When it comes to probiotics, the first thing we think of may be to regulate gastrointestinal function for the elderly, or to enhance their resistance for children.But in fact, for the special period of "pregnancy", probiotics have a lot of effects that you can’t think of.Many people may ignore that the balance of intestinal flora plays far beyond your imagination of the immune system of pregnant women, and even directly affects the health of "baby".

During pregnancy, constipation is a common problem -some investigations say that as many as 50%of pregnant women will encounter "constipation".

First, why is it easy to constipation during pregnancy?

1. hormone

One cause of constipation during pregnancy is the increase in progesterone hormones. Gurogetic ketone can relax the smooth muscle of the whole body, including the digestive tract, so the speed of food through the intestine is slower.

2. Uterine enlargement

The problem of constipation may increase the rectal in the third trimester and become more serious.

3. High -dose iron supplementation

Iron supplements, especially high doses, will make constipation more serious.

4. Psychological factors

I am afraid of abortion during pregnancy and dare not stool.

5. Other physiological issues

If you have severe constipation, accompanied by abdominal pain, alternation of diarrhea, or mucus, blood flow, please call your doctor or midwife immediately, or go to the hospital for consultation.

2. What can pregnant mothers do to relieve constipation?

1. Eat high -fiber food every day

Foods rich in cellulose include wheat bran, corn, brown rice, soybeans, oats, buckwheat, white white, celery, bitter gourd, fruits, etc.

2. Drink a lot of water

Try to drink 10 cups of 240ml of water or other drinks a day.(Or sip all day until your urine is clear or pale yellow, it also means that you have replenished enough moisture.)

3. regular exercise

Walking, swimming, riding fixed bicycles and yoga can alleviate constipation and make you feel healthier.

4. Listen to your body

Your intestines are most likely to be active after meals. After eating, spend time to go to the bathroom.And when you are impulsive, don’t postpone the toilet.

5. Change a vitamin to eat

If multiple vitamins have a large amount of iron (and you have no anemia) before giving birth, ask your doctor if you want to use a supplement with less iron.

6. Take probiotics

Elizabeth Walker, a senior pregnant woman in the United States, proposed that women taking probiotics during pregnancy have a good effect on preventing constipation.Probiotics have the effects of enhancing immunity, inhibiting intestinal harmful bacteria, and promoting food digestion, stimulating the body’s immune cells to activate it, and generate IgA to promote the vitality of phagocytic cells.

3. Six reasons for pregnant women to eat probiotics

Reasons 1: Reduce the chance of gestational "diabetes"

In recent years, scientists around the world have discovered that taking probiotics in pregnant women will help their body’s nutrition in a balanced state, thereby reducing the occurrence of gestational diabetes.A new study on "British Journal of Nutrion" published in February 2010 fully proves this:

The picture shows Professor Erika Isolauri

Professor Erika Isolauri at Turku University of Finland conducted a test, which conducted a test of 256 pregnant women and their babies.It was found that replenishing probiotics in early pregnancy is the most secure and effective way to reduce gestational diabetes.In this study, these 256 women were randomly divided into 3 groups (diet interventions, placebo and probiotics), of which only 13%of the pregnant women who took probiotics had gestational hypertrophic sugar, and compared to the comparison of comparisonIn the following two groups, the high blood sugar phenomenon of the other two groups reached about 36%.This experiment not only shows that it is safe to take probiotic supplements by pregnant women, but also fully proves the prevention effect of probiotics on gestational diabetes.

Reason 2: Effectively improve the "resistance" of the mother body

During the special period of pregnancy, the most afraid of pregnant women is to get sick.The particularity of pregnancy makes it difficult for pregnant women to choose a drug that suits them, and she is afraid of harm to the fetus.And many studies have shown that the balance of intestinal flora has a direct connection with people’s health.Taking probiotic supplements during pregnancy can effectively enhance the metabolism and immune function of pregnant women, thereby improving the level of health, and using natural methods to resist the invasion of various diseases.

A study published in the magazine of Epidemiology in May 2012 found that insisting on taking probiotic supplements during pregnancy and lactation can effectively increase the resistance of pregnant women, and then effectively prevent "eczema" and various types of high incidence during pregnancy.Symptoms of "allergies".

