and "recent browse" functions similar to Taobao. It is better to find goods and it is very convenient for functional choices!

3. Other different samples

It is also a Haitao APP. It is aimed at cosmetics and skin care products. It is very discounted and supports Alipay and Chinese. It is completely stress -free to operate ~ and sometimes the software platform will launch subsidy tariff activities, so even if it is being being usedDon’t worry about taxes!Its source is also more reliable. I have bought it several times in this software ~ Bao moms want to create a sense of exquisiteness.

4. Fashion magazine

Unexpectedly, I had to carry several magazines in Japan before, and now I can update it on my mobile phone!There are a lot of magazines in it. You can also choose the magazines you want according to your preferences. There are charges and free ones. I personally recommend that you can buy a member to watch all the magazines!I personally like to study the Japanese makeup of Miss Japan and have various lists ~ I turn the latest magazines in daily, and understand the latest makeup market ~ It is also good!

5. Good box

You can try major fast -fashion brands at home without leaving home. You can also set up a virtual image based on your own physical parameters, and the characters are super real and full of reference value!Then you can choose your favorite clothes and test online clothes ~ suitable for ordering, don’t worry about buying inappropriate clothes to return!


It is said that the goods are more than three, and this software is a master of leakage in the price!All kinds of hottest and most popular brands are available in. When you are lucky, you can pick up the hot products that you can’t grab!And there are not only big names inside, and there are many niche brands with a very good design sense. The price is also very beautiful.

7. Beautylish

The channel for buying makeup products, quietly tell you it ~ Many younger sisters around me are purchased through this app ~ not only support Alipay payment, but also directly mail to China.So many sisters often pull me to buy cosmetics together ~ Finally know where I have so many cosmetics!Alas ~ but it’s really cost -effective!There are also a lot of beauty brands in it. 45 brands have settled in, which can definitely meet your requirements!


It is simply a discount!There are various discount activities from time to time ~ and especially big names!IntersectionBefore Su Su squatted on top of Chanel’s ultra -low discount!It’s more than half cheaper than the official website!But I was excited for a long time!You may wish to download squats ~

9. The outnet

Can’t afford big -name seasonal products?Then use this software to buy big -name discount products!There are 45%discounts, and there are many types of style. Although it is a discount product, the sold things are well-known as Net-A-Porter, including a particularly well-known international big name!

1. Mom help

As a baby prepare for pregnancy and childcare, there are many small knowledge about preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. Moms can search for your questions on the software. There are many posts of parenting experts to answer your answers.Answer can solve the small problems that Baoma in the pregnancy during pregnancy. You can also set up a topic punch -in area. You can find like -minded Baoma friends here to exchange problems about pregnancy together!

2. Meiyou

Everyone uses Meiyou to record your menstrual time. In addition, it is also a good partner for pregnancy. You can calculate your pregnancy chance of pregnancy according to your menstrual time. You can also analyze healthy analysis based on the uploaded information, so that you can learn about it anytime, anywhere.To your own health!There is also a social platform for the mother circle, so that ordinary Baoma can also share her pregnancy and cheats to share with other Baoma in the circle in a text. It can be said that it is a multi -functional app ~

3. Baby grapefruit

It is also a pregnancy parenting assistant launched by Meiyou team. Here you can learn about some of your dietary taboos during pregnancy and pregnancy, including the classroom links in it.There are some high-level courses in it to pay, but the price is around 20-30 yuan, which is reasonable!In addition, you can also upload your baby’s growth photos on the cloud album, you can share it with you and friends in one click ~ This can be synchronized to the elders in real time to the elders ~

4. Mom chat lightly

This is a large mother’s meeting. Here is a circle with many different themes. Bao mothers can share your parenting concept in the circle. The most important thing is that you can not only talk about the babies of your baby, but also you can talk about your baby.The concept of your exquisite life shared with the online mothers, talking about gossip, talking about childcare, and girlfriends ~ Finding like -minded girlfriends can be realized ~ I believe that you can make a lot of posts to make many friends and friends ~

5. Education Academy

Cui Yutao’s parenting app, compared with thick parenting books, software condenses all knowledge points together, and can achieve the role of your parenting question anytime, anywhere. For lazy mothersIt’s!There is also daily punching function, constantly accumulating parenting knowledge, saying goodbye to novice panic, Zhang Baoma is just waiting for the corner ~ Su Su especially recommends novice Mom to start!

