Qingdao Xiyuehui: Do not believe it!

After women are pregnant, the whole family will protect them, so as not to let this, and do not let that.Especially the older generation has a lot of superstitions, asking pregnant women to follow.Now young people don’t care about these superstitions, but some saying seems accurate, making people have to believe.What are the accurate superstitions?Answer here to satisfy your curiosity.

You cannot disclose the message in the first three months of pregnancy

The older generation believes that women should not be informed of others in the first three months of pregnancy, otherwise they are not good for pregnant women and babies.In fact, the development of fetal fetuses in the early pregnancy is still unstable and prone to abortion.If the pregnant woman shares the good news of pregnancy prematurely to relatives and friends, the attention of everyone will give pregnant women a great mental pressure.Therefore, after 4 months of pregnancy, the fetal development has been relatively stable, and the news is not too late to inform relatives and friends.

Can’t move new home during pregnancy

In the past, the elderly often said that they could not move new homes during pregnancy and were not good for the fetus.Because the position of the fetus is different every day, moving at will easily affect the fetus.Although this is superstition, pregnant women are really not easy to move.

Moving is a very hard thing. There are many things and a lot of things.During the movement, pregnant women were too tired.And after moving a new home, pregnant women need to adapt to the new environment for a while, they will not rest well, and it is not good for the fetus.If it is a newly renovated house, there is a problem of over -standard indoor formaldehyde, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant women cannot attend funeral or wedding

The older generation believes that pregnant women will be criminals to participate in funerals or weddings, which will affect the fetus.In fact, there are many people at the funeral or wedding scene, which is prone to emergencies.In these occasions, pregnant women are emotionally excited and blood pressure rises, which will affect fetal health.And dense personnel can cause poor air quality and prone to infection with germs.

Pregnant women cannot take a bath

One of the accurate superstitions is that one of the pregnant women cannot take a bath.Pregnant women may cause vaginal infections and gynecological inflammation.Severe situations can even cause premature birth.Qingdao Xiyue Mei Confinement Center reminds that pregnant women should not soak hot springs. Bathing for a long time will increase body temperature, affect blood circulation, and be unfavorable to the fetus.During pregnancy, shower is generally recommended.

Can’t move heavy objects

Sucity believes that pregnant women cannot move beds, wardrobes, etc., which can easily alarm fetal gods and move fetal qi.However, from a medical perspective, pregnant women’s moving objects can indeed affect their health.Pregnant women are too hard to cause uterine contraction. If the heavy object accidentally encounter the abdomen, it may cause bleeding, which is very dangerous.Pregnant women cannot be exhausted, it is best not to do the job of moving heavy objects.

The above are some of the accurate superstitions.However, it is not scientific with many other superstitions. For example, eating soy sauce in pregnant women can make the baby’s skin black.Pregnant women need key protection, but they cannot blindly believe in superstition.Just do something that is good for your baby.Some superstitions believe that pregnant women cannot take medicine and are afraid of affecting the fetus. In fact, this approach is dangerous.When pregnant women are sick, they must not carry them hard. They should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

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