Reason three: helps the health of "baby"

A study published in the 2011 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that during pregnancy, the balance of bacteria and content in the intestinal flora in pregnant women, for maintaining normal metabolism in pregnant women’s body,It is important and even directly affect the balance of intestinal fungus of the newborn.(Especially for babies who are feeding and breastfeeding)

The maturity of the infant’s autoimmune system is directly affected by the intestinal flora.Among them, the childbirth method determines the first micro -ecological environment that the baby is in contact with.

There are a small amount of microorganisms in the maternal amniotic fluid, and the types and quantities are very small. This is the first type of microorganisms for infants to contact.Next, the baby’s microbial environment will be affected by the first external environment that she encountered after birth: if it is normal, the microbial group in the body comes from the vagina of the mother;environment.

The infant’s intestinal flora will gradually be established until the birth of breast milk. Taking probiotic products during pregnancy can effectively improve the intestinal flora in the mother, which will help improve the baby’s resistance and healthy intestinal ecology.environment.Clinical trials have proved that babies produced by mothers who insist on taking probiotics during pregnancy, during the period of 2 to 6 months, the probability of diarrhea, hernia, and constipation is lower than that of other babies.

Reason 4: Effectively control "weight" increase during pregnancy

A study in May 2013 in Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine showed that the weight loss of pregnant women who took preycled products were significantly reduced than pregnant women who did not take it. This should be significantly reduced. This should be significantly reduced.Seding from probiotics can help nutrition absorption.

There are hundreds of microorganisms in our digestive system, most of which are bacteria, and the vast majority of fungus are beneficial.These probiotics provide us with a lot of nutrition, including vitamin K and some vitamin B.In addition to these, probiotics can also help us to digest the fiber that the human body cannot digest, and decompose fiber into a human body absorbed short -chain amino acid; some probiotics can inhibit the absorption of fat and increase the amount of fat in vitro.In other words, these probiotics can help the body absorb less calories in food.

The weight gain of pregnant women and the occurrence of symptoms such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension and other symptoms are inseparable.Therefore, taking probiotic supplements to control weight is an effective way to maintain a healthy state during pregnancy.

Reason 5: Effectively prevent "gynecological inflammation"

Probiotics, as pregnant women and foods that can be taken safely during breastfeeding, are one of the most effective products to prevent gynecological inflammation.In foreign countries, the use of probiotics to improve and prevent gynecological inflammation actually have a long history.

Some doctors will open antibiotics to anti -gynecological inflammation, which not only has little effect, but also often uses antibiotics, and will repeatedly destroy the constraints between vaginal flora, leading to strong fungal growth.The reason why gynecological inflammation is difficult to recur is that it is basically because traditional drugs have "suppressed" germs to some extent, but they have not completely eradicated them!Because the implantation of bacteria on the vaginal wall can be deepest, when the pH value of the vagina changes, inflammation will recur again.Take probiotics, which helps to protect the vaginal flora balance, reduce the opportunity of Candida infection, thereby avoiding the occurrence and recurrence of gynecological inflammation to a certain extent.

Due to the particularity of pregnancy and postpartum, the body’s resistance decreases, and the environment of the uterine cavity is not good. Various germs are likely to enter.During this period, strengthening the intake of probiotics can effectively avoid this situation, and there are no side effects, and it is safe to the baby.

Reason 6: Prevent "hemorrhoids and constipation"

Due to the inconvenience of women during pregnancy, due to inconvenient activities, the general amount of activity is small, and the gastrointestinal motility slows down significantly, which is easy to cause constipation.The hormone level of women in women during pregnancy has undergone fundamental changes. E progression and relaxin will increase in large quantities, making blood vessels expand, and hemorrhoidal veins are more likely to cause congestion, tension and expansion, and then cause hemorrhoids.

After pregnancy, the abdominal pressure can gradually increase. As the uterine body gradually increases, the lower cavity venous pressure is increasing. In particular, the fetal position is not positive, which will directly affect the blood flow of the lower end of the rectum and the anal canal. This is also hemorrhoids.The main reason for formation.Many pregnant women pay attention to iron supplementation during pregnancy, but they do not know that taking iron supplements can also cause constipation, which will lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

The healthy intestinal flora environment can accelerate the digestion and decomposition of food, and then effectively prevent and relieve constipation.Therefore, starting from early pregnancy, adhering to the use of probiotics every day is very effective for preventing constipation during pregnancy and hemorrhoids.

In summary, probiotics may be far beyond your imagination of the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Since the beginning of pregnancy, taking probiotics can greatly improve the overall health level of pregnant women to prevent the occurrence of various diseases during pregnancy. It can even lay a good and strong health foundation for the upcoming baby.

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