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Chapter 43

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"People … it’s okay?"

"I don’t know yet. The road section has been blocked. Now the fire is very strong. I am afraid that the two explosions will occur.

On both sides of the South Ring Road are the factories of the container warehouse, and there are many flammable products around them. If this fire cannot be controlled, I am afraid that it will cause a big disaster.


"Why is it so coincidental?"

There was such a thing at this time.

Lu Shen looked at the time, and said, "This incident will soon be on the news. Public opinion overwhelm the waves, it is not a good sign."

He was tight.

Zhang Beichuan suddenly realized something, and took out his mobile phone to call Shi Yu, but the state of no one answered.

He had to turn around to Chen Tian.

"Lin Yan came to her just now, and Shi Yue asked for leave. I haven’t returned yet."

"Lin Yan?"

"Yeah, say that there are any important documents to be given to the time, and make my secrets."

Almost a moment, his heart was half cold, and he missed this person.

He thought he could be safe to send someone away, but he underestimated the jealousy of a woman.

Lin Yan’s maliciousness for Shi Yue has already begun since more than 20 years ago. The two were born in the same year. When Lin Yan was born, her parents died. Only one grandma left in the family was unable to raise her.Institute of welfare.

During her infant, Lin Yan knew how to survive than Shi Yan in the middle of the middle. She did not cry and was easy to coax.

The person in charge of the Welfare Institute also strongly suggested that Cheng Zizheng’s couple adopted a more obedient and beautiful Lin Yan.

But I did not expect that they insisted on taking Shiyu away.

It was this adoption that divided the fate of the two.

Many years later, Lin Yan’s jealousy has slowly transformed into hatred. Cheng Shiyu’s luck is too good. She almost obtained everything without any effort.

Even if she is not the smartest and most beautiful one, so many people still like her.

On the other hand, I tried to enter the Linzhou Medical College from the wealth of the welfare institute. All the fate trajectories since then are on her line, but she can be pressed everywhere.

Lin Yan’s unwillingness was accumulated after the years of suffering, and the venting her mouth was on Shiyue.

All the good luck of Shixue is in the eyes of her.

It only takes one thing to pull people down the altar, that is, destroy her perfect world, and then step on a kick and tell her, everything is just a lie.

Lin Yan knows this.

In this world, there are always people who pay for their own good luck, and there are always people who have to compensate for their own suffering.

Everything is, the heavens are Zhao Zhao, the cause and effect cycle.


Shi Yu was going to the provincial hall on the roadside, but I did not expect that the driver who passed the road was going to the South Ring Road and shook his head: "This section is blocked at this section, so I can’t go."

A kind driver told her, "In the half afternoon, a tanker car exploded in this section, and now the entire road has been blocked."

"Oil tank explosion?"

The latest road conditions are being broadcast in the radio station. The South Ring Road caused a fire due to the explosion of the oil tanker, which had injured fourteen people. Four people died. At present, the case is under further investigation.

It is reported that one of the deceased is from the Linzhou Intermediate Court and is the vice president of the current Intermediate Court.

Shi Yue’s heart sank instantly, and Jianghuai’s father died.

Jianghuai and him should be in the car, so does it mean that JAC has also happened.

She was soft under her feet, and she collapsed to the ground instantly.

The mobile phone in the bag rang for a long time, and she didn’t notice it.

Pedestrians with good intentions to cross the road and persuaded: "This lady, the road section is blocked at this moment, and if you want to go, you can only cross the river first."

She stood up tremblingly, thanked, and went straight to the pier.


The Linzhou River was frozen, and many cruise ships were not saved. Shi Yue said that she had paid double the price, so that the boatman would carry her to cross the river.

When crossing the river, I saw a lot of white sails hanging on the bow along the way. This is the custom of the older generation of Linzhou. Anyone who dies on the boat, if it is not a funeral, it will have to hang the white sail.

Today is really not a good day. The weather in March fell the cold of spring, and there was a sign of snow. The boatman also complained that it was not suitable to travel today, whether the waterway, the land road, and not smooth.

As soon as the boat, Shi Yu saw that the thick smoke rolled far away, the fire had spread, and there was a sound of fire truck whistle along the way. The ambulance and police cars shuttled between the two roads.

The oil tank explosion was involved in the surrounding warehouses, and many cotton textile warehouses almost burned.

She ran towards the thick smoke, and the cold wind in her ears blew, and the small snow particles wiped her cheeks with the wind, which hurt.