6. Baby Tree Breeding

This software can provide you with great help from the early pregnancy to the baby’s birth. You can synchronize your pregnancy and precautions in real time during pregnancy. After the baby is born, you can record the growth process of the baby here.There are also parent -child music modules who coax their baby to fall asleep. In addition, Baoma can also find a lot of mothers with the same pregnancy to discuss things about pregnancy and the secret of raising baby ~ The overall functionality is also relatively strong!

7. Lollipop

A more interesting Q & A Q & A APP, in addition to daily parenting answers, will also set up some interesting links to discuss parenting knowledge, such as holding wonderful debate races for some controversial topics.The idea of more Baoma is more interesting ~ In addition, you can also share your bits and pieces with your baby ~ For exampleA group of like -minded Bao Ma friends ~ Why not?

8. Xiaohongshu

A must -have app, in fact, in addition to planting grass, the biggest concept of Xiaohongshu is to share life. There are also many trendy hot moms to share their baby cheats by text and pictures.Tarramus has a lot of good parent -child things, and also published a lot of some small secrets I brought lambs and our parent -child tour!

9. Mother of rice cakes

The contents inside are very authoritative parenting and dry goods. From the birth of the baby, the baby’s supplementary food to the baby’s rhymes, the enlightenment early education, etc., it can be said that the range is very wide. Personally, I like its supplementary food calendar function.The time to formulate supplementary food, and there is also a supplementary food menu for reference, which solves the vacancies of the lack of creativity of Baoma!

1. Sound Sleeper

Regarding coaxing baby to sleep, it is not easy for many Baoma ~ Especially young babies are easy to be sensitive, and a little discomfort can make them difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes they can even toss all night., The whole family cannot sleep. This app is specially created for the baby. There are many modes to choose from. When choosing a playback mode, you can automatically play a more sleeping voice such as the uterus and the ocean.When you open it, as soon as the baby has a crying application, it will automatically turn on, soothe the baby to help the baby enter the dream hometown again with the sound!It saves a lot of things for Baoma!

2. Meng cooking

Dear novice Bao moms come over, the cute master is simply the gospel of novice Mom Mom!It can customize the exclusive recipes according to the baby’s monthly age. At each stage, there are different supplementary food menus provided, so that the mothers have saved a lot of time to do their homework and can be made according to the recipes!In addition, it also introduced daily recipes suggestions. Each time period arranged fixed food for the baby, and there are various nutritional experts to personally help the baby to formulate the most nutritious supplementary food menu for the babies!It’s so convenient!

3. Qiaohu Home

Qiaohu, a cute little tiger, believes that it is an animated image that children are familiar with!In this software, not only the baby -tiger cartoon that the baby loves to watch, but also the image of the Qiaohu of the electronic version. As long as the baby touches Qiaohu with his fingers, he can talk to the baby and sing and dance.An electronic friend ~ Bao Ma lingering hands are not a problem!

4. 啦 呱

In addition, APP is also a good helper to guide the baby to learn!Like I often use APP to assist Sheep to learn English. This 叽 is one of my favorite learning apps. I also bought its books with software, so that the learning effect will be better and more intuitive!Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all included in the app, which can not only exercise the baby’s writing ability, but also improve the speaking ability of the baby.

5. Xiaobu at home early teaching

Regarding the baby’s enlightenment education, Susu suggested that Moma should start from a young age. This small step app is suitable for enlightenment education of children 0-6 years old. There are not only fancy childcare lists created by age and interest, but also each.Class experts guidance must take classes at home easily, and the curriculum in it is very interesting, it will not be rigid, you can make your baby accept it faster ~ There are many courses that allow parents and babies to participate together to promote feelings to promote feelingsAt the same time, it can also allow parents to play a role in guiding their babies!

6. zebra British

Compared to the previous puppets, the age of Zebra British English will be a bit larger. Children aged 2-8 can spend 15 minutes a day to learn English to learn English. In addition to English courses, the courses in it also include mathematical thinking, Chinese, etc.Multi -subject courses.The most attractive point is that its curriculum mode is to use online fun AI lessons+professional teachers synchronous counseling, so it is more authoritative in learning. Moms can rest assured that the baby will follow the app to learn ~ Let the baby develop 15 minutes of English learning every day for English learning., Slowly accumulate less ~

7. Children’s fun dubbing

Compare the alternative learning English mode, letting the baby exercise English spoken English by dubbing and animation, which can make your baby fall in love with English to a greater extent, and every time you complete a dubbing, the system will give professional scores and correct the pronunciation in time.This method can let the mothers know the shortcomings of their babies faster and make corrections in time!

8. Line Camera

When it comes to bringing baby weapons, it is necessary to take pictures!I personally is a baby madness. I often like to pick up my mobile phone to record the growth of sheep. I have a special cloud album in private to save the baby’s photos properly. When you want to see it, you will take it back!The filter in this LINE Camera is very young and cute, very suitable for shooting babies ~ There are many super cute stickers provided, you can add stickers immediately after shooting!Super convenience!

9. Flash

In addition to the photo mode, I usually like to use a video mode to record the baby’s cute moments. In order to make exquisite videos, I will use a flash software to cut videos, add background music and filter.The year -on -case video of the year is cut out with a flash with other software ~ The effect is actually very good ~ After all, the cut video is beautiful and sent to the circle of friends. You can make a big wave of praise!

1. Dr. Lilac

During this time, I especially pay special attention to the health of the baby. Now it is a very important period. The baby must pay special attention to a little bit of small illnesses ~ so I always have a few consultation software in my mobile phone. When the baby has some minor illness painAsk for consultation, you don’t have to go to the hospital ~ Dr. Lilac is a more authoritative app ~ 24 hours online, you can diagnose your baby’s condition anytime, anywhere, it is very convenient ~ I recommend that you buy a member.The consultation fee is required ~ Members can ask infinitely free times. In general, it is more cost -effective ~

2. Little Doudou

The most worrying thing after being a mother is the health problem of the baby, especially in terms of vaccine ~ The new treasure mother is unknown in many aspects, and this software can help Baoma understand the latest news of the vaccine.Book the vaccination time online and let the baby inoculate in time to the vaccine!

3. Mummy knows

Mommy knows that it is also a software for online consultation. Compared to going to the hospital, you need to get a number to make an appointment in advance. It can provide the fastest consultation service, and the doctor’s resources are professional three hospital doctors.You can deal with the emergency in time!

4. medication assistant

I strongly recommend this software to download!IntersectionMoms who do n’t know the medicine can query the specific use effects and usage of the drug through this software, and you can also choose the drug suitable for you and your baby according to your own situation. It is very convenient!And it was developed by Lilac team ~ So there is still guarantee!

5. Dr. Chunyu

With an app with consultation, popular science, live broadcast, and healthy life, I will also click on it to watch the relevant topic of the relevant topic when I am okay, and there are many reliable professional articles to read.Popular science your medical knowledge ~ This personal recommendation can be used by the whole family ~ The scope of use is wide!

6. Ding Dang Fast Medicine

Buy a medicine assistant!You can search for the nearest pharmacy near you, and send the medicines you bought to you in 28 minutes. This app is still very convenient when encountering more urgent situations ~ and also provide a doctor’s inquiry function ~ So the mobile phone is prepared in the mobile phone.The last one is right!

7. Quickly ask the doctor

You can provide a private one -to -one doctor service, or you can submit questions to allow multiple job doctors to answer online. Doctors can open prescriptions online and purchase drugs directly on the platform. One -stop service is very convenient!

8. Baby caregiver

Bao moms can always learn about the health of the baby through this software. Moms only need to update your baby’s information on the platform on time, and the platform can calculate and analyze the baby’s daily growth pace of each hour, and it will be even more.Give a timely advice based on the generated analysis icon!Letting growth data visualization is really more intuitive for Baoma with baby!

Is this super detailed dry goods post? Are you collected?Personally, I suggest that you can choose 1-2 apps for each category according to your own situation. To create a delicate life, you can also become a super all-round treasure mother!Haha ~ What other apps do you have, you can leave a message in the comment area!

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