Just as he was about to approach the fire field warning line, Shi Ye was pulled back by a person.

Zhang Beichuan stood behind her and said angrily: "Don’t you want to die? Didn’t you see such a big fire?"

Like a line of puppets, she turned her head and looked at him. Her eyes were empty, her complexion was pale, and her hands trembled.

"Did he die … Is JAC?" Is there something wrong with him? "

When he held his shoulders, he said slowly: "I don’t know yet, don’t worry first."

The thick smoke drifted with the wind, and in the nose and nose when he entered the nose, it instantly caused a cough. The hot heat waves came on, and even the surrounding space was twisted.

Zhang Beichuan took her into the car and settled the Ministry of Shinti: "At present, the father of Jianghuai has been confirmed.

Because the fire was serious, one of the corpses could not be seen clearly.

"Take me to … take me to see, Zhang Beichuan … please, please take me to see it."

She seemed to catch the life -saving straw, dragging his sleeve and begging: "I want to know … Is he really something wrong?"

Zhang Beichuan always knew that she was soft -hearted and was unconditional to her.

As if this is a kind of conditional reflection engraved in the bones.

He originally planned to go to the Provincial Hall with Lu Shen, but folded it halfway.

Because he is also clear, Shi Yu will definitely come to the fire scene.

Lu Shen looked at the rearview mirror and said, "Go to Si Jian first, it’s not bad anyway anyway."


Jiang Li and his mother also rushed to Si Jian. Jiang Binren’s body was parked in the general. Because of the severe burns, the corpse was beyond recognition.

The two women cried at the door. Jiang mother was a woman who had never seen any storms. Under this situation, she almost fainted.

A woman who has been safe and smooth for a lifetime, how can she accept the bad news of her husband and son from her middle age.

Jiang Li looked at Zhang Beichuan with her eyes, and her new hatred, as if at this moment, was among the two, becoming an insurmountable gap.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Zhang Beichuan, you really have no heart."

His heart had long died in the cold winter of Linzhou that year, and he assigned to this ruthless world with his soul.

He exchanged all the good luck with the devil, and since then he only accompanied him with the charm.

Jiang mother paralyzed on the ground, and opened her mouth but did not send any syllables. It was a long time: "What about Xiaohuai? I want to see my son."

The staff responsible for judicial appraisal whispered: "The results of the appraisal have not come out, and a deceased can be determined."

However, the only thing that can be determined at present is that among the survivors receiving treatment in the hospital, there is no Jianghuai.

This means that if this corpse is not Jianghuai, then people should also be missing.

Shi Yuqiang held his body and took a few steps.

"I … can I see the corpse? I want to see it with my own eyes."

Jiang Li held her and persuaded: "Don’t go in, I’m afraid you can’t stand it."

She smiled bitterly and said, "I am a doctor, I can stand it."

Zhang Beichuan wanted to step forward to help her. After a long time, he took a step back and walked out. What qualifications do you have to stand here in his status?


Shi Yue walked into the cold mortar room, the corpse was covered with white cloth, and the portable items taken from the deceased were displayed next to them.

At a glance, she saw the blocked Buddhist cards carved from the inferior granite.

This was bought by Taoist view near the Chengxi Procuratorate with JAC that day.

When buying, JAC also questioned the priest and asked him why Taoism was clearly selling Buddhist things.

The priest said: "The fairy in the world is the same, and everyone is the same."

Now it seems that worship is useless when the difficulty is.

Shi Yu didn’t dare to unveil the white cloth.

Dream as a deer, death and 以.

A prophecy.

As soon as Zhang Beichuan walked out of the door of Si Jian, he heard that someone behind him shouted: "Someone fainted and called an ambulance."

Shi Ye was supported by two staff members from it.

He made a decision and said, "My car is at the door, I will send people over."

The scene was almost chaotic, and Jiang Mu and Jiang Li had no time to take care of her, and she could only watch people be taken away.

There were nearly twenty minutes of the hospital at the nearest hospital. Zhang Beichuan made four red lights and sent people to the emergency department.

Half an hour later, a doctor came out and looked dignified: "Are you the family members of the patient? The patient is pregnant, do you know?"

He looked down at the report form and paused: "Sorry, I don’t know."

"You are too great, you have not been pregnant for a month, and have symptoms of threatened abortion. In addition, the mood of pregnant women is more exciting, and the child is likely to be unable to keep it?"

Zhang Beichuan frowned, and he didn’t know that Shi Ye was pregnant.

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